cheesecake filled

I dreamed I was working in a bakery. We had a huge orders of cheesecakes, sheet cake and regular round cakes.

The sheet cakes were blueberry, key lime pie and lemon. The round cakes were 2 layer carrot cheesecakes. The whole kitchen was filled with cheesecakes.

I didn’t get to taste any cheesecake. But this one lady was taking one home. I was wondering how did she rate, how did she pull that off?

When I woke up I was so hungry and had the taste of cheesecake in my mouth. That creamy tasty cheesecake. I am still thinking about it now.

lunch line

I was dreaming I was at work making wallets. I was helping a guy sew. I don’t know why I was helping because there wasn’t really anything to do.

Something happened to the guy, his face turned red. He told me to take a piece of paper stating his condition, to the nurse and the nurse would know what to do.

I found myself in that building I go ’round and ’round in.

This time, I found a huge kitchen, bakery, butcher shop and dinning area. I watched the workers prepare foods and meats to sell and eat. I kept coming upon this area but it was not my turn for break.

Finally, It was break time; it was my turn to go through the lunch line. There was every kind of food imaginable.

Just when it was my turn, they run out of huge dinner plates. There were only small plates. That ruined my plans to fill my plate. There was so much to choose from and I wanted to try something of everything.

I found the food place because I couldn’t remember how to get to the nurse’s office. I was going ’round and ’round.

One of my rounds I encountered a high steep ramp, it would have led me right to the nurses office but there was no way to climb that steep ramp. I don’t think anyone could.

I found out what the ramp was for, that was how supplies were delivered to the floor I was on. I stood and watched a cart full of supplies come down the ramp and pass by.

parts of my life being played out like little movies

I still remember one dream from when I was younger. 

I was walking on mountain side road, it was icy cold. I was in my night gown and barefoot. I could not really feel the cold or the ice.

I was accompanied by an old black man, he turned out to be a magic wiseman, he had a diamond pierce on his nose.

He made me look into the diamond, there was a flash of light. Then he turned me to look over the mountain side. There I saw parts of my life being played out like little movies.

The old man explained to me why things happened the way they did.

Then the man sensed I was hungry


a big black woman with pots and pans appeared. The man ordered her to prepare whatever I wished. I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted. Buttery fluffy pancakes or giant shrimp.

I could not really feel the cold or the ice even though all I had on was just a summer night gown. Ifelt naked. I was under the protection of the old man’s powers.

where was I?

I was trying to go home, walking home my usual route. I turned a corner, suddenly I was in a strange town. I was on the right street but wrong city. Too far from home.

I was lost. Had no clue to where I was.

But my sister was with me.

I also discovered. I was on ocean shore. It looked like an ocean or a flooded area. I saw cars in standing water. Maybe a wave swept them out.

Then my sister and I were in the water. Something was like sucking us. We were sucked up backwards on a huge water park slide. We went through 2 huges loops and then shot down a slide then dropped into a pool.

Later on we were at the resorts buffet restaurant. I was loading up my plate with some interesting foods. But all I can remember is the herbal tea ingredients I selected for my tea.

the dorm

I woke up in the dream, to an incident. I found myself in my old dorm room where I once went to school.

My roommates were fighting. One of my roommates’s had a child living with her.  The other roommate kicked out the other, made her pack up and leave.

I thought it was wrong and was concerned for the girl and her child.

I was trying to call 911. I was having trouble with that. I was punching in the numbers backwards. When I finally figured out how to solve that problem, then I had to describe what just happened and try describing where they could be found. The words would not come out right.

I finally got out of bed. The dorm leader was in the room. I had to explain what happened.

The dorm leader said is a Russian student population now. She gave me something to help me translate; learn some Russian, to learn to communicate with them.

 Then I realized I had not been doing my daily chores. I had to clean the bathrooms. I had to get it done before classes started.

I am walking around to familiarize myself with all the rooms and where all the bathrooms are.

I walk into this big room, it’s like a really old library, part media room, reading, study room. There were old tabletop stereo record players, reel to reel tape players and movie projectors  from the ‘70s Refurbished, students could borrow them for personal use in dorm rooms. Many more cool toys too.

The room was full of student desks and sofas too.

Then I found out my dorm was co-ed. Guys and girls were coming in for a class.

I was still walking around in my in sleeping clothes.  I still didn’t do my chores.

I walked into another room, it was a classroom full of black students. I sit down to talk for little while.

One girl looked like she was drinking soda. She poured something in it, said this will make my soda more healthy. It smelled like medicine. She was laughing like she knew she was doing something wrong, like adding liquor to her soda. Or a drug.

I feel am new to the place in this dream, yet I feel like a returning student. I have been here many times in other dreams

my sister is staying home from school

This time my sister, brother, and I are eating breakfast before school. My dad just got home from working and is sleeping. The bedroom is just off the kitchen.

There was chaos. We were making a mess eating. I was trying hard to clean it all up before leaving for school. I couldn’t see. I turned on the lights in the kitchen, my dad yelled out, “I’m sleeping turn it off!”  “Making too much noise Be quiet!”

This time my sister is staying home from school. I didn’t really understand why.

Just as it was time for my brother and I to leave.

A handicap van pulled up to the house. That was my sister’s job for the day. Then I really had no problem with my sister staying home from school. She was going to be very busy.

I think there was 2 people. One kid, older kid was strapped to a childs seat and wheelchair. Here he wasn’t really handicapped. I don’t really remember the other person. Only the one kid, turned out to be very tall and very able, not handicapped.

Maybe he was my sister’s boyfriend in disguise?? Maybe my sister was sneaking her boyfriend in?? I was thinking that in the dream.

I guess I quit on the dream after that is was just getting too weird and frustrating.

fry cake donuts

My great-aunt used to make great meals and great food. I loved going to her home. 

Early in the morning smells for bacon, eggs, pancakes, coffee and fresh homemade fry cake donuts.

Every morning there was a huge breakfast waiting on the table for my family.

This brings me to a dream I once had. 

I smelled, the smells of breakfast. I could taste it! I swear I was at my great aunts house. I know I felt the bed I used to sleep in. I felt the carpet and stairs under my feet. I didn’t want to open my eyes. I didn’t want to leave without at least one bite of her donuts


My great-aunt has been dead for over 20 years now. I knew it was too good to be true.

trying to speak Spanish

I was in Mexican family home again.  It looks like one of he Lonche Latino events at my church. But it looks like I’m in a home this time.

I was at a long dinner table, sitting next to the Padre. He was pushing me to speak in Spanish but the words couldn’t come into my brain out of my mouth. The only word that came out was frijol, we were eating beans.

Then I had to go to the bathroom. I only word I could remember was llavarse close, but  the word I really needed was  baño

after the bacon strip road

First part of the dream, I was driving my children to school, to the next town. There were police cars blocking the road just before the town. Instead of stopping to see or ask what was going on or find out if I could get into town. I turned around to head back home.

A portion of the road turned into giant road sized bacon strips, it was like driving on snow. It was bacon for only a mile. But that is not where the police were it bacon was before where the police were.

On my way back home, suddenly my husband was in the car, he was driving. He was mad at me for not dropping of the kids or finding out if I could drop off the kids. I didn’t think of that. I tried to get my husband to turn around so the kids wouldn’t miss school.

But my husband wanted to complete his errand he said he had to get the Piggly Wiggly store first.

But we didn’t end up there. We end up at some historical building. We went in and took a tour. It was strange. We had to follow stairs that go down only, down into the building.

My 2 sons always ran ahead and I would lose track of them. I would get frantic and yell for them to come back and stay with our family. My husband was no help in stopping them either. 

Another problem arose. My mother showed up. I do not get along with my mother in real life. In this dream I was so scared when I saw her and tried to let my husband she was there. Now I had even more reasons to be scared. And to keep my children together with me.

My mother might try to sneak away with my kids.

My husband wasn’t worried, let the boys be boys. While take care of my daughter, she was to little to run off with the boys. I couldn’t run with her.

I lost track of my whole family at level 5. I found a tiny number on the wall among all the historical photos and stories. All the levels looked the same.

I also finally found a phone on the wall. I then realized I could use the speaker function to call my family back together on my level.

Every time I look through a crowd of boys they all looked my kids I couldn’t tell them apart.


gross sandwich

I went on vacation by jet. I arrived at the airport I believe I lost all my luggage.

I believe I got lost in the airport too, that might be why I never found my luggage.  I know I was on a tight budget and was afraid to spend more than I had on me.

I found this restaurant. This man approached me to help me. He helped me get something to eat. It was sort of gross. 

It was a layers of pepperoni, bun, breakfast sausage, bun and a hamburger, bun, and each layer had onion rings. 

I didn’t like it, but I did enjoy the onion rings separately and ate the hamburger and breakfast sausage separately too.

The man had something in mind for me to repay him for his kindness. Like coming to his room to lay with him.

Thank goodness for the alarm clock. The guy was pretty ugly to imagine him touching me sexually.

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