left them behind

This dream my relatives came to visit great uncle and aunt. They are not exciting to be with.

My Mom suggested to me to take then with me to an activity at the school. It was like family fun day.

Not sure my relatives would really enjoy it.

At the gym it was chaos, everyone was trying to play their own game at the same time. Balls flying  through the air, kids running and screaming. And very crowded.

It was a good way to ditch my aunt and uncle.

I left the school, leaving my aunt and uncle behind.

They knew how to get back the house was just down the road.

I took a walk by the river found 2 otters playing.I watched them play for awhile.

Then I found an old worn out boat full of wooden boxes, wicker baskets and other garbage. The boat was full of water I searched through all of it I found a very expensive designer handbag. I was finding other items too! It wasn’t trash. It was a stash of stolen loot.

I dug through the purse found a notepad with numbers and notes might be clues to who stole the purse or owned the purse. I called the police.

In this dream I could see my aunt and uncles disappointed faces and knew I was going to get yelled by my mom when I get home.

But I had a way out I just quit the dream or I just kept moving on to something else in the dream.

It was great relief that was just a dream!

My great aunt and uncle are dead I don’t have to worry about their disappointed faces either.

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  1. internet marketing
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 20:12:58

    hmm ill try. I had a dream were i guess i fell asleep on the couch, and i herd a knock at the door ( wich was close to me ). My dog started to freak out and started doing a mix between crying and barking. i asked who is it at the door. and i got no answer. then the lock on the door slowly turned unlocking itself and the door cracked open a little and a saw what looked like a creepy old lady in a grim reaper outfit, she had the hood over her face so i could only see the bottom wrinkley part of her face. She stuck her hand though the crack of the door and did a taunting gesture as if telling me to come while repeating the words i said when i ansered who was at the door. she kept saying ” who is it ” repetedly and i felt myself getting pulled tword the door, with no control over my movents. the room seems to get longer and as i was in shock i could not speak. just before i woke up i saw a smerk on her face, then the door slamed shut and i ran to lock it.


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