the pastor is waiting

In this dream I was at church.
The pastor was preaching and I wasn’t paying attention.
I was doodling on a piece of paper.
The sermon stopped.
 I looked up there was the pastor standing over me like a teacher catching a student cheating.
He was waiting for me to stop and pay attention before he would continue with service.

malfunction, malfunction

This dream is a crazy dream, about something that went wrong at work.

I don’t really work here. It was about a machine that went wrong. It was a huge robotic machine. It assembled something from start to finish. It only required maintainance. Like programming, refilling nuts and bolts, oiling, or removing jammed objects.

Well the machine started to act up and do things on it’s own. It was trying to pound something in with a big arm.

It went crazy!

The machine was pounding so hard and kept pounding, it started to fall apart and parts were flying. One girl that was a mechanic tried to get in there to the control panel to stop the machine.

And she did even when the machine was hopping around and parts were flying. The machine even tried to stop her.

The work area was destroyed. We were rescued from the plant through a window.

The machine had a part that reached outside that was rambling on and on,

“Must complete the order, production aborted, malfunction, malfunction.”

Here come the strangest part. I was walking away from the plant with Joseph Prince, with his arm on me as we were walking, comforting me. I don’t know where he came from. He must have been there praying for us. I felt amazing comfort, so much peace and relief. I wanted to cry. Makes me wonder did he really reach out to me spiritually at that moment? I wonder if he saw that I pinned him on Pinterest? I haven’t watched Joesph Prince for awhile.

Andre the Giant carried me off

I was at church at a youth service. I was sitting among the children. Service was done I stayed to pray. Being among the children made me sad. reminded me me my children. I cried, I really cried! My face and pillow was wet. There was a group that also stayed to pray. There was music but the choir was gone and the other people were not singing. It was the song How Great Thou Art. I thought the music came from Heaven.

When I left the church I found myself in a strange city. I don’t know the city but it was the church I always go to. I go to I explore the city. There were 200 year old historic buildings. I went into a huge old factory it was turned into an expo center. There was a tour bus and rv camper show in one part and a collectable show in the other. I saw a baseball team. There was so much going on I didn’t get to see it all.

 I got in trouble for putting a scratch on an antique.

Then this huge guy looked like Andre the Giant, he picked me up and yelled at me for calling him ugly. He carried me like a doll and he took me to his camper. He was about to kiss me. I fell asleep in the  dream and moved on to something else.


The dream I had about my husband, seemed like a reception for a funeral. There were a group of Nigerians greeting and comforting me in a church entrance.

I began to think in my dream; did my husband die in the accident too? Is that why he isn’t living with me or stopped writing me?

I cried in the dream, my pillow and face was wet.

For real

Late in the evening I received a call; a woman had information about my husband. My heart was pounding, maybe my dream was right. My husband died.

It was a message to let my know what happened to him, it was a good thing that happened! I was so relieved!

The Nigerians; my husband is Nigerian

military converting of the world planned

I was dreaming I was at my school. I knew where there was an old abandoned part of the school, that was closed off. I thought was closed off. I went to find the antique library, I found other people had discovered it and were using it. There were students doing homework and reading.

Then I went exploring, then the place was starting to look like a cathedral. I found an gift shop full of religious items. I found these pictures that were , 3D, and people could change the picture whenever they wanted. The shop was full of them.

Then explored some more. I thought I found what was a confessional booth. I always wanted to go inside but was too afraid to. Since no one was around I did it.

It wasn’t a confessional, it was an entrance to a bigger room. I found myself in a mega sized worship room, full of worshippers, a huge choir, and I was right in front of everyone. Nobody paid attention to me, there was too much singing and preaching going on. I just played along and  blended in.

The preacher was dressed in a green military uniform, he called himself soldier for Jesus. The worshippers were also dressed in military uniforms, they were his army. They were getting ready to conquer the world, to convert everyone to believe in Jesus.

I found their secret meeting place. Everyone was suspicious of the preacher, he was also a candidate for US president.

I left the building to tell the world what I found out. When I got outside I found myself nowhere near my home. I wasn’t sure  how to get home from where I was.

as I traveled to find my way home, came across a field, it was the preacher’s military compound and there were military training exercises taking place, with tanks, guns, helicopters,etc.

I was being chased by a soldier MP; just as he was about to catch me, the alarm went off. Saved by the bell!

The library was like an old college library. The fake confessional was ornate with gold curtains. The choir was huge.

The preacher was a skinny short black guy. He didn’t look or act like Obama.

 More like Mr. Jefferson.


I was attending a church service. It was a celebration service, where a man was going to be installed as a pastor.

I saw some behind the scenes things. I went to a room behind the altar, I found what appeared to be a glowing portal to God.

But I had a bad feeling about it. It wasn’t God.

Then just when the man was about to be presented as pastor, a red flaming scroll appeared and unrolled above his head. 

I was so shocked in this dream of the things I saw in this dream.

Nothing really bad happened.

I think I saw what I believed to be true about the pastor that was presiding over the ceremony, it was his church. That he was not true to God, as he seemed to be.I believe the scroll was a sign that the newly installed pastor was genuine.

something different at church

I went to church, it was not my usual time I go to church. It was a children’s service.

To my surprise the church was rearranged. The altar was like closer and in the middle of the pews.

The front pews were reserved for all the children. 

The church was full of people. I couldn’t find a place to sit. I found a place right behind the children’s section. I felt a little strange being surrounded by children. I think I was the only adult. I was conscious of being stared at like some kids do.

The service was more like a music video, lots of singing and dancing. 

And at the end of the service, the people were led by the children singing and dancing to a reception area. The hall way started out wide and then narrowed at the end. Looked like we were not going to fit through.

I really think they were producing a Christian music video. And making church service kid friendly.

priest got sick, my friend had a baby

I was in church, waiting in for service to start. People were still filing in.

I noticed my best friend from high school was sitting with her husband across the aisle. My friend was holding a newborn baby.  My friends husband was really hefty in size. My friend just had gray hair but looked the same as she always did.

I was thinking that was her baby. I see no young mother near her. She was too old to have a baby. I remember her telling me she couldn’t have no more. But maybe some magic happened.

The service started, when I looked up to the altar. The altar was suddenly dark and the priest was gone.

Someone said the priest became ill.

We were all waiting to see what would happen next. Like another priest would come in and complete the service.

A group of women came in to announce there were bible study groups downstairs if anyone was interested.

I saw my friend carry the baby up to the altar and sit down in the priest’s chair. I think she was expecting the baby to be baptized at this service.

I was still sitting waiting to see what would happen next.

I found some other old classmates from high school, and mentioned to them I was surprised to see my friend at the church. My friends didn’t see the problem. I said, don’t you remember she was Lutheran. Remember at  her wedding her church wouldn’t allow our Catholic friend sing at her wedding. They said maybe she converted.

Then there happened to be another priest who happened to be attending one of the bible study groups.

The candles were relit for service. But one of the candle arrangements was in a weird place, in the middle of the aisle, where people had to walk around it. Which could be dangerous. Especially the priest robe getting too close.

I guess the baby was baptized. I don’t remember the service. Just going down to attend the reception of the baptism. Where the basement had many rooms I had to search them all.

For some reason I did not feel comfortable reaching out to my old high school friend. I felt too many years went by without contact. I thought I would wait for her to reach out to me. I stayed in the background watching my friend and her special moment with her baby.


Was in church for a special ceremony for our bodies to be transformed. Maybe it was being filled with the holy spirit. I was waiting and waiting for something to happen.

There was a large procession of servers and the priest carrying candles. The first candle was red.  The priest carried the big Easter candle.

Meaning I don’t know what.

Nothing really happened. I didn’t see anything.

After the ceremonY. I stayed later to pray.

I watched children’s catechism classes being held in the church and training to be servers for the church.  Some were misbehaving. I yelled out NO! GOD IS WATCHING!

Then I was walking home from church, to my old house I grew up in.

What is funny about my church dreams, I always dream of the church I grew up in, no matter where I am.

a little squirrelly

I was at church and services were over.

As I left I saw one family who was allowing their teenage daughter to drive the family home from church. I couldn’t believe it that the parents were allowing her take the responsibility to drive her siblings home alone.

I was at the church where I grew up. The family is from the church I am now attending. The 2 don’t really belong here.

I was walking home from church. When this girl pulled over where I was walking. I was teasing the older brother in back. He was being very nice to his sister while she was driving. Not acting like a typical teenage brother. I praised him for that.

I moved on. There was a house that I passed. Some squirrels came up to me like dogs do when strangers came around. I was freaked out. I was scared. I know that is not normal.

The owner of the house called to the squirrels to stop and they did.

Then I decided to explore in my dream. I was thinking of where I was in my dream and if really were in my hometown. I went back to the church to check everything out in detail. I come face to face with the sign out in front.

I now realize where I got this from, playing with Google maps street view. I explored my hometown that way, since I can’t go back there for real.

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