Andre the Giant carried me off

I was at church at a youth service. I was sitting among the children. Service was done I stayed to pray. Being among the children made me sad. reminded me me my children. I cried, I really cried! My face and pillow was wet. There was a group that also stayed to pray. There was music but the choir was gone and the other people were not singing. It was the song How Great Thou Art. I thought the music came from Heaven.

When I left the church I found myself in a strange city. I don’t know the city but it was the church I always go to. I go to I explore the city. There were 200 year old historic buildings. I went into a huge old factory it was turned into an expo center. There was a tour bus and rv camper show in one part and a collectable show in the other. I saw a baseball team. There was so much going on I didn’t get to see it all.

 I got in trouble for putting a scratch on an antique.

Then this huge guy looked like Andre the Giant, he picked me up and yelled at me for calling him ugly. He carried me like a doll and he took me to his camper. He was about to kiss me. I fell asleep in the  dream and moved on to something else.

how did my yard get here

I was standing outside a huge, 2 story, brand new home. A man was showing me the home, the last words I heard, I leave this home to you. The man said it is all yours now. I guess he was reading a will.

I walked into the house, to the right I saw a small enclosed patio porch.
I found a master bedroom, with a separate nursery attached. Everything was brand new, modern and luxurious. There were so many rooms. It was fun to go through them all and I found secret roms connected to other rooms.

I ventured out into a hallway it led to a lower level. I looked over the railing to the left was a bar, dance floor and huge cozy lounge area, like huge living room. To the right was a huge dining room.

I get down the stairs and get past the bar and lounge. There was another patio. Much larger than the upper level patio. It started out as part of the lounge then sprawled out. There was a grassy lawn, putting green, gardens, trees, fountains and even small creek.

I felt like I was outside. I got to the very edge I found I was still inside, I ran into a clear glass wall. I looked up and saw a glass dome. I turned around to see it all. I saw the 2 trees and a small creek running between them.

I noticed the 2 trees were cherry trees now this yard looked just like my old home where I grew up. It now was the yard of my old home. I looked outside to view the neighborhood, we were now in my old neighborhood. The dream started out in a new home neighborhood in a different town so I thought.

One freaky thing when I entered the entertainment and dinning area there were people there, strangers to me. I didn’t know anyone. I don’t know why there were strangers in my new home and the one who was showing me the house had no explanation. Just ignored them as if nothing was wrong.

where is the map

This is fun dream. I was able to fly and be invisible. 

I was a worker in a ceramic and glass factory. The room I was in was full of shelves of glass or ceramic bowls, vases, and boxes. All shapes sizes, colors and styles.

When I didn’t feel like working and wanting to explore all the cool things in the room. I would become invisible and fly around. I think I was as small as a bat. I could fly through tight spots.

While I was flying around I noticed I missed a shelf and carefully flew through the tight spot. One wrong move all the things on the shelves could have come crashing down.

I noticed the music being played. It sounded like Christmas music. I paid closer attention. It was actually a soundtrack to a movie. We were listening to a movie. It was a Winnie the Pooh movie. The finale and after the last song, the movie ended with the words, “Where is the map?” The movie stopped right there.

I became visible. I was standing next to an older woman. I said to the woman I loved that movie and the ending. Like I watched this movie before. I said they never did make another movie to tell us what happened to the map.


something different at church

I went to church, it was not my usual time I go to church. It was a children’s service.

To my surprise the church was rearranged. The altar was like closer and in the middle of the pews.

The front pews were reserved for all the children. 

The church was full of people. I couldn’t find a place to sit. I found a place right behind the children’s section. I felt a little strange being surrounded by children. I think I was the only adult. I was conscious of being stared at like some kids do.

The service was more like a music video, lots of singing and dancing. 

And at the end of the service, the people were led by the children singing and dancing to a reception area. The hall way started out wide and then narrowed at the end. Looked like we were not going to fit through.

I really think they were producing a Christian music video. And making church service kid friendly.

magic frog

This was a fantasy animated dream like Rodger Rabbit.   There were 3 animated characters that I remember, one was a big purple kangaroo,  A big yellow bird, cross between Big Bird and a Sneetch
I was in a shopping mall.
There was magic frog. The frog seemed to be my special companion. I felt like his keeper. 
He sort of was dying when people didn’t believe in him anymore. His tail fell off. I encouraged him to stay alive for me. The he grew another tail, when he decided to go on.
The frog was getting real warm in my hands. He started to hop around, not just any hops, magical leaps all over the place.
Then all these magical things started to happpen. It was like being in a movie. People were getting their wishes fulfilled.
Then someone got mean and batted him down. That was the end. The frog did not want to go on just because of one persons evil thoughts.
Just before the frog gave up his spirit, he made a prediction for a woman that she would have a baby or find out she was expecting by the end of the year.
I don’t know what happened to the puprle kangaroo and yellow bird. I think they found companions to attach themselves to just like the frog attached to me.
I don’t remember all the magical thing that I saw either.
There was music and movies playing.


Eric Clapton was performing in front of job center but there was no audience around him but there was a film crew filming him. He was playing Strange Brew

I go into the office I said I just listened to Eric Clapton. They said it was day. BBC came do some shows featuring the college giving the college some exposure.

The next act to perform was the Bee Gees. I was expecting to see the 3 brothers.

I saw Barry. I heard a Bee Gees song, but when I looked again I thought I saw what I thought to be Maurice playing base violin. I thought that was cool but it wasn’t Maurice. I looked again there were more members and they were very young.

When the song was over Barry anounced the members are all their children to form the next generation of Bee Gees!

ex man cameth

I had actually had 2 dreams with my ex husband in them, but I can’t be sure if they were actually the same dream. It’s one of those dreams I thought I was awake and I tried to wake up but I was really still sleeping.

My ex husband kept coming to the bedroom to wake me up.

The first time I swore I woke up to check my phone for the time and listen to see if my alarm clock was sounding. I have music turn on for my alarm, so I was listening for music.

The second time my ex come to wake me up. He said,” are you just going to keep laying there, are you ever going to get up out of that bed. I tried to wake up and see if he was really in the apartment. 

I get outside the bedroom it turns into the old apartment we started out in. I looked all where he used to sit all the time, and in the bathroom. He wasn’t there.

I was relieved he really wasn’t there and it really wasn’t time to wake up yet. I knew that.  Even when the alarm goes off I know I still have time to move. I set my alarm and hour ahead. I have another alarm when its really time to get going.

Now if this dream turns out to be a warning, it will be scary to find out????

momma lays on the baby/update

I was visiting a town that was having a citywide festival. I think I was visiting my dad too. Or my dad was my ride.

I was downtown listening to a group of ex-con converted to the Christian faith they were singing gospel music. They were also telling their stories of how God changed their lives.

When the show was over it was time to go back to my dad’s relative’s house. I think one of the group a girl was my dad’s relative.  I don’t know her. 

The house was a mess.

She had a baby daughter. She said her daughter had a condition where her bones would break.

I watched her take care of the baby. She placed the baby what looked like a hard surfaced bed and strapped the baby to the bed. Then the mother said it was ok to lay on top of the baby to help the baby sleep. 

I wanted to get out of that house really bad, but I had to wait for my dad to come. I search for my phone I found it broken into pieces. I couldn’t remember my dad’s number.

I run downstairs to tell somone that the girl is laying on the baby. The next thing the girl is gone with the baby.

that’s where it ended.


Take a look at this, soon after I had this dream.

everyone was singing my song

I was dreaming I was at Sunday mass. I noticed all these Hispanic people are in the church.

*The Hispanic community has their own worship at a different time.

I realized I was at the special celebration with a combined mass, with the Hispanics.

*The cool thing about this dream everyone was singing my favorite music from one of my favorite discs.

Times Square Church Songs Of 100 Nations: At The Crossroads Of The World CD ( Disc 1)


because my alarm clock is set to play that disc. I was going crazy seeing everyone sing my music. It was too good to be true. 

*My alarm clock was going off.

I woke up and looked at the bulletin and discovered I didn’t miss the special mass celebrating Las Posadas.

The Sunday before there was a bad snowstorm there was no mass I was thinking I missed it.

I went to church looking for the people I saw in my dream. No didn’t happen.

There was a guy in the dream that showed up half-dressed to do the reading. His was still buttoning his dress shirt and putting on a tie. 

*At mass there was a guy reading the scriptures, who could have been dressed better considering it was a special occasion.

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