ice cream dreamy

In this dream I was hanging out at a corner gas station and mini mart after school. One of the workers convinced me to buy a bunch of lottery tickets.

Then an ice cream vendor came in with new products. 2 freezers shaped like ice cream cones with a glass dome top. One flavor was key lime and the other vanilla. They had real liquor. You needed to be 21 and carded before buying a cone of this ice cream.

One regular patron stuck his finger in the ice cream to steal a taste. 1 ice cream cone of this special ice cream would cost $8.00.

The store worker was trying to convince me to buy one cone.   $8.00! No Way!

The ice cream vendor also had single treats to sell. One was a huge sized frozen chocolate sundae.  28 oz tub I guesstimate.

Then I realized I had to get back to school to catch the bus home. Or it would be a long walk home, it may take my all night to walk home.

I remembered I bought lottery tickets and the store worker didn’t give me my tickets. She tried to convince me she did.

I run back to the school down the street. I missed the bus. It was already gone.

I found an abandoned old bike.

While was taking a break from riding. Some kid stole my bike. I ran after him, but he jumped a hill. I thought it was just a trick jump. I followed, I fell straight down. It was ditch in a field. I could not climb out of the hole I was in. It was too high and the dirt was too loose.

I woke up to find myself in climbing motion and potion on my bed. I was trying to climb over my pillow.

who am I mother or kid

I was mom in the house. My 2 sons and daughter became my brothers and sister when we were going to school.
We were waiting for the school bus, my brothers and sister were lazing about, getting late. The school bus came and left without us. We had to walk to school, which happened to be just a block away.
Makes me wonder..Why were we taking the bus to school?
Here I was rushing everyone had their books and making sure everyone had a key to the house. I checked my own pockets for my keys. I didn’t have any keys. I sort of left the door open, just in case.
When I got to the school I was then a kid and student. I helped my brothers and sisters get to the place where we had to sign in when we were late. But I really didn’t know where I was going, my brothers and sister had to show me.
Then I dropped of my brothers and sister at their classes, but I didn’t know what grade I was in or my class schedule. Then my eyesight was so bad I couldn’t read any signs. I was truly lost.
I think this dream is putting myself in my children’s place or I wanted to go to school with my kids. Or I just could handle the pressures of motherhood.


Or I just got lost. I did get lost and wanted to run away from my family.


I can’t read without my glasses. Makes sense of why I can’t read print in this dream.

the trip that ended in a church

I was traveling in a coach bus on a highway; first destination was amusement park, we take an exit going through a neighborhood all the buses and traffic was backed up. It was a detour. We went through a huge cemetery it was on both sides of the road I noticed all the vaults and headstones were on blocks above ground. I looked on the other side of the street I saw all the vaults and stones dumped in a pile like in a dump. It looked like they were clearing a cemetery to make room for more housing.

We were stopped at a place where people could change buses a man got off without his belongings. It was time to continue but we didn’t know if we should wait for the man. The bus driver didn’t care.

We were still in a neighborhood in a line of buses in front of people’s homes this street was crowded with buses and cars making the street very narrow to pass.

We decided go to church up ahead.

The people who suddenly decided to be Christians were not being very friendly in the church they would enter a pew and not leave room for others to join them making it hard to find a place quickly and the church was filling up fast. I was getting frustrated and very disappointed with the group I was with they were so friendly and wonderful on the bus.

I noticed the neighborhood adapted to the crowds gathering in front of their houses, some had food and refreshment stands in their front yard or selling their crafts etc.

*This reminded me of traffic in Nigerian streets.

*I also think this was about Ash Wednesday service at my church.  I went to service with the children in the morning. A group of children were encouraged to sit with some of the adults, some were not too keen on that. I was one of those adults.

*I also have frequent cemetery dreams to be continued…… See dead president’s hauntings

was trying to go to church

I was in my hometown, walking to church on a warm, sunny, Sunday morning. I get to church there were all these school buses parked outside the church. They canceled all masses to in down to the capitol for the protests, President Obama was going to be there too. I went inside the church hoping there would be some kind of mass anyway. I run into people who are so excited to go. Some had bottles of booze, whiskey and brandy, drinking them openly.

I really wasn’t planning to go and I didn’t have my family with me, so I went home.

On my way home, this house had pets for sale; I went to check it out. This one pen I observed had a cat, next to it 2 crabs in a pen. The crabs got out and play fight with the cat, they fight all the time said the seller. I wanted to get my kids to see the cat and crabs fighting and pick out a pet.

I get home my husband says Chuck’s Auto called my car is leaking oil, they want to  finish fixing it.

“I say who da heck and where Chuck’s Auto.” I had never been there with my car. My car was still in the drive way. My husband described to me where Chuck’s is. I have still have no clue, my husband insists I go but I still don’t know where I’m going and why.

waiting for school bus

I’m in this house its part of a home I grew up in in the country it was combined with a Winnebago camper and a school bus. (Don’t ask me how, it’s a dream.) I believe I was living with my family and 3 guys but they were just friends and classmates. I couldnt decide which  guy I really liked. We were supposed to be getting ready for school. The bus was coming soon.
There was a dance after school. We were excited about that.
I really wanted to take a shower but the shower was being used.  Then I remembered my Mom’s room had a shower.
I challenged the three guys to do something to impress me. Then I would choose my date. The one that impressed of the most made a pictorama I was impressed . But I still had a hard time choosing my date. 
We were all waiting for the bus to come. But then I looked outside, I saw a huge scary shadow land on top of the house.
*Didn’t get to find out what it was,it was morning the alarm clock went off. I  still was freaking out about the shadow I saw when I woke up.


I was on a School bus for a group trip, either to a Brewer’s baseball game, zoo or museum. My dad was the driver. My dad used to be a very good school bus driver.

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My family was on the bus, except for my mom. We were merrily going down the highway, excited to get to where ever we were going.

My brother screams, I saw something really awful, he kept screaming I saw body parts.

My dad stops the bus, turns the bus around, by going through the U turn in the middle. The bus is headed back home.

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There was a state trooper there on the shoulder.  The state trooper didn’t stop my dad for making an illegal U turn there.

My dad wanted to go back to see what my brother saw.

We were losing time. The next U turn is like way back, to head back to the event.

We ended up going home.

*Not sure what happened next. I think I changed or got out of my dream because I was so embarrassed and disappointed in my Dad.

My mom was in a car following the bus, not sure why.  Never found out. I know I saw her.


Happy Days and Who Framed Roger Rabbit

I was in a Happy Days classroom.

I was surrounded, by Ralph Malph, Potsie and Shirley. They were goofing around. Shirley from “Laverne and Shirley” turns to me, all of a sudden, she turns into a 83-year-old woman, toothless, wrinkled and gray hair. She says, “I don’t feel old at all!” Then, Malph and Potsie, turned older too. They were about to light up a cigarette, in class. I say, no no, you can’t smoke in school, or anywhere on school campus.

I figured out this must be a Happy Days class reunion.

The dream changed, there was noise in the hallway of the school. I was thinking the Fonz was coming. Or Ritchie was coming. They were not in the classroom.

We went into the hallway.

This garage door opened. There was like an airport. People were exiting a plane. I was hoping to see the Fonz. No, they were just ordinary people.

I went out another door. It was like a the front of the building and a reception area. It looked like a train depot, too. Lots of things were going on there. Buses and limousines dropping off people. There were lots of people there waiting for people to arrive.

There were cheerleaders cheering and doing stunts. Someone like acting like a Spiderman in the rafters. He came swinging down on a rope.

Then the sky grew dark, a huge flock of black birds filled the sky. They were swooping down over the crowd scaring everyone. The birds were thick and made several flybys over the crowd.  The crowd was running and trying to find cover.


This part was like “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit”, a huge, yellow, cartoon train pulled into the crowd. Real people got of the train. There were no tracks! I was expecting to see Rodger Rabbit and Jessica come out too! or maybe The Fonz. No, just ordinary people.

Dream ended when I was freaking out, trying to figure out how the train came through the crowd.

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