where am I supposed to go

This is stupid.

This dream took place in the old apartment where my husband and I started out in.

He brought my job home to me. He brought a gaylord of metal parts that had to be inspected.

The rest of dream I wondered how the heck did he get this heavy gaylord of metal parts up to our second floor apartment. I was looking around to see if there was something about the apartment I didn’t know about.

I know there was no elevator. No crane could get that over the balcony.

As I looked around our unit. I could not find the bathroom. What was the bathroom, looked like an overfilled closet. And there was just a hole in the floor.

I said to my husband what about us girls? Where am I supposed to pee? He was the one that made the changes.

I did have to go to the bathroom.

the toilet

I was visiting my mom in her apartment.

My dad was visiting. My dad took a shower. My dad doesn’t live here, why would he be taking a shower here?

I had to use the bathroom really really bad. I had to wait until my dad was done.

When my dad was finally done. I walk into the bathroom, the toilet was in pieces. My dad left the toilet like that and didn’t say anything or try to fix it. People need to use the toilet! Why was he being so insensitive?  He just left it that way!

I did not know a toilet could  be taken apart like that. The bowl was on the floor.

I couldn’t and didn’t have time to fix the toilet. I couldn’t wait for someone to fix it, I really really had to go to the bathroom!

so I put my butt over the edge of the shower to pee.  There was no other way.

where’s my car

I was in a store, I was a team member. It was Christmas; there was a contest, to see who could complete a given shopping list in the fastest time. Well I tested this contest myself to see if I could do it myself real fast.

I spent a long time looking for a particular charcoal, I could not remember where it was moved to. It was on special deal really recent.

Before I knew it, it was closing time. I was helping the store manager close down the store with other team members.

We had the store front all reorganized. We were in the back, waiting for the store manager to close the store.

Then she realized we needed to get the shipment in the loading dock into the store.

I witnessed this little black dude volunteer to move it.

It was a huge pallet full of goods. He quickly picked the whole thing up and moved it.

There was this guy, he was like clinging to me and he thought he was helping me. Telling me how wonderful I was. How I can do anything I set my mind to.

But he was annoying!

Somehow I end going home with him.

I couldn’t find my car.

That put me in a position where this guy became quite valuable to me. I had to ask this guy for help.

Then I flashed back trying to figure out why I didn’t have my own car.


I was back at my home, where I was getting ready for work. I was fighting with my husband for the bathroom. I had to be a work at 4 pm. Everyone took a car, or forgot to leave me a car, or someone gave me a ride to work.

I was really worried. What if I had no one to help me get to work? I didn’t want to be dependant on anyone.

I was really close to getting up to look in the garage to see if my car was still there.


the dorm

I woke up in the dream, to an incident. I found myself in my old dorm room where I once went to school.

My roommates were fighting. One of my roommates’s had a child living with her.  The other roommate kicked out the other, made her pack up and leave.

I thought it was wrong and was concerned for the girl and her child.

I was trying to call 911. I was having trouble with that. I was punching in the numbers backwards. When I finally figured out how to solve that problem, then I had to describe what just happened and try describing where they could be found. The words would not come out right.

I finally got out of bed. The dorm leader was in the room. I had to explain what happened.

The dorm leader said is a Russian student population now. She gave me something to help me translate; learn some Russian, to learn to communicate with them.

 Then I realized I had not been doing my daily chores. I had to clean the bathrooms. I had to get it done before classes started.

I am walking around to familiarize myself with all the rooms and where all the bathrooms are.

I walk into this big room, it’s like a really old library, part media room, reading, study room. There were old tabletop stereo record players, reel to reel tape players and movie projectors  from the ‘70s Refurbished, students could borrow them for personal use in dorm rooms. Many more cool toys too.

The room was full of student desks and sofas too.

Then I found out my dorm was co-ed. Guys and girls were coming in for a class.

I was still walking around in my in sleeping clothes.  I still didn’t do my chores.

I walked into another room, it was a classroom full of black students. I sit down to talk for little while.

One girl looked like she was drinking soda. She poured something in it, said this will make my soda more healthy. It smelled like medicine. She was laughing like she knew she was doing something wrong, like adding liquor to her soda. Or a drug.

I feel am new to the place in this dream, yet I feel like a returning student. I have been here many times in other dreams

trying to speak Spanish

I was in Mexican family home again.  It looks like one of he Lonche Latino events at my church. But it looks like I’m in a home this time.

I was at a long dinner table, sitting next to the Padre. He was pushing me to speak in Spanish but the words couldn’t come into my brain out of my mouth. The only word that came out was frijol, we were eating beans.

Then I had to go to the bathroom. I only word I could remember was llavarse close, but  the word I really needed was  baño

something definitely wrong with this guy

This dream I was visiting my grandmother. She had a huge house with many rooms she rented out to college students.

One of my favorite things I liked to do as a kid was hiding out in closets.

In this dream I went into the basement. I have been to this bedroom in the basement many times in other dreams. It’s my favorite bedroom in the whole house.

I thought the bedroom was unoccupied. I heard someone coming into the room. It was a nerdy looking guy. I first hid under the bed. He lay on the bed and couldn’t get comfortable. He looked under the bed he found me.

He said I heard about you, and how you hide in places. I then realized I was naked. I was standing there naked and trying to cover up with just my hands. He walked out for a minute. He was giving me time to leave. He expected me to leave without my clothes! But I didn’t I hid in the closet.

He lost something; I see him search the bed and under the bed, then reached under the closet. He touched me. He opened the closet doors. He is on the bed yelling at me, why didn’t you leave, why are you picking on me. Go back to your family upstairs. He was really whining like a sissy.

I said you should be become an actor, that was an Academy Award performance!

I jumped on the bed and tried to tickle him to death to stop him from being so upset and relax.

That is where the dream quit.

There is something definitely wrong with this guy, when he is whining and complaining when there is a naked girl in the room. I do possess physical features any man would love to look at and touch.

I think I was naked because I wanted to take a shower before the boy showed up.

exploring the bathroom

In this dream, like I am in a hotel with a bunch of girls. I don’t know them or don’t know why I am there. It was quite a fancy suite though.

I got up really early so I could take a shower in peace. I locked the door.  I checked out the vanity underneath the huge mirror. There was a button, I pressed it. A door opened and out came a plastic sheet. Looked like a replacement shower curtain.

Then I saw what looked like a stereo I thought I turned it on. I didn’t see anything or hear anything happen.

Then I started to search through the drawers. Just when it was getting interesting. The other girls came in. I thought I locked the door.

I never got to take my shower.  We were all discovering what was in the drawers.

I don’t even know.

Oh dad, something happened to your bike!

I dreamed I was in my old house where I grew up. I had to go the bathroom, but my dad was there and I really had to go.

 I remembered there was a toilet and shower in the basement.

I hated going down there by the toilet, in real life because its really creepy to me. Once there was dead rat in front of the toilet. But I have no problem playing with my cat down there. Funny!

I got down the stairs and head toward the toilet, there were all our bikes at the landing of the stairs. The bikes were blocking the path.

My dad said he brought the bikes in for the winter, I don’t know why we did have a garage. We kept our bikes there during the winter before.

I started to move the bikes so Icould get to the toilet. I get to my dad’s bike I picked it up to move it.  When I set the bike down the tires exploded like a bomb blast. Like I set it on a mine.  I could see sparks and there was smoke like a bomb.

I was scared to tell my dad I wrecked his bike and he would blame it on me.  

I got upstairs. Nobody heard the blast. Nobody believed me what happened.

I don’t think I ever made it to the toilet.

black and white

I fell asleep watching Freedom Rider documentary on PBS.

I dreamed a few dream skits.

The first I had a black boyfriend, my parents didn’t approve. My boyfriend was a doctor. I pretend to be sick and he pretend was the only doctor available at the time to make a housecall.

It was the only way I could see my boyfriend and every time my parents were not looking. We would kiss.

This dream looked like a 50’s sitcom.

The second dream was more of a drama.

My white family were friends with a black family and we not accepted in our town.

There was a dance at the school, we planned to go to the dance together, but the town didn’t want us to.

I was sitting on a bed with my black friends we were getting ready to go to a party. I could see crowds of white people coming to surround the house to keep us from going,  I saw a hand and a knife reach through the window close to stabbing my friend. 

I found a beautiful dress and shoes. Couldn’t wait to put it on.

I looked for a bathroom to take a shower and get dressed. Found a bathroom that was just big enough to fit one body.

The hour was coming for us to attempt to go to the party. The crowd of white people were still outside waiting.

That was the end, it was morning time to wake up and go to work.

tiger dream

This dream im in my old house with my mom sister and brother. My dad moved out. I was up early in the morning I found chocolate filled pastries I was really enjoying eating them, I could taste the chocolate and feel the filling ooze out.

Then I realized it was time to get ready for school. I went upstairs to wake up brother and sister. I get dressed and go back down to find my brother eating cake on a table in the living room. There was no cake in kitchen when I was there.

I found my mom trying to bake, cakes and pies in the microwave with  huge metal baking sheet.

Most of the cakes and pies were burned.
I dont know how she fit the baking sheet inside but I saw it with my own eyes.
The kitchen was a disaster.
My sister was in the bathroom. I was sitting at the table waiting for my turn.
I really have to go the bathroom baddd! I remembered there was a toilet in the basement so I started to go down.
Everything in the basement was gone and the floor was partially flooded especially where I wanted to go.
I go back upstairs my tiger(pronounced tigger)cat passes by. She completely ignored the chance to go down and play. When I was younger, whenever the door opened tiger always run right down there. Me and tiger played there all the time.
Mom took away all her hide and seek spots she doesn’t even want to look down there any more. I also was gone too long for tiger to remember we used to play down there.

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