nice ass

This is funny and sort of x rated.

I had a dream about a guy I see every day.  He is very nice, handsome, and charming. He is a career counselor and very professional.

In this dream I saw I whole different side of him.

He came up to the computer I was using and took of his pants and underwear to show me his bare butt.

I don’t remember the conversation before that..So I don’t know how we got to that point. He was like showing off his ass or making me kiss it.

Nice ass!

I was curious to see what the front looked like since he was bearing all. My dream did not let me go there.

I think I was afraid to be disappointed or I might not be able to look at this guy the same way. Even though it was just a dream.

I felt something in my hand, I thought it was something of my own belongings. It was his crumpled up underwear. I was afraid to discover what his underwear really looked like. He made me hold his underwear ewww!

In a later dream I tried to tell his co-workers about the dream I had about him. I guess I revealed a secret crush. Maybe he is getting ready to bear all he can to help me succeed.


Something freaky

The guy in this dream has a new tatoo and is showing it off. He hasn’t shown it to me yet. Is he really going to go all the way?

I am so afraid to ask to see it!

my special dream super powers

I was dreaming I was at a Disney resort at a restaurant with family when something bad or embarrassing happened.

Don’t remember that part.

I had to get out of there and hide had nowhere to go. I was unfamiliar with the area and didn’t remember how to get back to the hotel.

I remembered my special power I have in my dreams. I can float up just by flapping my arms but slowly.

I was outside the restaurant trying to get into tree.

I saw other people floating up too. That sort of made my special ability not so unusual.

I figured it was because it was a Disney resort and it was Disney magic that was making others float too. So nobody  noticed my unusual ability.

But it my floating worked, my family couldn’t find me.

In other dreams it was unusual.

I haven’t floated in a dream for a very long time.

the dorm

I woke up in the dream, to an incident. I found myself in my old dorm room where I once went to school.

My roommates were fighting. One of my roommates’s had a child living with her.  The other roommate kicked out the other, made her pack up and leave.

I thought it was wrong and was concerned for the girl and her child.

I was trying to call 911. I was having trouble with that. I was punching in the numbers backwards. When I finally figured out how to solve that problem, then I had to describe what just happened and try describing where they could be found. The words would not come out right.

I finally got out of bed. The dorm leader was in the room. I had to explain what happened.

The dorm leader said is a Russian student population now. She gave me something to help me translate; learn some Russian, to learn to communicate with them.

 Then I realized I had not been doing my daily chores. I had to clean the bathrooms. I had to get it done before classes started.

I am walking around to familiarize myself with all the rooms and where all the bathrooms are.

I walk into this big room, it’s like a really old library, part media room, reading, study room. There were old tabletop stereo record players, reel to reel tape players and movie projectors  from the ‘70s Refurbished, students could borrow them for personal use in dorm rooms. Many more cool toys too.

The room was full of student desks and sofas too.

Then I found out my dorm was co-ed. Guys and girls were coming in for a class.

I was still walking around in my in sleeping clothes.  I still didn’t do my chores.

I walked into another room, it was a classroom full of black students. I sit down to talk for little while.

One girl looked like she was drinking soda. She poured something in it, said this will make my soda more healthy. It smelled like medicine. She was laughing like she knew she was doing something wrong, like adding liquor to her soda. Or a drug.

I feel am new to the place in this dream, yet I feel like a returning student. I have been here many times in other dreams

kissed Clint Eastwood

I was dream of playing a pool game. It was not the normal pool game. It was on the ground and had to lay on the ground to make shots.
This was an active dream I was acting it out. I felt myself crawling in my bed to manuver to make the shots.
I was playing with Clint Eastwood. He was joshing with me I could not make certain shots.
Clint come towards me and kissed me twice. 2 sweet kisses.
I was so shocked. I didn’t stick around in this dream, I wasn’t sure I wanted to see Clint naked.
I hurried off to go home from where I was. Then I had this clear vision of where I was like I was on Google street view. The vision was so clear I sort of stayed to see what I can see. I checked out this business, it changed. It used to be a popular restaurant and now it was a Dominos pizza shop.

The real life.

I went to the place where I thought I saw a Domino’s pizza shop moved to in my dream.
It was a restaurant before. Then I overheard the restaurant was closed for real.
Then I drove by there and saw a new restaurant was in there now.

Now what made me dream of that restaurant’s change like that? I have never been there to eat only walk by it many times.

I stopped in to eat and had a great big steak, a great meal!


magic frog

This was a fantasy animated dream like Rodger Rabbit.   There were 3 animated characters that I remember, one was a big purple kangaroo,  A big yellow bird, cross between Big Bird and a Sneetch
I was in a shopping mall.
There was magic frog. The frog seemed to be my special companion. I felt like his keeper. 
He sort of was dying when people didn’t believe in him anymore. His tail fell off. I encouraged him to stay alive for me. The he grew another tail, when he decided to go on.
The frog was getting real warm in my hands. He started to hop around, not just any hops, magical leaps all over the place.
Then all these magical things started to happpen. It was like being in a movie. People were getting their wishes fulfilled.
Then someone got mean and batted him down. That was the end. The frog did not want to go on just because of one persons evil thoughts.
Just before the frog gave up his spirit, he made a prediction for a woman that she would have a baby or find out she was expecting by the end of the year.
I don’t know what happened to the puprle kangaroo and yellow bird. I think they found companions to attach themselves to just like the frog attached to me.
I don’t remember all the magical thing that I saw either.
There was music and movies playing.

Followed tiger

I finally followed my cat in my dream. I got up went outside my bedroom. I discovered the door to my apartment was wide open. I ventured outside, my apartment building turned into a whole new world. I explored many rooms. My apartment building was vacant and looked like one of those abandoned factory buildings as seen in movies.

In one of the rooms I was joined by Sonny and Jason characters in General Hospital. There were valuable items on a table. I do not know what they were really doing. I don’t remember any thing that I did with them.

I wasn’t done exploring. I found stairs leading to an upper room like an attic. It was a huge room too.

When I opened the door the room was full of dwarfs and midgets dressed up like they were ready for a parade. It was like they were locked up to be kept up there. And I let them free when I opened the door.

The whole room was full of party stuff, balloons, streamers, costumes and more. The whole room was decorated too.

I never found my cat tiger throughout the whole dream.


I was dreaming I was at my old house, but my husband and children were there. We were living there. (doesn’t belong)

My kids snuck out the back porch door. I went chasing after them.

I am thinking as I am chasing them, “I’m going to get them!”

I chased them to the front of the house and into the front door. 

My husband calmly caught me just as I went in.

My husband was the reason for the chase all the time. My kids were trying to surprise Daddy as he got home from work. I got the bigger surprise when my husband grabbed me out of no where. I wasn’t expecting that!

I think it was the devil

In this dream I was being controlled or held hostage. All I know I could  not go anywhere or think for myself. He had the power to read my thoughts and use them against me.

When I was in bed with him. He didn’t do anything to me, but I could leave the bed without his say so.

I felt threated by this guy. I felt evil. But I can’t remember all the things he did to me. I know I was being controlled.

I tried not to think so he could not read my thoughts.

I was sleeping. I was dreaming and my dream made me talk in my sleep. That was a big mistake. He hear me.

I need a doctor for my car, in the dream I could think of the word mechanic.

The guy gets up and asks me if I need a doctor or my car needs an mechanic.

We argued over if mechanic is simular to a doctor. I said mechanic pretty  much does the same thing as a doctor except for cars.

He set up an appointment to see a doctor. Then he took my car to a mechanic. He took away a way for me to escape.

I used the doctors appointment to escape. When I got to the office, I ran away.

I ran to a place that looks like a train yard.  The guy found out he ran to where I was hiding. I could see him running. Running like a Jim Carey character.

I pretend I was hiding in the sewer.  He looked inside and fell in. I think it was a bottomless pit I didn’t hear the body land. I was thinking he went back to where he came from Hell.

I lived and hid in the train yard office for awhile. I wasn’t sure where I was or if the train yard employees were safe or if they were under the guys spell too and would send me back.

Well the guys found me and helped me go back to my real home.



Eric Clapton was performing in front of job center but there was no audience around him but there was a film crew filming him. He was playing Strange Brew

I go into the office I said I just listened to Eric Clapton. They said it was day. BBC came do some shows featuring the college giving the college some exposure.

The next act to perform was the Bee Gees. I was expecting to see the 3 brothers.

I saw Barry. I heard a Bee Gees song, but when I looked again I thought I saw what I thought to be Maurice playing base violin. I thought that was cool but it wasn’t Maurice. I looked again there were more members and they were very young.

When the song was over Barry anounced the members are all their children to form the next generation of Bee Gees!

magic pillowcase

In this dream I must have been on a family trip. I wake up in a hotel. It must have been the morning after arriving. My sister came into my room and plopped on my bed to discuss the plans for the day.

I had my hand in my pillow. I felt a wad. I pulled out the wad, it was a wad of 100 dollar bills.

I showed it to my sister. Is it real? Do you see it?

I am trying to figure out in my dream if I was dreaming.

My sister confirmed she saw it too.

I stick my hand in the pillowcase again. I feel another wad. It was another was of 100 dollar bills.

I pulled out more afterwards. I lost count of how many times I did it. I get the feeling each wad was $1,000.00. so I had thousands of dollars.

Then my dream was starting to tell me it was just a dream.

I pulled out a fancy jewelry box the kind you see for really elegant jewelry.

Then I pulled out a passport and some other identification. Bursting my hopes of claiming the money for myself. The money probably belongs to that person.

The next discovery was gun handles but no barrels, ammunition, and some electronic devices.

Then I knew it really really was just a dream. I would not find money on my bed in the morning.

I usually get these dreams when I am about to come into money or it’s a hint to go gambling.

I have gone gambling after these dreams and I don profit.

I am sort of gambling I am taking a risk to attend a fundraiser this weekend alone.

I also chose to gamble on getting my daughter very special gifts for her birthday.

Also I got started on Christmas gifts. I am planning ahead, taking advantage of the money I have now.


if I get another money finding dream I just might take off to play some slots.

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