My dream predicted the Packers losing the playoff game.

My dream predicted the Packers losing the playoff game.

I was at a party I looked at the score, 43 Giants 29 Packers. The dream wouldn’t let me see the score correctly. So I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I could feel major frustration and disappointment of the people in the room

I woke up with a bad feeling about the game.

My dream was close the score in the dream was 14 points difference and, actual game 17 points. It was a frustrating and disappointing game. ūüė¶

I did predict Brett Favre’s doom in his last super bowl game, see here

My tweet January 14, after the dream @jodinesplace. Fans get ready for a surprise Giant defeat. I had a dream and never been wrong. It’s going to be high score and major disappointment.


the toilet

I was visiting my mom in her apartment.

My dad was visiting. My dad took a shower. My dad doesn’t live here, why would he be taking a shower here?

I had to use the bathroom really really bad. I had to wait until my dad was done.

When my dad was finally done. I walk into the bathroom, the toilet was in pieces. My dad left the toilet like that and didn’t say anything or try to fix it. People need to use the toilet! Why was he¬†being so insensitive? ¬†He just left it that way!

I did not know a toilet could  be taken apart like that. The bowl was on the floor.

I couldn’t and didn’t have time to fix the toilet. I couldn’t wait¬†for someone to fix it, I really really had to go to the bathroom!

so I put my butt over the edge of the shower to pee.  There was no other way.

on the job again

In this dream I am back at my old job making wallets.The girl at the front is gluing every piece of leather in the box. I could not stop her. She would not listen.

We were supposed to be making cute little clutches. I was holding the samples for the others to see, maybe she would stop and think.

But the girl up front would not quit and listen to my directions.

We were supposed to do one step at a time according to the directions.

I was stuck with all these glued leather parts and no where to put them.

I had to explain what happened to the supervisor.

I got out of the dream just before the supervisor arrived.


I had this dream, because I didn’t get the job I wanted at leather shoe company.

riding my bike in the middle of the night

In this dream I was riding my bike to work at night. And it was my normal routine for a long time according to this dream.

I was feeling good about it and having fun riding my bike to work.

I guess was starting to really think in this dream. Was this normal to ride to work in the dark in the middle of the night? Was this safe? It was actually a long ride to work in the dark.

That’s when things started to go wrong.

I was on my way to work. I noticed the rear tire had huge chunk missing and it was just hanging together by a thread.

I needed a quick fix so I could get to work on time and then fix the tire completely at work, on break.

Stores were closed on my way to work, after work the stores would be open.

I ventured downtown. I found construction crews all over. They were installing hi tech, lights and signs, updating the downtown for some big event coming up.

I snatched a roll of duct tape to fix up my bike tire.

When I started on my way to work again my bike fell apart again. This time it was the handle bars came off and the brake handles broke.

I tried to fix it,  I realized I was too late for work so I just gave up. And I was glad I was only dreaming. I don’t have a job now anyway.

9/11 Dreams

Long before 9/11¬† I had these dreams…

I used to have dreams ever since Desert Storm. Ever since I heard some threat that Sadam or some other leader was going to attack us when we least expect it.

I dreamed of planes crashing into buildings. I don’t know if¬† that was a prediction dream. How would I explain what I saw in my dreams without getting pegged crazy?

This one particular dream.

I dreamed I was attending 4th of July parade, it was an annual thing for WWII planes to fly over the parade. I dreamed the planes flew over but crashed into buildings. We all thought it was all an accident when it was just one plane but it was all the planes. Then the crowd watching the parade realized it was an attack. We run for cover.

After this dream I thought WOW! Using our own antique planes to attack us. No one would suspect anyone who wants to buy an antique plane to use as a terrorist attack.

And this sort thing was being planned.

After 9/11

I had a dream where I think I was someone trapped under that rumble who gave up on being found. She closed her eyes and drew her last breath and let go.

car on the tracks!

I was cruisin with my brother in my first car ’77 Cutlass¬†LS. We were discovering parts of the city we never knew about.
We were going through alleys. We saw a military route, a jeep full of GI joes passed by. It was like a secret route to the base just out side of town.
We were cruising a road next to the railroad tracks. My brother wanted to drive. Somehow we end up on the tracks, we approached the apartment where we were living.  My brother was done and wanted to go in.
Leavin the car on the tracks. He said it would be ok no trains come.
So it’s the next day it’s time to in to school. We had to get up early to get the car off the tracks. My brother left the keys in the car!¬† My brother was taking so long to get ready.
My dad appeared and wanted to give us a ride. Still my brother was taking to much time. I was whining and complaining about being late and my car being in danger of getting crushed.  My dad had a blank face. No concern.
Here I find out my dad was living next door. That could be the reason why he suddenly appeared.
I was trying to put on my shoes to go. There were 2 pairs of the same style and color 1 was my mom’s but¬†I couldn’t get them to fit right but eventally did after I calmed down.
I head with my dad to the car, rain was pouring. We were still waiting for my brother, I was loooking back watching for my brother to come. I hear at train whistle blowing, I start screaming. The car was moving my dad finally was doing something to help me.
(my mom’s size was 18 Yikes!) Don’t know how my mom’s shoes got there. I also believe my sister’s was there too. I usually fit my mom’s shoes too.
It was too late…
The train came barreling in front of the apartment, there were no signs of wreckage on the front of the train.
When we approached the area where my car should be there was burning wreckage in someones yard and the train bridge was gone. The bridge went down because of the explosion, the train made it through before the collapse.
I don’t know where the train bridge came from there never was one for real.
When we finally left the apartment it was 2 o’clock. Way too late for school. The trigger for this is I have a interview at 2 o’clock the next day.
There was no concern for my feelings. No worry from my dad or brother. No sense of urgency from anyone. Yet I had no power to do something for myself  in this dream. Iwas trapped waiting for my brother.
* the trigger for the trapped waiting for something, I am waiting for unemployment issue to be resolved and I am waitng for a new job.
I discovered my dad was living next to us in his own apartment which wasn’t true in real life. When we left for school I saw him go¬†into¬†the apartment next door.
I was so angry in this dream and when I woke up.
I  swear I could hear a train blowing the whistle and coming down the tracks that used to come through town. That track was torn down and made into a trail. This was another trigger for this dream.
*Another trigger in this dream is my frustrations towards my family.

They once acted without regards to my feelings.
I was so angry from this dream I yelled fuck you! when I woke up.
There was still no concern for me after my car was destroyed. I had no car. I was worried about the police. I was wondering if my insurance would replace my car. How would I explain what happened?
It was like don’t worry about a thing, every little thing will be ok and will turn our alright.
Maybe that was God sending a message. 
Don’t worry, and wait for¬†the answers.¬†¬†
God is taking so long to answer my prayers though!



I was trying to get to work and be a perfect employee.

I was trying to get to work and be a perfect employee. 

First when¬†I arrive¬†I can’t find a parking spot. When I move around to another spot, the spot was gone.¬†I ended up parking way out far away from the building.

When I enter the building I noticed a sign noting mistakes employees make every day, right in front where all the customers could see.
Then when¬†I entered employee area¬†I couldn’t find my time card.
The pin on my name badge broke had to replace that. Went through an ordeal just to get a new pin attached to my badge.
I had to be perfect before start time I would be graded for my uniform, name badge, being on time, parking in the right spot. If I didnt pass all that it would be posted on that board in front.
I went to a sitting area in front.  My family,( not my family in real life).  They brought a dress for me for party after work.
I was holding a baby the baby poohed and squirt poo all over my pants, now I have a soiled uniform.¬† It was all over the floor too and I didn’t have time to clean it up, I was not clocked in yet.
I am in big trouble! I was afraid to start work but I had no choice and I didn’t have extra uniform with me.
Then it popped into my head that I dont work there any more. I was so relieved I walked out to my car to get away as fast as I could.
I drove through the back area. There was a lot just for bikes. Someone drove over the biked smashed then to pieces. I couldnt drive through without going over the debris.
so I picked up my car to get over the debris and when I was clear of the debris I put it back on the road again. I was merrily off to the party.

momma lays on the baby/update

I was visiting a town that was having a citywide festival. I think I was visiting my dad too. Or my dad was my ride.

I was downtown listening to a group of ex-con converted to the Christian faith they were singing gospel music. They were also telling their stories of how God changed their lives.

When the show was over it was time to go back to my dad’s relative’s house. I think one of the group a girl was my dad’s relative.¬† I don’t know her.¬†

The house was a mess.

She had a baby daughter. She said her daughter had a condition where her bones would break.

I watched her take care of the baby. She placed the baby what looked like a hard surfaced bed and strapped the baby to the bed. Then the mother said it was ok to lay on top of the baby to help the baby sleep. 

I wanted to get out of that house really bad, but I had to wait for my dad to come. I search for my phone I found it broken into pieces. I couldn’t remember my dad’s number.

I run downstairs to tell somone that the girl is laying on the baby. The next thing the girl is gone with the baby.

that’s where it ended.


Take a look at this, soon after I had this dream.


I was on the job, it was¬†the end¬†of shift. All the machines were broken down, there were screws all over the floor.¬† The machines needed to be fixed. The alarm went of guess who was the first to run out. The supervisor and the maintinence man who were responsible for fixing the machine.¬† There we were left with no one to fix the machines and we couldn’t work.

I also had a dream within this dream,¬† I dreamed before¬†I woke up to go to work at this job. I dreamed who the new girls were going to be. ¬†Some where my classmates from my high school. I couldn’t remember one of the girls names. I could see her face but no name came. I told the girls about my dream. I was so¬† right and freaking out.

2 dreams might be about Japan

There are 2 dreams I had that might be about what has happened in Japan.

One of the reports from Japan the people were being grouped by villages in the shelters, this sort of took place in my dream people were being organized alphabetically and it was like a pre nuclear disaster evacuation.

The 2nd was an earthquake disaster in an Asian country, it felt like China, but seeing the disaster in Japan, looks like the disaster I saw in my dreams

These dreams look a lot like Japan to me.

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