Adventure in the hometown

Believe or not this all one dream. 

I started out in first grade, at my old school. I was the only adult in the class. Turns out was working for the teacher.

At the end of the school day, I took a shower in the locker-room. I come out of the shower to get dressed. There were guys in the room. Turns out the locker-room part was co-ed. But the shower rooms were separate. I didn’t see any naked guys.

Then I walked out of the school to find my hometown so different. In front of the school was a new town municipal building. The area, where the school was separated and called village of Barton.

Then I proceeded to go home, my usual route from walking home from school. The downtown was under construction, all four roads in the main intersection were all torn up and being widened. All the old buildings were torn down and new modern buildings were going up.

The place where 2 banks and a car sale lots were, housing was being built. Further down here was a building that took up a whole block, it was a restaurant, bar, hotel, shops, and office suites.

I went in to investigate. I went through the restaurant and passed the bar. I looked in and saw some of my classmates. I was in shock they recognized me and greeted me. The last thing I was expecting. But I kept going. I really wanted to go home and see what my home looked like.

I left the building, but somehow ended up at the other end of town where the park should be. The park was gone too.

Then I was picked up by the police. The police officer looked, walked, and talked like a white Fred Sanford from Sanford and Son.

When we got to the police station, I was transported back in time. There was no computer as we know it today, old phone and old police cars. I couldn’t figure out what year it was, the dream wouldn’t let me see the year on the calendar.

I tried not to talk much about where or what time I was from. I was afraid I would get in more trouble than I already was in. I don’t even know why I was brought in. I guess I looked like a stranger wandering around town.

There was a police call, that officer had to go. I then heard someone say, don’t forget your laptop. Then I was expecting to see a real computer laptop. It was just a folder of info, records, paper and pens to take notes.

Music started to play on the radio; it was a Christian song from the 1990’s. That was my alarm clock.


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