mom’s blue stuff

My mom loved blue and white stuff.

In this dream, my mom is living in the apartment she lived in when she got remarried.

My mom bought this huge set of blue and white ceramic stuff: giant flower pots, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, dishes, vases, tableware, you name it. It looked like she bought out a store.

When it was delivered to the apartment, the collection took up the whole hallway of the 2nd floor. Other tenants had to maneuver around. She posted a sign sorry for the inconvenience. She had the plans to move one item at a time and take time to plan where it should go.

I finally got to hold my cat!

I was dreaming I was sleeping. I felt something heavy and move on my neck. It was my cat keewee. She was sleeping on right my neck. She let me hold her too.

When I woke up in the dream, she took off.  She caused some trouble too.  She went outside and played in one of my mother’s flower pots and dug up her favorite flowers. The flower-pot fell over and broke. My mom was angry.


Weird stuff  here: My cat tried to fix it and clean up the mess. Like a child. My mom in this dream was black.  The flower-pot, was my mom’s actual flower-pot that was stolen from our house. The house was not any of the houses I grew up in. the house looked African. But my bedroom looked like my room from my first apartment.

keewee cat dream

I dreamed my cat visited my current apartment we were having fun playing.
Then I started to wonder where I put the litter box where she has been going all this time. There was no box any where, I was so worried where ever she is pooing must be really stinky by now.

strange bird

Was in the apartment my ex and I first lived I was wondering why he was sleeping on the sofa instead our bed. During the whole dream I was trying to get him to come back to the bed but he kept finding excuses not to come with me. After the final attempt he went out on the balcony to smoke I went out there too. It was a warm sunny morning. We were looking into the trees. There came this strange bird waddling on the ground.

The bird was orange yellow and white on the belly with black feathers on the back. Looked like a penguin, waddled like a penguin, and size of a penguin. It waddled towards the balcony.

Then the bird looked like an ostrich with a really long neck it was able to reach up to the balcony. It poked his head right towards us. My ex swats his head made the bird run off.

Exodus (update)

In this dream

I was in a Jewish or Muslim family in a different country and a community. Where there were apartments, schools, shops, hospital, and job training, all in one big complex.

Then suddenly, there was an order from the government for all these people to leave. They were given a chance to leave on their own if they chose to stay the would be rounded up and held as prisoners in camps.

These people were already living peacefully and separately in this country, like the Amish in the US.

Looked like an African  desert nation.

I think this was the prediction of Egypt's president resigning in a hurry or of what might happen in Middle East. I dreamt this just before the unrest.

boat show

Started at the gas station where I always fill up at.When I was done. Found I had no money or debit card. I only live a few minutes away. Then I couldnt find my keys to my car. Then I started to walk home. There was a community event a boat show. But there were boats in every business parking lot even in the graveyard, there were bands and cookouts deals at all the stores.

*Boats at the graveyard did look like coffins. Perfect for maybe a sailors funeral.

Found my dad at one of the sites, he happened to be living in the area.  (Not! it’s a dream) His apartment looked like a prison or dog kennel. The walls were cages.

*Didnt like this so I woke up to get out of the dream.

 *The places here are my real walk home from the gas station, except for my dads apartment this doesn’t belong.

finding money

I seemed to be living in apartment. Sharing it with a bunch of 20 somethings, guys and girls.There was a guy the girls got mad at He was a boyfriend of one girls. He cheated on her. She started to pack his stuff I was helping. I went through some backpacks, jeans, gym bags, and treasure boxes.  I was finding money waded up I found a 20, 5, 10,and some 1’s

one of those dreams that get too weird

Now my other cat started to visit me. My tiger striped cat, I played with throughout high school. We were best pals.

*I was dreaming I was sleeping. My hand was hanging out and my cat was playfully attacking my hand. I woke up to play with her. But I had to try to be quiet, because my family was sleeping in the other bedrooms.

My cat started to meow too much.  I thought she might be hungry. I didn’t have cat food.

*This is where reality set in. In real life I don’t have a cat. I don’t really need to have cat food in the house. In my dream I was also living in an apartment where cats were not allowed.

I did get up to find some cereal and milk. That was a close to cat food I could find.

Later on I was dreaming my family was awake and in the living room. Somehow the apartment turned into an older house. With a separate living quarters upstairs.

I was playing with my cat some more. The living room was becoming a mess. Then there were eggs broken all over the floor. I don’t know how or who was throwing eggs.

*Trying to clean up the mess was becoming impossible. The mess kept getting bigger and bigger. Someone was using too much water. The floor suddenly became flooded with water.

There was some noise coming from the upstairs. There was supposed to be nobody up there. I went out into the hallway, to go up the stairs leading to upper level.  Just before I reached the top of the stairs…..

The door opened all by itself and there was nobody there…

I was frozen in fear. I tried to get back down the stairs. What ever was up there was making it hard for me to get back down the stairs.  After much struggling to get back down the stairs, I finally ran back to the lower level into the living room to tell every one what just had happened.

Dream ended there, when the alarm clock went of.


I have dreams of the same places.

I have an apartment. The dorm of the school I went to in St Paul, Minnesota, downtown, St. Paul, my hometown, the house my hometown, my great aunts home.

I have dreams of this town I never been too.

Then there is this modern building that reminds me of a college or college complex and has religious feel to it.

Lately I have been dreaming of the town over and over.

All I know, I have  been going to the same places in each dream.

I wish I could tie in what I am feeling to each dream. Maybe each place appears because of what I am feeling.

I almost figured out what triggers my cat dreams. I could feel my cat coming, but I failed to recognize what I was really feeling.

$900.00 bill!

I was visiting friends at their apartment complex. I went exploring through the building. I found each floor had a recreation area,lounge or a place to accomodate large parties. Each room had vending machines, cupboards, sinks, tables and chairs, perfect setup for gatherings.

I went to the first floor lounge,I discover this old run down vending machine. There was a sign hanging above it, it said        


.50 cents

I started to dig through my purse for .50 cents. My friends were trying to stop me from putting my money in the machine.

Too late.

When the money dropped it the machine started to make noises and began to spit out money. 2 dollar bills, 10 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills.

 Then come the big one  the 900 dollar bill.

Then a door on the machine fell open. There were bags of money and stacks of money inside the machine. My friends and I were fighting over if we should take the money.

My friends and I were also curious about why all that money should be in this machine. Is the apartment owner hiding something,else my friends and I were arguing over what should we do next.

That is where the dream left off.

* wishing for big money!

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