dream about my cat “keewee”

Dream about my cat “keewee” Fluffy, black and white, female coon cat.

I thought I was awake. I felt my cat run up and down my bed. I caught her on one of her passes.

This dream felt so real, I thought I woke up just to catch her to find out if she was really visiting me.

When I caught her, I felt her claw my hand. It hurt!

That is when I really woke up.

* My favorite and most dear cat visits me in my dreams often.

This felt like “Nightmare on Elm Street”. I thought I was going to reach for and grab her out of my dream.  I was trying to catch her for real this time. My cat never lets me touch her or catch her in my dreams. When I try, she disappears.

I swear I was touching the bed for real. When I woke up I was holding my blanket as if I was holding her. The pain from the clawing was so intense and real. That really scared me! I was shaking when I woke up.

Keewee visits me alot. You will see.

cats and more cats

First I was playing with my own cat.

Then these to stranger cats entered the yard ,they looked identical but one was just a little younger and smaller.

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They joined in the fun, didn’t make a fuss in playing with my cat.

Then I looked in to my neighbors backyard, my  house was on a hill, I could look down into the yard.  I saw all these cats creeping around. It was like looking at one of those “I Spy” books. There were flower pots, little gardens, wood piles and sheds. I could spot a cat here and there.

*Then I went to work I found a Kitty yoga calender  View Image

 and a stuffed toy tiger.Go to fullsize image

was trying to go to church

I was in my hometown, walking to church on a warm, sunny, Sunday morning. I get to church there were all these school buses parked outside the church. They canceled all masses to in down to the capitol for the protests, President Obama was going to be there too. I went inside the church hoping there would be some kind of mass anyway. I run into people who are so excited to go. Some had bottles of booze, whiskey and brandy, drinking them openly.

I really wasn’t planning to go and I didn’t have my family with me, so I went home.

On my way home, this house had pets for sale; I went to check it out. This one pen I observed had a cat, next to it 2 crabs in a pen. The crabs got out and play fight with the cat, they fight all the time said the seller. I wanted to get my kids to see the cat and crabs fighting and pick out a pet.

I get home my husband says Chuck’s Auto called my car is leaking oil, they want to  finish fixing it.

“I say who da heck and where Chuck’s Auto.” I had never been there with my car. My car was still in the drive way. My husband described to me where Chuck’s is. I have still have no clue, my husband insists I go but I still don’t know where I’m going and why.


I was dreaming of the house I grew up in. It was like long after Christmas.   The Christmas tree was still up.  Family members were camped out on the living room floor for a sleepover. Like a party for the Super Bowl game.

I noticed my cat Tiger was staring and growling at something in the corner of the ceiling.  It was a big spider coming down a web.  I was freaking out about that.  I went for a closer look and brushed against the Christmas tree. There was a big spider web and the web like jumped onto my clothes with a spider on it.  I run into  the kitchen where I run into another spider web.   I run to get away, trying to get to my bedroom, without running over the guys laying on the floor.

One of the guys (a handsome black guy) helped me calm down and get the spider webs off my clothes. He whispered in my ears, I ‘ll visit you later and kissed me on the neck.

the cat I have been trying to catch

I felt something walking on my chest. It was my cat, the cat that has been visiting me in my dreams. I reached out to grab her. I had her in my arms but she wriggled free. I tried really hard to wake up before she run away. I had a lump of blankets in my arms.

woke up in a store again


I was with my cat tigger. I was allowed to stay in a gift store. We were sleeping overnight in the store. There were figurines, statues, cuckoo clocks, and more. It was a magical store. Everything was going ok until my cat woke up in the early morning. Things were moving that was attracting her attention she was getting ready to pounce and play. One of the store owners came out to stop the cat.


The girl was dressed in a princess costume. She was getting the store ready to open and chased my cat away from playing with stuff.  Then the father came, he made some me the items in the store. He could fix the clocks too I was observing a Christmas clock. I watched Santa fall apart and described what happened to the clock to the man. The man was dressed like Santa in the workshop The clock had moving parts Santa fell apart with each movement.  

*I might have been staying at the store because I was offered a job there.

“I’m Home!”

I came home from a trip.
The home I entered was not a home I have seen before in a dream but it was my home.
I found out I didn’t lock the door.
My tiger cat was so happy to see me. When my tiger cat is happy I come  home, she used to do surprise attacks.
*My tiger cat and I had a “Calvin and Hobbes relationship”. *Hobbes always like to surprise Calvin while Calvin says “I’m Home!” and Hobbes does his famous pounce.  
She was doing surprise pounces to me throughout the house, until I finally played with her.
* Later that morning I discovered my real front door wasnt locked all night long.  I really like the house  I was in and it was my house! Wonder what that means?

one of those dreams that get too weird

Now my other cat started to visit me. My tiger striped cat, I played with throughout high school. We were best pals.

*I was dreaming I was sleeping. My hand was hanging out and my cat was playfully attacking my hand. I woke up to play with her. But I had to try to be quiet, because my family was sleeping in the other bedrooms.

My cat started to meow too much.  I thought she might be hungry. I didn’t have cat food.

*This is where reality set in. In real life I don’t have a cat. I don’t really need to have cat food in the house. In my dream I was also living in an apartment where cats were not allowed.

I did get up to find some cereal and milk. That was a close to cat food I could find.

Later on I was dreaming my family was awake and in the living room. Somehow the apartment turned into an older house. With a separate living quarters upstairs.

I was playing with my cat some more. The living room was becoming a mess. Then there were eggs broken all over the floor. I don’t know how or who was throwing eggs.

*Trying to clean up the mess was becoming impossible. The mess kept getting bigger and bigger. Someone was using too much water. The floor suddenly became flooded with water.

There was some noise coming from the upstairs. There was supposed to be nobody up there. I went out into the hallway, to go up the stairs leading to upper level.  Just before I reached the top of the stairs…..

The door opened all by itself and there was nobody there…

I was frozen in fear. I tried to get back down the stairs. What ever was up there was making it hard for me to get back down the stairs.  After much struggling to get back down the stairs, I finally ran back to the lower level into the living room to tell every one what just had happened.

Dream ended there, when the alarm clock went of.

That is what imaginary friends can do.

My house had a deck patio running out to the edge of a river. There was rain storm that caused the river to rise. I stepped out of the house to check out the river, my cat sneaked out of the door. I was scared for her I didn’t want her to get swept away by the water.

The water came just to the edge of the deck. I saw dead cats floating by. I was suddenly afraid one of those cats was my own cat.

Then I saw schools of fish swimming by. Then there was this huge shadow coming towards the deck. It swam under the deck and popped up, scared the crap out of me.

Looked like an alligator to me at first.

 The animal knew me and talked to me. He was my imaginary friend when I was a child. “Hey Jodi where have you been, why don’t you visit any more?”He was a dragon at first, then became a big bear like Baloo in Junglebook.  That is what imaginary friends can do. Change into anything you want them to.

He assumed the position for a back scratch, said he wasn’t leaving until he got a good scratching like he used to get whenever I visited him.

another cat visit

Then I was on the toilet, my cat creeped into the bathroom and did a surprise attack. Then she played with an empty toilet paper roll,then loose paper on the roll I was about to use. I was too busy on the toilet to play with her.

One of her smart moves to keep me from chasing or grabbing her.

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