Chaos in my house

I came home to my old home for a visit.  The first thing I did was a load of wash.

The next morning, it was time for my brother and sister to go to school.

A little boy came to the door asking if my brother could come out to play. I said no it’s time for school.

Then the father of the boy came in.  He was looking at the house as if it were for sale. Asking all kinds of questions.

I forgot I saw for sale sign in the front yard. I guess I didn’t want to believe the old house was really going to be sold.

I go upstairs to get dressed. I find I didn’t have any clothes. I run downstairs to the basement to where my clothes should be dried.

I found all these racks and shelves of clothes I believe my mom was selling clothes in rummage sales to make money. None of the clothes were my size,too big, too small, children’s clothes, clothes from when my mom was 300+ lbs, sleeping clothes. And none of my clothes I thought I washed.

I found this green polka-dotted and striped pants and shirt combo with purple waist band. It was cute but as I looked at it longer it was ugly.

Then I go back upstairs, the house was all tore up. Then there was a home office section, that was not there when I grew up.

I was so frustrated with the dream I sat on the couch, my cat tiger jumped in my lap and let me pet her. I really enjoyed that, I fell asleep.

I was actually having trouble sleeping that night. My cat came to my rescue, but just when I had good sleep it was time to get up for work.


My house was all chaos because my mom and dad were splitting up and selling the house. I didn’t want it to happen.


I think I am going back in my dreams to try to stop what happened to my family. We are all split up by their divorce.


priest got sick, my friend had a baby

I was in church, waiting in for service to start. People were still filing in.

I noticed my best friend from high school was sitting with her husband across the aisle. My friend was holding a newborn baby.  My friends husband was really hefty in size. My friend just had gray hair but looked the same as she always did.

I was thinking that was her baby. I see no young mother near her. She was too old to have a baby. I remember her telling me she couldn’t have no more. But maybe some magic happened.

The service started, when I looked up to the altar. The altar was suddenly dark and the priest was gone.

Someone said the priest became ill.

We were all waiting to see what would happen next. Like another priest would come in and complete the service.

A group of women came in to announce there were bible study groups downstairs if anyone was interested.

I saw my friend carry the baby up to the altar and sit down in the priest’s chair. I think she was expecting the baby to be baptized at this service.

I was still sitting waiting to see what would happen next.

I found some other old classmates from high school, and mentioned to them I was surprised to see my friend at the church. My friends didn’t see the problem. I said, don’t you remember she was Lutheran. Remember at  her wedding her church wouldn’t allow our Catholic friend sing at her wedding. They said maybe she converted.

Then there happened to be another priest who happened to be attending one of the bible study groups.

The candles were relit for service. But one of the candle arrangements was in a weird place, in the middle of the aisle, where people had to walk around it. Which could be dangerous. Especially the priest robe getting too close.

I guess the baby was baptized. I don’t remember the service. Just going down to attend the reception of the baptism. Where the basement had many rooms I had to search them all.

For some reason I did not feel comfortable reaching out to my old high school friend. I felt too many years went by without contact. I thought I would wait for her to reach out to me. I stayed in the background watching my friend and her special moment with her baby.

something definitely wrong with this guy

This dream I was visiting my grandmother. She had a huge house with many rooms she rented out to college students.

One of my favorite things I liked to do as a kid was hiding out in closets.

In this dream I went into the basement. I have been to this bedroom in the basement many times in other dreams. It’s my favorite bedroom in the whole house.

I thought the bedroom was unoccupied. I heard someone coming into the room. It was a nerdy looking guy. I first hid under the bed. He lay on the bed and couldn’t get comfortable. He looked under the bed he found me.

He said I heard about you, and how you hide in places. I then realized I was naked. I was standing there naked and trying to cover up with just my hands. He walked out for a minute. He was giving me time to leave. He expected me to leave without my clothes! But I didn’t I hid in the closet.

He lost something; I see him search the bed and under the bed, then reached under the closet. He touched me. He opened the closet doors. He is on the bed yelling at me, why didn’t you leave, why are you picking on me. Go back to your family upstairs. He was really whining like a sissy.

I said you should be become an actor, that was an Academy Award performance!

I jumped on the bed and tried to tickle him to death to stop him from being so upset and relax.

That is where the dream quit.

There is something definitely wrong with this guy, when he is whining and complaining when there is a naked girl in the room. I do possess physical features any man would love to look at and touch.

I think I was naked because I wanted to take a shower before the boy showed up.

nuclear bomb threat

I was sitting around the dinner table with my family, we were having dinner and listening to the radio on a warm summer day.

Then a warning came over the radio, a country threatened the US with a nuclear bomb.

We were in the basement waiting for more info, there was no time to evacuate. My mom wanted to go outside. I freaked out and asked WHY! I begged her not to go out!

Then I heard the sound of a jet that it makes when flying over.

I thought it was the sound of the bomb flying over head.

I then left the dream right there in suspense I didn’t want to know what was next. I didn’t want my dream to wander to that.

In this dream, I was in the house when the cold war was taking place too.

Oh the tension and suspense in this dream! I haven’t had one of these dreams about  nuclear threats in a really long time.

Oh dad, something happened to your bike!

I dreamed I was in my old house where I grew up. I had to go the bathroom, but my dad was there and I really had to go.

 I remembered there was a toilet and shower in the basement.

I hated going down there by the toilet, in real life because its really creepy to me. Once there was dead rat in front of the toilet. But I have no problem playing with my cat down there. Funny!

I got down the stairs and head toward the toilet, there were all our bikes at the landing of the stairs. The bikes were blocking the path.

My dad said he brought the bikes in for the winter, I don’t know why we did have a garage. We kept our bikes there during the winter before.

I started to move the bikes so Icould get to the toilet. I get to my dad’s bike I picked it up to move it.  When I set the bike down the tires exploded like a bomb blast. Like I set it on a mine.  I could see sparks and there was smoke like a bomb.

I was scared to tell my dad I wrecked his bike and he would blame it on me.  

I got upstairs. Nobody heard the blast. Nobody believed me what happened.

I don’t think I ever made it to the toilet.

tiger dream

This dream im in my old house with my mom sister and brother. My dad moved out. I was up early in the morning I found chocolate filled pastries I was really enjoying eating them, I could taste the chocolate and feel the filling ooze out.

Then I realized it was time to get ready for school. I went upstairs to wake up brother and sister. I get dressed and go back down to find my brother eating cake on a table in the living room. There was no cake in kitchen when I was there.

I found my mom trying to bake, cakes and pies in the microwave with  huge metal baking sheet.

Most of the cakes and pies were burned.
I dont know how she fit the baking sheet inside but I saw it with my own eyes.
The kitchen was a disaster.
My sister was in the bathroom. I was sitting at the table waiting for my turn.
I really have to go the bathroom baddd! I remembered there was a toilet in the basement so I started to go down.
Everything in the basement was gone and the floor was partially flooded especially where I wanted to go.
I go back upstairs my tiger(pronounced tigger)cat passes by. She completely ignored the chance to go down and play. When I was younger, whenever the door opened tiger always run right down there. Me and tiger played there all the time.
Mom took away all her hide and seek spots she doesn’t even want to look down there any more. I also was gone too long for tiger to remember we used to play down there.

brother in-law’s friend

I was in the house where I grew up in. There was a family gathering going on. We were waiting for my sister and her husband to arrive. They came with a friend, the friend went immediately to the bathroom, left the bathroom door open while he was taking a dump. My brother, brother in-law, and husband all were by the bathroom and talking to him. I don’t know what was so important they couldn’t wait til the guy was done.
*I did notice my brother in-law looked like Patrick Swayze. Not! in real life. I was ready to follow him around. I don’t like my brother in-law in real life. Wouldn’t even think of looking at him. I was hoping he really was Patrick Swayze.
Scary mysterious things started to happen at the house as soon as this unexpected guest arrived. (The brother in-law’s friend.) The lights started to flicker and the table that was set for dinner, the candles were suddenly lit and melted too fast. There was scary, threatening, writing appearing on the walls. Then this big thunderstorm came and the sky turned so dark it looked like night. There were like scary body shapes like zombies out in the yard coming towards the house. 
My sister said bad things keep happening to them when they go out with this friend.
Then there was another guest I don’t know him or when he came. I think he was following the friend of my brother in-law. The friend turned out to be the source of the bad things. This unknown guest came to get rid of the evil presence. Bad things happened to every one in the surrounding  area whenever this guy was around. Spirits were also disturbed. That is what was outside surrounding the house and coming towards the house.
This evil spirit chaser, came with like a Ironman suit and a huge army truck was parked outside.
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The guy couldn’t get the job done himself, his girl partner came with a like  suped up car View Image
that was actually a transformer too.
Don’t know what kind of battle there was, I ended up on a boat to a tropical island with a handsome black guy to celebrate.

mysterious basement

Was at the house I grew up in. I went to the basement I discovered it was much bigger. There were removable panels and it looked like a huge factory inside, it took up the space of the whole property lot. The front door was actually part of a loading dock.

I didnt get to find out what kind of factory.

 My mom got stupid and had started to plan how to decorate and use the extra space. She found a white marble fireplace  and had it installed.

Then my brother got stupid he didnt want us to go down there. The stairs were moveable. He moved the stairs in a way they were too dangerous to use.

That is where my dream quit I have had many mysterious dreams about this basement many times before There was a closed off section never went in there.

I have had dreams of the basement being a secret lab too.


My parents were doing something stupid. They were moving stuff down into the basement. I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to participate.

I am not really sure what was really going on.  It might have been a Christmas party in the basement.  I was upset my special Christmas cookies were going to end up tasting like the musty basement.

All I know the dream ended with me hiding in the upstairs storage room. My brother came to try to find me but he couldn’t.

get out of my bed

I was in bed with my baby. I was holding him, he was looking so cute.

My ex husband told me I was paying too much attention to the baby.

Then there was a baby cat. It jumped on my shoulder and it was so tiny so cute. The cat jumped around and all over the rooms.

Then I saw a family snuggled together in a bed.

Next dream

I was laying bed. I think it was a bedroom in a cellar. There was an opening from the outside. Some how a girl playing outside found a way in. She would not  leave. I was fighting with her to get out of my bed.

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