Savannah coin

Dream of finding this coin in 2 different dreams.  It was a old coin as big as a hand. Like a saucer.

It was called the Savannah.

I don’t know any Savannah or heard the name recently. The only things I think of  is the book Savannah, or the girl scout cookies.


I found the same stash of coins in the 2 different dreams, on the same night.

I sure would  like to know what that means.


crazy trip

First, I arrived at an airport with my mom and sister, I have no idea where we are headed.

I lose my mom and sister in the crowd. I end up searching all over for them. That was stupid.

I happened to have my own tickets on me. So I realize I could find my own way to the boarding area of the plane. I thought I would end up where my mom and sister were.

Well I end up searching the whole airport, that’s what it felt like.

I went through an area where there were gambling machines. I stopped to play for awhile. I had to exchange some of my money for plastic coins for the slots.

I ended up winning but there was no time to exchange the coins for real money.

And while I was on way, I found lots of dimes and quarters on the ground. I tried to stop and pick them all up. I felt like I was the only one seeing them. I was ooohing and aaahing every time I saw coins on the ground.

I had to get going to catch the plane.

I still could not find the boarding area. A man approached me, told me he had a faster way to the plane. I followed him to a boat taxi, there airport was near a harbor off the ocean, and a channel in front of the airport.

The boat taxi took us way far out. Didn’t look like we were still near the airport. The boat was jammed of people all trying to get to the same plane. I did not see my mom and sister yet. I was really worried if I was on the right way.

On they way, I saw what looked like to be movie sets, where water scenes and stunts where filmed. The set were all along the way.

I could not see out over the ocean, a dense fog was just liftin

The boat must have arrived and I must have caught the flight and met up with my mom and sister at the destination. The next thing I remember seeing my sister, saying good bye to her boyfriend.

I guess we went to where her boyfriend was to have a little vacation.


The next scene I am at home from the trip.

I am sleeping in my bed upstairs. I hear footsteps coming to the room, and inside and then I heard nothing. Like the person stopped right at my bed. I thought it was my sister coming to bed, but I didn’t hear any sound of my sister getting into bed.

So I started freaking out. I started to say “who is there?” No answer. I could still feel the presence by my bed. I was afraid to look. I did peep a little with one eye. I saw a figure in the dark.

I figured I keep my eyes shut and go back to sleep it would go away or it was just my sister playing a joke on me. But I was scared.


I was also scared it was really happening to me for real. I didn’t want to wake up.

In the morning I went down to find my sister in a corner typing out a letter to her boyfriend to email to him.

I asked her if she came to bed, she said no. I didn’t say what happened while I was sleeping. I didn’t want my mom and sister to think I was crazy.

But I saw that look on my sister’s face, like she knew what I was talking about anyway.

 *Side note

I believe my sister tricked my when I was younger. I had a dream where I asked God if he still loved me. I know I asked it out loud. I heard myself.

I swear I heard God answer in a booming voice, YES!

I think it really was my sister talking back to me tricking me to believe God was really talking to me. She denied it.


Then I went to do the laundry. I used the plastic coins I had left, they worked. I overloaded the machine I was using, it overheated and quit.

I checked out the other washing machine. I discovered my sister was using it quit too, and she used way too much soap, suds were everywhere.

Well I knew I was in big trouble with my mom, I didn’t want to stay to see what happened next. I realized it was a dream where could just quit.


winning ticket

I dreamed I held a winning scratch off ticket, Black Jack ticket. I saw a 2 and some 000’s.

So I run down to the gas station to grab me a ticket.

I found my lucky number is 6. The number of the ticket is 16. Which is my daughter’s birthday.  So do I wait? for the 6th or the 16th.

I waited until the 6th. All my hands added up to 16 and the dealer’s hand was 17. Maybe I should have waited until the 16th.

magic pillowcase

In this dream I must have been on a family trip. I wake up in a hotel. It must have been the morning after arriving. My sister came into my room and plopped on my bed to discuss the plans for the day.

I had my hand in my pillow. I felt a wad. I pulled out the wad, it was a wad of 100 dollar bills.

I showed it to my sister. Is it real? Do you see it?

I am trying to figure out in my dream if I was dreaming.

My sister confirmed she saw it too.

I stick my hand in the pillowcase again. I feel another wad. It was another was of 100 dollar bills.

I pulled out more afterwards. I lost count of how many times I did it. I get the feeling each wad was $1,000.00. so I had thousands of dollars.

Then my dream was starting to tell me it was just a dream.

I pulled out a fancy jewelry box the kind you see for really elegant jewelry.

Then I pulled out a passport and some other identification. Bursting my hopes of claiming the money for myself. The money probably belongs to that person.

The next discovery was gun handles but no barrels, ammunition, and some electronic devices.

Then I knew it really really was just a dream. I would not find money on my bed in the morning.

I usually get these dreams when I am about to come into money or it’s a hint to go gambling.

I have gone gambling after these dreams and I don profit.

I am sort of gambling I am taking a risk to attend a fundraiser this weekend alone.

I also chose to gamble on getting my daughter very special gifts for her birthday.

Also I got started on Christmas gifts. I am planning ahead, taking advantage of the money I have now.


if I get another money finding dream I just might take off to play some slots.

finding money again

I dreamed I looked into my purse and found a hidden stash of money. Iwas so tempted to wake up and look into my purse.

*Then when I go to work I look through every purse I find.

money printing

Looks like I’m an employee at a print shop. I was an overnight guard. Gang of crooks broke in to print counterfeit money. They forced me to ignore them continue to do my job. I kept doing my rounds keeping a look out for police. They did not know there was a secret room with a phone. But there was a guy keeping an eye on me I had to pretend I was just doing my job. I made it to the room I had trouble using the phone.

Typical of a dream first there was no tone. Then I couldn’t speak. Then one of the guys was getting too close to finding the room. I dialed 911 then left it off the hook then they could hear if something bad was going to happen to me if the guy found me.

The phone didn’t look like a phone only I knew it was a phone.

I ended up locked outside the building at the end and the crooks were gone before help arrived.

found money in the end

I was dreaming I was back at my old house again. This time there was a weird sleeping arrangement upstairs, there were beds in the hallway. When there isn’t really any room in the hallway for bed. There was 2 beds. My sister grabbed one near the window. Mine was right next to the stairs.  I was freaking out about mine. I was worried about the way I toss and turn all night and then falling out of bed then down the stairs.
Never really made it to bed. I was digging through some old purses. I found an uncashed 50 dollar money order and some cash. My sister and I, got my brother, we out to cash it and have some fun. But then we couldn’t decide where to have fun. Fed up on this dream and I quit it.
At my job that day, a woman found money in a pants she was pricing.

finding money

I seemed to be living in apartment. Sharing it with a bunch of 20 somethings, guys and girls.There was a guy the girls got mad at He was a boyfriend of one girls. He cheated on her. She started to pack his stuff I was helping. I went through some backpacks, jeans, gym bags, and treasure boxes.  I was finding money waded up I found a 20, 5, 10,and some 1’s

$900.00 bill!

I was visiting friends at their apartment complex. I went exploring through the building. I found each floor had a recreation area,lounge or a place to accomodate large parties. Each room had vending machines, cupboards, sinks, tables and chairs, perfect setup for gatherings.

I went to the first floor lounge,I discover this old run down vending machine. There was a sign hanging above it, it said        


.50 cents

I started to dig through my purse for .50 cents. My friends were trying to stop me from putting my money in the machine.

Too late.

When the money dropped it the machine started to make noises and began to spit out money. 2 dollar bills, 10 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills.

 Then come the big one  the 900 dollar bill.

Then a door on the machine fell open. There were bags of money and stacks of money inside the machine. My friends and I were fighting over if we should take the money.

My friends and I were also curious about why all that money should be in this machine. Is the apartment owner hiding something,else my friends and I were arguing over what should we do next.

That is where the dream left off.

* wishing for big money!

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