I guess I had the baby

I had a newborn baby. I was trying to get ready for work and drop the baby off at daycare or preschool.

I was a scatterbrain. I acted as if I never had a baby before. (I had 3 children in 3 years)

I could not find clothes for the baby. I didn’t have a diaper bag ready to go. No bottles ready.

I dressed the baby in just pants no diaper thinking that was ok..

I happened to find all the baby clothes I saved from my other children.

It was getting really late, too late to drop the baby off at day care and too late go to work.

But I had to go to school anyway. I was called by the school because, one of my other children needed attention.

Someone took my baby from me. Thinking I was dropping off the baby at the daycare.

I ran to the store to get the things I needed for the baby. I come out of the store, the car was gone.

I gave up on this bad dream, woke up to get out this mess.

where’s my car

I was in a store, I was a team member. It was Christmas; there was a contest, to see who could complete a given shopping list in the fastest time. Well I tested this contest myself to see if I could do it myself real fast.

I spent a long time looking for a particular charcoal, I could not remember where it was moved to. It was on special deal really recent.

Before I knew it, it was closing time. I was helping the store manager close down the store with other team members.

We had the store front all reorganized. We were in the back, waiting for the store manager to close the store.

Then she realized we needed to get the shipment in the loading dock into the store.

I witnessed this little black dude volunteer to move it.

It was a huge pallet full of goods. He quickly picked the whole thing up and moved it.

There was this guy, he was like clinging to me and he thought he was helping me. Telling me how wonderful I was. How I can do anything I set my mind to.

But he was annoying!

Somehow I end going home with him.

I couldn’t find my car.

That put me in a position where this guy became quite valuable to me. I had to ask this guy for help.

Then I flashed back trying to figure out why I didn’t have my own car.


I was back at my home, where I was getting ready for work. I was fighting with my husband for the bathroom. I had to be a work at 4 pm. Everyone took a car, or forgot to leave me a car, or someone gave me a ride to work.

I was really worried. What if I had no one to help me get to work? I didn’t want to be dependant on anyone.

I was really close to getting up to look in the garage to see if my car was still there.


road trip

some kind of adventure

I think I was with my ex and we’ re trying to get away from something.

We turned onto a highway but ended up in a lane that was an exit ramp for a freeway. He would not move over to the right lane. All he had to do was just cross over.

Like any dream wasn’t really sure if we were in the right lane until we saw a huge semi trail headed for us.

Then my dream sort of turns in to an action movie.  I was suddenly with a group. Reminded me of Dirty Harry and A Team. It was late and we wanted to find a place to stay the night.

Not sure if I was still with my ex, I didn’t see him anymore.

A guy in the gang had an idea for me to trick a rich guy to take me home with him and we would all sleep in his mansion.

Using all the used bedrooms.

I got the guy drunk, when we reached the mansion. As soon as he fell asleep I let the gang in. I went back the guy I was originally with.  We all partied and then I had romantic relations with they guy I was with.

But come early, the owner of the mansion woke up looking for me.  We had to scramble out of there in a hurry. It was morning anyway. So we run out of there. We had to climb a ladder up to get out.

As I was trying to get out of there. A dog was following me, it was a pretty German Shepard. It wanted me to play I couldn’t resist. But time was running out.  The man was close behind.

Then come a grizzly bear the bear was his pet too. Then I knew I had to get out of there quick. I didn’t want to play with a bear.

My grabbed me and pulled me out of there just in time, and we were on the road again.

I swear I saw Clint Eastwood or my guy looked like him.

strange place to sleep

I think I was a girl attending a boarding school, I found myself asleep in a sleeping bag in the middle of a grassy field. I was between the school and another building. I was also near a path where I could have been easily run over in the night.

I believe I was part of a school prank.

The way I found out where I was sleeping I suddenly woke up. I thought I slept through the night.

Here I found was only asleep a few hours. I looked up into the sky the sun was still in the sky, but setting or rising. I determined I was looking toward the west, so I had only been asleep a few hours.

The sun was big and red, a real beautiful sight to see.

The other building was known to be a front for a mob gang.

Just before dusk I saw cars pull up to the mob building. I witnessed an ambush shots were fired cars were speeding around. I was scared of getting shot or run over. I was afraid of being caught as a witness too.  So I guess just layed there and hoped they miss me.

car on the tracks!

I was cruisin with my brother in my first car ’77 Cutlass LS. We were discovering parts of the city we never knew about.
We were going through alleys. We saw a military route, a jeep full of GI joes passed by. It was like a secret route to the base just out side of town.
We were cruising a road next to the railroad tracks. My brother wanted to drive. Somehow we end up on the tracks, we approached the apartment where we were living.  My brother was done and wanted to go in.
Leavin the car on the tracks. He said it would be ok no trains come.
So it’s the next day it’s time to in to school. We had to get up early to get the car off the tracks. My brother left the keys in the car!  My brother was taking so long to get ready.
My dad appeared and wanted to give us a ride. Still my brother was taking to much time. I was whining and complaining about being late and my car being in danger of getting crushed.  My dad had a blank face. No concern.
Here I find out my dad was living next door. That could be the reason why he suddenly appeared.
I was trying to put on my shoes to go. There were 2 pairs of the same style and color 1 was my mom’s but I couldn’t get them to fit right but eventally did after I calmed down.
I head with my dad to the car, rain was pouring. We were still waiting for my brother, I was loooking back watching for my brother to come. I hear at train whistle blowing, I start screaming. The car was moving my dad finally was doing something to help me.
(my mom’s size was 18 Yikes!) Don’t know how my mom’s shoes got there. I also believe my sister’s was there too. I usually fit my mom’s shoes too.
It was too late…
The train came barreling in front of the apartment, there were no signs of wreckage on the front of the train.
When we approached the area where my car should be there was burning wreckage in someones yard and the train bridge was gone. The bridge went down because of the explosion, the train made it through before the collapse.
I don’t know where the train bridge came from there never was one for real.
When we finally left the apartment it was 2 o’clock. Way too late for school. The trigger for this is I have a interview at 2 o’clock the next day.
There was no concern for my feelings. No worry from my dad or brother. No sense of urgency from anyone. Yet I had no power to do something for myself  in this dream. Iwas trapped waiting for my brother.
* the trigger for the trapped waiting for something, I am waiting for unemployment issue to be resolved and I am waitng for a new job.
I discovered my dad was living next to us in his own apartment which wasn’t true in real life. When we left for school I saw him go into the apartment next door.
I was so angry in this dream and when I woke up.
I  swear I could hear a train blowing the whistle and coming down the tracks that used to come through town. That track was torn down and made into a trail. This was another trigger for this dream.
*Another trigger in this dream is my frustrations towards my family.

They once acted without regards to my feelings.
I was so angry from this dream I yelled fuck you! when I woke up.
There was still no concern for me after my car was destroyed. I had no car. I was worried about the police. I was wondering if my insurance would replace my car. How would I explain what happened?
It was like don’t worry about a thing, every little thing will be ok and will turn our alright.
Maybe that was God sending a message. 
Don’t worry, and wait for the answers.  
God is taking so long to answer my prayers though!



I was trying to get to work and be a perfect employee.

I was trying to get to work and be a perfect employee. 

First when I arrive I can’t find a parking spot. When I move around to another spot, the spot was gone. I ended up parking way out far away from the building.

When I enter the building I noticed a sign noting mistakes employees make every day, right in front where all the customers could see.
Then when I entered employee area I couldn’t find my time card.
The pin on my name badge broke had to replace that. Went through an ordeal just to get a new pin attached to my badge.
I had to be perfect before start time I would be graded for my uniform, name badge, being on time, parking in the right spot. If I didnt pass all that it would be posted on that board in front.
I went to a sitting area in front.  My family,( not my family in real life).  They brought a dress for me for party after work.
I was holding a baby the baby poohed and squirt poo all over my pants, now I have a soiled uniform.  It was all over the floor too and I didn’t have time to clean it up, I was not clocked in yet.
I am in big trouble! I was afraid to start work but I had no choice and I didn’t have extra uniform with me.
Then it popped into my head that I dont work there any more. I was so relieved I walked out to my car to get away as fast as I could.
I drove through the back area. There was a lot just for bikes. Someone drove over the biked smashed then to pieces. I couldnt drive through without going over the debris.
so I picked up my car to get over the debris and when I was clear of the debris I put it back on the road again. I was merrily off to the party.

a little squirrelly

I was at church and services were over.

As I left I saw one family who was allowing their teenage daughter to drive the family home from church. I couldn’t believe it that the parents were allowing her take the responsibility to drive her siblings home alone.

I was at the church where I grew up. The family is from the church I am now attending. The 2 don’t really belong here.

I was walking home from church. When this girl pulled over where I was walking. I was teasing the older brother in back. He was being very nice to his sister while she was driving. Not acting like a typical teenage brother. I praised him for that.

I moved on. There was a house that I passed. Some squirrels came up to me like dogs do when strangers came around. I was freaked out. I was scared. I know that is not normal.

The owner of the house called to the squirrels to stop and they did.

Then I decided to explore in my dream. I was thinking of where I was in my dream and if really were in my hometown. I went back to the church to check everything out in detail. I come face to face with the sign out in front.

I now realize where I got this from, playing with Google maps street view. I explored my hometown that way, since I can’t go back there for real.

parade for the race

I dreamed there was a race car event coming to town. There was a parade with all the drivers.

One of the drivers stopped to talk to me. I thought we were stopped at a gas station. We were talking, suddenly he was like being lifted up. Here he was in a mini/personal hot air balloon. Here I look around all the other drivers had one too. The balloon was the shape of the race car they were driving. It was like Macy’s parade only smaller balloons.

But the driver did pull off to the side, he wasn’t done talking to me. There was some kind of controversy about this driver. He come back to racing but he looked like a different man. I didn’t know anything about it.

When I was done I hurried to my room to search on the internet to find out what he used to look like.

I had the name of the guy in my head up until I woke up. Martinez or Martino.

ran off with the new car

I dreamed I was at my home that I lived in growing up with my family, the house we had in the country.  But my sister brother and I were teenagers in this dream. We were in elemetary school in this house not old enough to have boyfriends or drive.
My sister had a new boyfriend, he was a car mechanic, and drove a tow truck. I didn’t like him and I didn’t trust him. I had a bad feeling about him.
My parents had just bought a brand new car, with internet access and all that technology. It even came with a cell phone programed with all the necessary phone numbers like the dealership, manufacturer, repair shop, roadside assistane etc.
My parents went to work, my sisters boyfriend showed up with a buddy. He parked the tow truck out back. He convinced my sister it was ok to take the brand new car for spin. He even convinced my brother to come along. Since I was the oldest my parents left me in charge.
I had a really bad feeling, I convinced my sister and brother to get out of the car. The boyfriend would not get out of the car. The boyfriend and buddy took of with the car.
I go into the house to call the police. This were I get stupid in the dream. I can’t remember: the name of the car, the number on the plates, or description. I can’t remember the names of the guys and their description too.
There was one thing that could help, was that phone connected to the car. All would have to do is say my last name, they could come up with the information of the car, I could tell them what happened and they could call the police for us. They could even turn off the car to stop them from getting away.
We couldn’t follow them with their tow truck, no keys and no gas. We were also supposed to be on our way to school  we were actually waiting for the bus before all this happen.
My house looked like a part of a junkyard, in real life the farm behind the house turned into a junkyard and in my dream the junkyard encompassed my house. I think the owner of the junkyard bought the house because he was running out of room.

after the bacon strip road

First part of the dream, I was driving my children to school, to the next town. There were police cars blocking the road just before the town. Instead of stopping to see or ask what was going on or find out if I could get into town. I turned around to head back home.

A portion of the road turned into giant road sized bacon strips, it was like driving on snow. It was bacon for only a mile. But that is not where the police were it bacon was before where the police were.

On my way back home, suddenly my husband was in the car, he was driving. He was mad at me for not dropping of the kids or finding out if I could drop off the kids. I didn’t think of that. I tried to get my husband to turn around so the kids wouldn’t miss school.

But my husband wanted to complete his errand he said he had to get the Piggly Wiggly store first.

But we didn’t end up there. We end up at some historical building. We went in and took a tour. It was strange. We had to follow stairs that go down only, down into the building.

My 2 sons always ran ahead and I would lose track of them. I would get frantic and yell for them to come back and stay with our family. My husband was no help in stopping them either. 

Another problem arose. My mother showed up. I do not get along with my mother in real life. In this dream I was so scared when I saw her and tried to let my husband she was there. Now I had even more reasons to be scared. And to keep my children together with me.

My mother might try to sneak away with my kids.

My husband wasn’t worried, let the boys be boys. While take care of my daughter, she was to little to run off with the boys. I couldn’t run with her.

I lost track of my whole family at level 5. I found a tiny number on the wall among all the historical photos and stories. All the levels looked the same.

I also finally found a phone on the wall. I then realized I could use the speaker function to call my family back together on my level.

Every time I look through a crowd of boys they all looked my kids I couldn’t tell them apart.


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