My sister’s fling

This part soap opera..

But my sister is in it.

My sister was married to Jax a character in General Hospital.

My sister somehow hooked up with Johnny Depp.

I caught my sister in huge lounging bed, laying with Jax and Johnny Depp watching tv.

Jax was putting up with my sisters fling with Johnny Depp. It was just a fling or passing thing.

To me it was like Johnny Depp was just a pet to my sister. They were cuddling and kissing.

I think Jax got mad waiting for my sister to get tired of Johnny Depp. When he left for work he was mad and he wasn’t planning to come back.

I asked my sister where did he go, are you sure he didn’t leave you this time.

She wasn’t concerned she just kept playing with Johnny Depp and watching tv.


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