the toilet

I was visiting my mom in her apartment.

My dad was visiting. My dad took a shower. My dad doesn’t live here, why would he be taking a shower here?

I had to use the bathroom really really bad. I had to wait until my dad was done.

When my dad was finally done. I walk into the bathroom, the toilet was in pieces. My dad left the toilet like that and didn’t say anything or try to fix it. People need to use the toilet! Why was he being so insensitive?  He just left it that way!

I did not know a toilet could  be taken apart like that. The bowl was on the floor.

I couldn’t and didn’t have time to fix the toilet. I couldn’t wait for someone to fix it, I really really had to go to the bathroom!

so I put my butt over the edge of the shower to pee.  There was no other way.


There was a part of a dream I had this weekend I could not forget.
I was horseplaying with my oldest son. I pushed him, he fell backwards on the sofa. 
He was whimpering, I’m stuck. 
I thought he was playing around.
I went in for a close up to check out what was wrong with my son.
His head was bent back and his torso was up, I could see neck bones protuding from his neck but not punctured. I guess his neck broke.
He was crying in pain MY BONES!
I hurried out of this dream I didn’t want to see more. 
I know this is my guilt playing with my dreams.
It is part how my son died in the car crash. Though it was not my fault and I was not driving.

end with a bang

Last night the dream was like a bachelor reality show or contest.  It was like bunch of guys competing for a bunch of girls.

Each of the guys picked a girl they wanted to impress and win their heart.

Each guy built a pedestal for their favorite girl.  Most were very elegant, dreamy and huge. They reminded me of Rose Bowl Parade floats but not that big.

But there was one that was like very small and very simple. Many of the girls were not impressed and avoided it. The girls had to pick one and go out with the guy that made it. When there was only one left and one girl left she had no choice but to choose it.

The girl complained why so small and dull. Is this what the guy thinks of himself?

I never saw what the guys looked like. So when the girls were ready to meet their mates. It was a big surprise! The guy were big huge overweight guys. They were not really very handsome.

The only handsome guy in the room was the MC of the show.

Later on was like a finale and there were was a fireworks show outside. We were watching. There were several volleys but no bursts or booms.  We could see the glowing ends flying through the air and there was the expectations for the booms and bursts.  A bunch of duds!

I was remarking to myself, that was a bunch of money wasted.

Then there was one big one. It looked like a glowing ball of colors, that glowed for a long time after the burst. Reminded me of the eclipse of the sun or the spots you see sometimes when you close your eyes.

That was where the dream left off.

I was trying to get to work and be a perfect employee.

I was trying to get to work and be a perfect employee. 

First when I arrive I can’t find a parking spot. When I move around to another spot, the spot was gone. I ended up parking way out far away from the building.

When I enter the building I noticed a sign noting mistakes employees make every day, right in front where all the customers could see.
Then when I entered employee area I couldn’t find my time card.
The pin on my name badge broke had to replace that. Went through an ordeal just to get a new pin attached to my badge.
I had to be perfect before start time I would be graded for my uniform, name badge, being on time, parking in the right spot. If I didnt pass all that it would be posted on that board in front.
I went to a sitting area in front.  My family,( not my family in real life).  They brought a dress for me for party after work.
I was holding a baby the baby poohed and squirt poo all over my pants, now I have a soiled uniform.  It was all over the floor too and I didn’t have time to clean it up, I was not clocked in yet.
I am in big trouble! I was afraid to start work but I had no choice and I didn’t have extra uniform with me.
Then it popped into my head that I dont work there any more. I was so relieved I walked out to my car to get away as fast as I could.
I drove through the back area. There was a lot just for bikes. Someone drove over the biked smashed then to pieces. I couldnt drive through without going over the debris.
so I picked up my car to get over the debris and when I was clear of the debris I put it back on the road again. I was merrily off to the party.


had a vision of looking into a mouth and seeing gross decayed teeth

I was hoping it wasn’t any of my kids. Or anyone I knew.


I was dreaming I was camping, laying on a mat on gravel. I found some tiny colored stones I threw some at the other campers in the group I was with.

Then I saw something creeping among the stones.

I was a creepy big spider!!!!!

I was afraid!  It was coming close to me. I turned over to get a closer look.

Just when I turned, my dream went black, my dream quit on me. I woke up!

I found my hand in the mode of searching my bed for the spider.

I felt like the spider was really creeping on my body for a long time after I woke up.



my eye!!!!

I think this was a part of these 2 dreams  or a little dream between   nuclear bomb threat    chaos in the old house  all I know is it was the same night and…

I saw my eye was like bloody in just the iris and pupil only. It was painful. I was thinking the bomb must of went off.

What really happened to me, I accidently sprayed perfume in my eye that day. I was remembering it in a weird way in my dream.

living devil

I had a dream of a guy I used to work with, whom repulses me. He is a male slut and drunk. He has been charged with many felonies. I hated being in the same room with him. He is a living devil.

Well in his dream he tried his charms on me.  I couldn’t get away. I couldn’t get out of the dream. Yet I was curious and captured by his spell.  Even though all the consequences of my actions with me could give me many illnesses. That was back in my mind through the whole dream. I didn’t give in.

One cool thing about this dream, I tied in another dream to this dream. I met his mother in a previous dream in a place where I was working in that dream.

I flashed back to the that dream.

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