pet bird

My cat keewee came for a visit in my dream last night. I think she was jealous I had a pet bird in the dream.
I was lying in bed. I had a cage containing 3 parakeets in the bedroom. One was a pretty pink and yellow. This bird was clever and found a way to escape the cage. The bird also liked to be by me. Always flew towards me, so I held out my finger for the bird to land and perch.
All I was worried about was the bird pooping on me.
My cat keewee came in intervals. I was so afraid of the cat catching the bird or sitting on the bird. I tried to grab on to keewee each time she passed over me. Once again I was fighting, trying to find out whether she was just a dream or real. I swear she was there. I felt her fluffy silky fur.
Every time my cat appeared the bird just happened to be back in the cage.

keewee was mad

magic toy dinosaur 

I think keewee was a part of this dream or came in after this dream. I believe she was letting me know I was having too much fun playing with the baby dinosaur in the dream, instead of her.

I know she was kind of pestering me by mewing at me in an annoying way. I know I was calling for her to come back and play too.

Keewee visit

Keewee visted this weekend.

I was so confident that my cat was really living with me this time.

 I also thought I was in my old apartment where my cat did live with me.

I finally got to hold my cat!

I was dreaming I was sleeping. I felt something heavy and move on my neck. It was my cat keewee. She was sleeping on right my neck. She let me hold her too.

When I woke up in the dream, she took off.  She caused some trouble too.  She went outside and played in one of my mother’s flower pots and dug up her favorite flowers. The flower-pot fell over and broke. My mom was angry.


Weird stuff  here: My cat tried to fix it and clean up the mess. Like a child. My mom in this dream was black.  The flower-pot, was my mom’s actual flower-pot that was stolen from our house. The house was not any of the houses I grew up in. the house looked African. But my bedroom looked like my room from my first apartment.

keewee cat dream

I dreamed my cat visited my current apartment we were having fun playing.
Then I started to wonder where I put the litter box where she has been going all this time. There was no box any where, I was so worried where ever she is pooing must be really stinky by now.

dream about my cat “keewee”

Dream about my cat “keewee” Fluffy, black and white, female coon cat.

I thought I was awake. I felt my cat run up and down my bed. I caught her on one of her passes.

This dream felt so real, I thought I woke up just to catch her to find out if she was really visiting me.

When I caught her, I felt her claw my hand. It hurt!

That is when I really woke up.

* My favorite and most dear cat visits me in my dreams often.

This felt like “Nightmare on Elm Street”. I thought I was going to reach for and grab her out of my dream.  I was trying to catch her for real this time. My cat never lets me touch her or catch her in my dreams. When I try, she disappears.

I swear I was touching the bed for real. When I woke up I was holding my blanket as if I was holding her. The pain from the clawing was so intense and real. That really scared me! I was shaking when I woke up.

Keewee visits me alot. You will see.

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