nice ass

This is funny and sort of x rated.

I had a dream about a guy I see every day.  He is very nice, handsome, and charming. He is a career counselor and very professional.

In this dream I saw I whole different side of him.

He came up to the computer I was using and took of his pants and underwear to show me his bare butt.

I don’t remember the conversation before that..So I don’t know how we got to that point. He was like showing off his ass or making me kiss it.

Nice ass!

I was curious to see what the front looked like since he was bearing all. My dream did not let me go there.

I think I was afraid to be disappointed or I might not be able to look at this guy the same way. Even though it was just a dream.

I felt something in my hand, I thought it was something of my own belongings. It was his crumpled up underwear. I was afraid to discover what his underwear really looked like. He made me hold his underwear ewww!

In a later dream I tried to tell his co-workers about the dream I had about him. I guess I revealed a secret crush. Maybe he is getting ready to bear all he can to help me succeed.


Something freaky

The guy in this dream has a new tatoo and is showing it off. He hasn’t shown it to me yet. Is he really going to go all the way?

I am so afraid to ask to see it!

where am I supposed to go

This is stupid.

This dream took place in the old apartment where my husband and I started out in.

He brought my job home to me. He brought a gaylord of metal parts that had to be inspected.

The rest of dream I wondered how the heck did he get this heavy gaylord of metal parts up to our second floor apartment. I was looking around to see if there was something about the apartment I didn’t know about.

I know there was no elevator. No crane could get that over the balcony.

As I looked around our unit. I could not find the bathroom. What was the bathroom, looked like an overfilled closet. And there was just a hole in the floor.

I said to my husband what about us girls? Where am I supposed to pee? He was the one that made the changes.

I did have to go to the bathroom.

parts of my life being played out like little movies

I still remember one dream from when I was younger. 

I was walking on mountain side road, it was icy cold. I was in my night gown and barefoot. I could not really feel the cold or the ice.

I was accompanied by an old black man, he turned out to be a magic wiseman, he had a diamond pierce on his nose.

He made me look into the diamond, there was a flash of light. Then he turned me to look over the mountain side. There I saw parts of my life being played out like little movies.

The old man explained to me why things happened the way they did.

Then the man sensed I was hungry


a big black woman with pots and pans appeared. The man ordered her to prepare whatever I wished. I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted. Buttery fluffy pancakes or giant shrimp.

I could not really feel the cold or the ice even though all I had on was just a summer night gown. Ifelt naked. I was under the protection of the old man’s powers.

military converting of the world planned

I was dreaming I was at my school. I knew where there was an old abandoned part of the school, that was closed off. I thought was closed off. I went to find the antique library, I found other people had discovered it and were using it. There were students doing homework and reading.

Then I went exploring, then the place was starting to look like a cathedral. I found an gift shop full of religious items. I found these pictures that were , 3D, and people could change the picture whenever they wanted. The shop was full of them.

Then explored some more. I thought I found what was a confessional booth. I always wanted to go inside but was too afraid to. Since no one was around I did it.

It wasn’t a confessional, it was an entrance to a bigger room. I found myself in a mega sized worship room, full of worshippers, a huge choir, and I was right in front of everyone. Nobody paid attention to me, there was too much singing and preaching going on. I just played along and  blended in.

The preacher was dressed in a green military uniform, he called himself soldier for Jesus. The worshippers were also dressed in military uniforms, they were his army. They were getting ready to conquer the world, to convert everyone to believe in Jesus.

I found their secret meeting place. Everyone was suspicious of the preacher, he was also a candidate for US president.

I left the building to tell the world what I found out. When I got outside I found myself nowhere near my home. I wasn’t sure  how to get home from where I was.

as I traveled to find my way home, came across a field, it was the preacher’s military compound and there were military training exercises taking place, with tanks, guns, helicopters,etc.

I was being chased by a soldier MP; just as he was about to catch me, the alarm went off. Saved by the bell!

The library was like an old college library. The fake confessional was ornate with gold curtains. The choir was huge.

The preacher was a skinny short black guy. He didn’t look or act like Obama.

 More like Mr. Jefferson.

Chaos in my house

I came home to my old home for a visit.  The first thing I did was a load of wash.

The next morning, it was time for my brother and sister to go to school.

A little boy came to the door asking if my brother could come out to play. I said no it’s time for school.

Then the father of the boy came in.  He was looking at the house as if it were for sale. Asking all kinds of questions.

I forgot I saw for sale sign in the front yard. I guess I didn’t want to believe the old house was really going to be sold.

I go upstairs to get dressed. I find I didn’t have any clothes. I run downstairs to the basement to where my clothes should be dried.

I found all these racks and shelves of clothes I believe my mom was selling clothes in rummage sales to make money. None of the clothes were my size,too big, too small, children’s clothes, clothes from when my mom was 300+ lbs, sleeping clothes. And none of my clothes I thought I washed.

I found this green polka-dotted and striped pants and shirt combo with purple waist band. It was cute but as I looked at it longer it was ugly.

Then I go back upstairs, the house was all tore up. Then there was a home office section, that was not there when I grew up.

I was so frustrated with the dream I sat on the couch, my cat tiger jumped in my lap and let me pet her. I really enjoyed that, I fell asleep.

I was actually having trouble sleeping that night. My cat came to my rescue, but just when I had good sleep it was time to get up for work.


My house was all chaos because my mom and dad were splitting up and selling the house. I didn’t want it to happen.


I think I am going back in my dreams to try to stop what happened to my family. We are all split up by their divorce.


I guess I had the baby

I had a newborn baby. I was trying to get ready for work and drop the baby off at daycare or preschool.

I was a scatterbrain. I acted as if I never had a baby before. (I had 3 children in 3 years)

I could not find clothes for the baby. I didn’t have a diaper bag ready to go. No bottles ready.

I dressed the baby in just pants no diaper thinking that was ok..

I happened to find all the baby clothes I saved from my other children.

It was getting really late, too late to drop the baby off at day care and too late go to work.

But I had to go to school anyway. I was called by the school because, one of my other children needed attention.

Someone took my baby from me. Thinking I was dropping off the baby at the daycare.

I ran to the store to get the things I needed for the baby. I come out of the store, the car was gone.

I gave up on this bad dream, woke up to get out this mess.


I was with a guy who knew where my kids were, I was following him. He was going to lead me to my kids.

But I feel like I knew this guy as a friend and part of the family.

We were at like at community art center. There was a large wading pool surrounding the center. I was playing with my kids and this man in the water, until sunset.

I saw a robin sitting at the edge of the pool. Singing his night song as the sun went down. The community center shut down the wading pool for the day.

The guy’s name was Kelly. He took off with my kids to go inside the center for the rest of the activities for that night.

I had to follow his exact moves to keep up with him and my kids. Then come this high railing he stepped over. I couldn’t do it I was too short. That is where I lost track of him and my children.

I had to find my own way into the building. I found myself crawling in and on a ledge. It was like an edge to sit on. It wasn’t high off the ground. I don’t know why I was crawling on it.

As I was crawling I saw letters that individuals had created out of clay or other materials. They were like art project done together as families. Each letter was a different material, color, thickness, and styles. I remarked to myself how unique was each letter because each person who created them was unique.

I made it to a reception area where people were mingling, dancing, and having refreshments.

There was a group of young black men all dressed fine for a party.

I did not know them at first and ignored them. They were trying to get my attention. They were talking to me but I kept ignoring them.

Until they said a word that broke the code. I guess they were part of a team that were trying to help me get to my kids.

One of the men approached me, he was born without an eye, and there was just a space there where an eye should be.

He said what happened to Kelly. I said I lost him.

They rushed me outside.

I found myself in a SUV with 2 men. I guess the group of black men took over to search for the man and my children.

Later, I found myself in the backseat, sitting in the arms of a man who looked like and sounded like a young Michael J. Fox. He is a cool actor, but I never found him attractive. But he was making some moves on me.

The other guy was gone.

Just when I he was starting to kiss me and undress me.  When I tried to get away, I get a cramp in my leg.

For real, I had a real painful cramp and had to wake up to get the cramp to go away. It was actually time to get up for work anyway. But I sure would like to know what was going to happen next if I was going to find my children.

the dorm

I woke up in the dream, to an incident. I found myself in my old dorm room where I once went to school.

My roommates were fighting. One of my roommates’s had a child living with her.  The other roommate kicked out the other, made her pack up and leave.

I thought it was wrong and was concerned for the girl and her child.

I was trying to call 911. I was having trouble with that. I was punching in the numbers backwards. When I finally figured out how to solve that problem, then I had to describe what just happened and try describing where they could be found. The words would not come out right.

I finally got out of bed. The dorm leader was in the room. I had to explain what happened.

The dorm leader said is a Russian student population now. She gave me something to help me translate; learn some Russian, to learn to communicate with them.

 Then I realized I had not been doing my daily chores. I had to clean the bathrooms. I had to get it done before classes started.

I am walking around to familiarize myself with all the rooms and where all the bathrooms are.

I walk into this big room, it’s like a really old library, part media room, reading, study room. There were old tabletop stereo record players, reel to reel tape players and movie projectors  from the ‘70s Refurbished, students could borrow them for personal use in dorm rooms. Many more cool toys too.

The room was full of student desks and sofas too.

Then I found out my dorm was co-ed. Guys and girls were coming in for a class.

I was still walking around in my in sleeping clothes.  I still didn’t do my chores.

I walked into another room, it was a classroom full of black students. I sit down to talk for little while.

One girl looked like she was drinking soda. She poured something in it, said this will make my soda more healthy. It smelled like medicine. She was laughing like she knew she was doing something wrong, like adding liquor to her soda. Or a drug.

I feel am new to the place in this dream, yet I feel like a returning student. I have been here many times in other dreams

fine jewelry show

I am in a hotel with my kids and husband. Looks like I brought every freaking toy along. I am trying to clean up the room. It was early in the morning, nobody was awake yet.

I am trying to pack up, because its our last day.

But this lady burst into our room. You can’t go yet, today is the fine jewelry show, throughout the whole town!”

Didn’t get to see what a fine jewelry show was, the dream quit or shifted to something else I can’t remember.

brother staying home from school

Was getting ready for school.

 My brother suddenly becomes sick. He gets the royal treatment from mom. He even gets to sleep in a king size bed. That dont belong that was never in my house.

I raise up an issue it was the 4th time in one month my brother became ill just before school.

I noticed my parents were getting ready to in to work even when my brother was home from school I raise the issue, why are they leaving for work? No answer they just kept going.

I’m thinking that is strange. Maybe that is why my brother was staying home. He was getting pampered by mom and left home alone to do whatever he wants. I was arguing with my parents not to go and send him to school.

All the while I was trying to get dressed was down to putting my socks on. I was having issues with my socks first they were too small, then too big, then too stretched out.

By the time I was really ready for school it was already 10 o clock I gave up on going. Was no point in going so late.

Socks were a cool, bright shade of pink.

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