pet bird

My cat keewee came for a visit in my dream last night. I think she was jealous I had a pet bird in the dream.
I was lying in bed. I had a cage containing 3 parakeets in the bedroom. One was a pretty pink and yellow. This bird was clever and found a way to escape the cage. The bird also liked to be by me. Always flew towards me, so I held out my finger for the bird to land and perch.
All I was worried about was the bird pooping on me.
My cat keewee came in intervals. I was so afraid of the cat catching the bird or sitting on the bird. I tried to grab on to keewee each time she passed over me. Once again I was fighting, trying to find out whether she was just a dream or real. I swear she was there. I felt her fluffy silky fur.
Every time my cat appeared the bird just happened to be back in the cage.

Chaos in my house

I came home to my old home for a visit.  The first thing I did was a load of wash.

The next morning, it was time for my brother and sister to go to school.

A little boy came to the door asking if my brother could come out to play. I said no it’s time for school.

Then the father of the boy came in.  He was looking at the house as if it were for sale. Asking all kinds of questions.

I forgot I saw for sale sign in the front yard. I guess I didn’t want to believe the old house was really going to be sold.

I go upstairs to get dressed. I find I didn’t have any clothes. I run downstairs to the basement to where my clothes should be dried.

I found all these racks and shelves of clothes I believe my mom was selling clothes in rummage sales to make money. None of the clothes were my size,too big, too small, children’s clothes, clothes from when my mom was 300+ lbs, sleeping clothes. And none of my clothes I thought I washed.

I found this green polka-dotted and striped pants and shirt combo with purple waist band. It was cute but as I looked at it longer it was ugly.

Then I go back upstairs, the house was all tore up. Then there was a home office section, that was not there when I grew up.

I was so frustrated with the dream I sat on the couch, my cat tiger jumped in my lap and let me pet her. I really enjoyed that, I fell asleep.

I was actually having trouble sleeping that night. My cat came to my rescue, but just when I had good sleep it was time to get up for work.


My house was all chaos because my mom and dad were splitting up and selling the house. I didn’t want it to happen.


I think I am going back in my dreams to try to stop what happened to my family. We are all split up by their divorce.


Followed tiger

I finally followed my cat in my dream. I got up went outside my bedroom. I discovered the door to my apartment was wide open. I ventured outside, my apartment building turned into a whole new world. I explored many rooms. My apartment building was vacant and looked like one of those abandoned factory buildings as seen in movies.

In one of the rooms I was joined by Sonny and Jason characters in General Hospital. There were valuable items on a table. I do not know what they were really doing. I don’t remember any thing that I did with them.

I wasn’t done exploring. I found stairs leading to an upper room like an attic. It was a huge room too.

When I opened the door the room was full of dwarfs and midgets dressed up like they were ready for a parade. It was like they were locked up to be kept up there. And I let them free when I opened the door.

The whole room was full of party stuff, balloons, streamers, costumes and more. The whole room was decorated too.

I never found my cat tiger throughout the whole dream.


pronounced “tigger”

Was running up and down my bed last night. I was playing along with her.  She snuck outside my room hiding and waiting for me to come so she could pounce on me. 

I creeped one my hands and knees outside of my room. Just around the corner there was the chair that used to be in my home where I grew up. That chair didn’t belong there. That is when I realized it was just a dream.

My bedroom was the current bedroom in my apartment.

When I realized it was just a dream the fun ended and Tiger was gone.

I could feel the fur and feel her wrestle my hand like she always did.

keewee was mad

magic toy dinosaur 

I think keewee was a part of this dream or came in after this dream. I believe she was letting me know I was having too much fun playing with the baby dinosaur in the dream, instead of her.

I know she was kind of pestering me by mewing at me in an annoying way. I know I was calling for her to come back and play too.

Keewee visit

Keewee visted this weekend.

I was so confident that my cat was really living with me this time.

 I also thought I was in my old apartment where my cat did live with me.

chaos in the old house

In this dream I am back in the same house in the previous dream nuclear bomb threat. I had this dream the same night.

I am in the living room and its chaos,toys and things every where. My dad was about to come home. And it was time for bed. I cleaned up everything and arranged things neatly in boxes. Then I brought everything upstairs to store them.

I got ready for bed, I get feel a lump and it attacked me under the sheets. It was my cat Tiger (tigger). Doing her thing to me liked she did so many times before.

My dad had a project going on in the den. He was assembling or restoring old chairs. There were parts and newspapers covering the floor.

We had a basement for that kind of work. His work was taking up space upstairs. But at least he was doing something creative and useful.

I kept seeing my brother playing with chair parts. Pretending he was behind bars with the chair backs.

There was something about a chocolate fest that my school had every year, that wasn’t true. I really had to dig in my brain in the dream to see where this came from. And if it were really true. It might be because I had chocolate mint Klondike ice cream bars before I went to sleep.

I finally got to hold my cat!

I was dreaming I was sleeping. I felt something heavy and move on my neck. It was my cat keewee. She was sleeping on right my neck. She let me hold her too.

When I woke up in the dream, she took off.  She caused some trouble too.  She went outside and played in one of my mother’s flower pots and dug up her favorite flowers. The flower-pot fell over and broke. My mom was angry.


Weird stuff  here: My cat tried to fix it and clean up the mess. Like a child. My mom in this dream was black.  The flower-pot, was my mom’s actual flower-pot that was stolen from our house. The house was not any of the houses I grew up in. the house looked African. But my bedroom looked like my room from my first apartment.

tiger dream

This dream im in my old house with my mom sister and brother. My dad moved out. I was up early in the morning I found chocolate filled pastries I was really enjoying eating them, I could taste the chocolate and feel the filling ooze out.

Then I realized it was time to get ready for school. I went upstairs to wake up brother and sister. I get dressed and go back down to find my brother eating cake on a table in the living room. There was no cake in kitchen when I was there.

I found my mom trying to bake, cakes and pies in the microwave with  huge metal baking sheet.

Most of the cakes and pies were burned.
I dont know how she fit the baking sheet inside but I saw it with my own eyes.
The kitchen was a disaster.
My sister was in the bathroom. I was sitting at the table waiting for my turn.
I really have to go the bathroom baddd! I remembered there was a toilet in the basement so I started to go down.
Everything in the basement was gone and the floor was partially flooded especially where I wanted to go.
I go back upstairs my tiger(pronounced tigger)cat passes by. She completely ignored the chance to go down and play. When I was younger, whenever the door opened tiger always run right down there. Me and tiger played there all the time.
Mom took away all her hide and seek spots she doesn’t even want to look down there any more. I also was gone too long for tiger to remember we used to play down there.

keewee cat dream

I dreamed my cat visited my current apartment we were having fun playing.
Then I started to wonder where I put the litter box where she has been going all this time. There was no box any where, I was so worried where ever she is pooing must be really stinky by now.

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