fine jewelry show

I am in a hotel with my kids and husband. Looks like I brought every freaking toy along. I am trying to clean up the room. It was early in the morning, nobody was awake yet.

I am trying to pack up, because its our last day.

But this lady burst into our room. You can’t go yet, today is the fine jewelry show, throughout the whole town!”

Didn’t get to see what a fine jewelry show was, the dream quit or shifted to something else I can’t remember.

magic pillowcase

In this dream I must have been on a family trip. I wake up in a hotel. It must have been the morning after arriving. My sister came into my room and plopped on my bed to discuss the plans for the day.

I had my hand in my pillow. I felt a wad. I pulled out the wad, it was a wad of 100 dollar bills.

I showed it to my sister. Is it real? Do you see it?

I am trying to figure out in my dream if I was dreaming.

My sister confirmed she saw it too.

I stick my hand in the pillowcase again. I feel another wad. It was another was of 100 dollar bills.

I pulled out more afterwards. I lost count of how many times I did it. I get the feeling each wad was $1,000.00. so I had thousands of dollars.

Then my dream was starting to tell me it was just a dream.

I pulled out a fancy jewelry box the kind you see for really elegant jewelry.

Then I pulled out a passport and some other identification. Bursting my hopes of claiming the money for myself. The money probably belongs to that person.

The next discovery was gun handles but no barrels, ammunition, and some electronic devices.

Then I knew it really really was just a dream. I would not find money on my bed in the morning.

I usually get these dreams when I am about to come into money or it’s a hint to go gambling.

I have gone gambling after these dreams and I don profit.

I am sort of gambling I am taking a risk to attend a fundraiser this weekend alone.

I also chose to gamble on getting my daughter very special gifts for her birthday.

Also I got started on Christmas gifts. I am planning ahead, taking advantage of the money I have now.


if I get another money finding dream I just might take off to play some slots.

exploring the bathroom

In this dream, like I am in a hotel with a bunch of girls. I don’t know them or don’t know why I am there. It was quite a fancy suite though.

I got up really early so I could take a shower in peace. I locked the door.  I checked out the vanity underneath the huge mirror. There was a button, I pressed it. A door opened and out came a plastic sheet. Looked like a replacement shower curtain.

Then I saw what looked like a stereo I thought I turned it on. I didn’t see anything or hear anything happen.

Then I started to search through the drawers. Just when it was getting interesting. The other girls came in. I thought I locked the door.

I never got to take my shower.  We were all discovering what was in the drawers.

I don’t even know.

sleepwalking thief

I dreamed I was part of a crime investigation team, at a resort. There was a woman stealing clothes in the middle of the night. After many nights of watching her. We determined she was sleepwalking. She was doing this the same time every night and come home to got to bed. Every night she had bags of clothes and she would wake up not knowing how she got them.
We searched the room. We found a transmitter in her clothes. Someone was sending her hypnotic messages and the messages started the same time every night.
We followed her this time, she met with her ex husband. It was her ex husband behind this all the time. He would pretend to be on a date with her and lead her to a store and steal clothes.
The next night we tapped into the transmitter and sent her messages to wake up after she started to receive messages. Then I entered and told what was going on.
We searched the room. We found another transmitter in another shirt, the ex husband had a back up and was sending messages through that one trying to get his ex wife to keep stealing. I ripped the transmitter out, searched for the perfect place to dump the transmitter to send a message to the ex husband that his game was over, he had been found out.
One of the people in my team was a little Chinese American guy, when he found the other transmitter, he said “Shut Up already!”
I run through the resort, this is where I found out what kind of cool resort I am at. It was on an ocean front, one side looked like a ship side, a ship deck just above the water where one could swim, a pier for fishing and boating. I found an area for water sports only. It was all connected just walk down the deck and transforms into the pier and separate areas. When I went back inside there was huge food court and game room area, it was connected to an indoor pool area where people were laying out and swimming.
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Found an area where there was clay pigeon shooting. I threw up the wiretap and someone shot at it blowing it to pieces.

hotel adventure

Was on trip in big city. Met older black gentlman we became companions. We checked into a hotel. We went in kitchen to get food, I came out with a tray loaded with food. 

We get caught, we get chased by staff. We escaped through a garbage chute. Lost all the food.

We go back in. We are in reception waiting for placement. Its like human services. We have no money, no job, this hotel helps people.

We watched a boy play with a box of toys. He gave command and a toy came flying to him from.

*Thats all I remember. I don’t know the man or why I am with him and its not a romantic thing.

the pool

I dreamed of a fancy hotel that just added a new swimming area. There was a grand opening. I received an invitation.

I jumped at the chance.  I grabbed all my swimming stuff.  I went alone.

I got into big trouble with my family. My mother was upset I didn’t bring anyone with me.  Not even my brother, whom I was living with at the moment.

It was like  


I was treating myself for once.

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breakfast with the airhead

I was a guest at a bed n breakfast type hotel.

For breakfast there was an activity with a dietician to teach guests about healthy creative breakfast.

The dietician was sort of an airhead. She was not open to suggestions. Some of her ideas were lame.  Her ideas were just  for children.

The dietician trying to get ideas to get all the guests to participate in breakfast activities. 

I suggested peanut butter, whole wheat toast and bananas, with orange juice.  She rolled her eyes.

There were 3 very handsome gentlemen. They were not interested. They chose to sit in the lounge to watch football. I was hoping they would join us. They looked like a bunch of fun guys.

the job

My mom and I are staying at a hotel. We are going out to look for a job. My mom is driving me in a nice van. But she is sick. She is having stomach craps and about to have diarrhea.

We go back to the hotel. In the parking garage of the hotel is full of homeless people, waiting for work.

There was an assignment from the hotel; a shipment of new silverware came. We were open all the boxes and sort. There were a few workers working a little too fast trying to prove they are good workers. But there isn’t enough work for everyone and for 8 hours.

I was having trouble sorting and keeping the silverware in a neat way.

I gave up. That is were my dream ended.

 I don’t know what happened to my mom.

The Bully/The wash/The Craft idea/The miners

The Bully

I was at my home where I grew up. I was in the old barn shed, with my brother and sister. We were hiding from a bully. I could see the bully coming towards the shed. I told everyone to hide. There were tons of junk in the shed, plenty of places to hide. The bully came in and searched the whole shed. When the bully couldn’t find us, he left.

The wash

When, I went inside the house from the shed, the dream changed. There was my ex husband and my children. We were doing laundry, in the back porch. But there was 2 washers and 2 dryers, my mom only had 1 all the time we lived in that house. My ex husband went crazy on me. He decided to put all the washed clothes into 1 dryer. We sat there arguing over it. So I walked away to let him do it his way.

*My ex husband and children do not belong here, they have never been to my old home. My old home is also destroyed before I was married to my ex.  Also, there used to be only 1 washer only. But my husband did go crazy on me on stupid things. I did leave him to do things his way.

The Craft idea

I had a dream about a craft idea. I was searching my house for all the items. When it came to the huge ball of yarn I found.

*I woke up to think about that dream for a few minutes. It was a great idea, but i don’t have any of the items I dreamed of.

The miners

I was at a mine site, turned into a hotel, casino resort. It was built over a mine, while the miners still worked in the mine. The miners had access to the resort. When the miners were done with their shift, they came up through an elevator and had a party every day.

Also, people all over the world came to vacation here, there were observation decks, windows and live video to watch the workers.

I was on one of the observation decks, watching the workers come in to work. They came in individual trucks, with pop up homes on the back, they set up camp around the resort. Then I watched the workers get on a little train to take them down to the mine.

*This sounds like I got this from watching the Chilean miners. But the miners looked like they were from India.

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