How is my son doing in Heaven?

In this dream I was visiting a social worker who was giving me a progress report on my oldest son. He was away at a special school with strict rules.

When I was done, I was leaving I met up with my husband, he held my hand as we were walking.

Then I asked him some hard questions. Why we never write or call our son? Why doesn’t our son write or call us? My husband said we had to wait until our son was ready to communicate with us. He has to write or call us first.

Then I stopped to think in the dream where my son really was. He is dead. I had a good cry.

I guess the social worker was an angel trying to settle my brain on how my son was doing up in heaven.

In this dream I felt we were forgetting all about my son. I was feeling like a bad parent.


winning ticket

I dreamed I held a winning scratch off ticket, Black Jack ticket. I saw a 2 and some 000’s.

So I run down to the gas station to grab me a ticket.

I found my lucky number is 6. The number of the ticket is 16. Which is my daughter’s birthday.  So do I wait? for the 6th or the 16th.

I waited until the 6th. All my hands added up to 16 and the dealer’s hand was 17. Maybe I should have waited until the 16th.

fine jewelry show

I am in a hotel with my kids and husband. Looks like I brought every freaking toy along. I am trying to clean up the room. It was early in the morning, nobody was awake yet.

I am trying to pack up, because its our last day.

But this lady burst into our room. You can’t go yet, today is the fine jewelry show, throughout the whole town!”

Didn’t get to see what a fine jewelry show was, the dream quit or shifted to something else I can’t remember.


I was dreaming I was at my old house, but my husband and children were there. We were living there. (doesn’t belong)

My kids snuck out the back porch door. I went chasing after them.

I am thinking as I am chasing them, “I’m going to get them!”

I chased them to the front of the house and into the front door. 

My husband calmly caught me just as I went in.

My husband was the reason for the chase all the time. My kids were trying to surprise Daddy as he got home from work. I got the bigger surprise when my husband grabbed me out of no where. I wasn’t expecting that!

my son came for a visit

I finally saw my dearly departed oldest son. He was very present in this dream. I was so happy to see him. I missed that great smile.

When I realized he was in the room. I noticed my other son wasn’t in the room. He was taking a nap. I was afraid to go get him. I was afraid for my other son to miss him.  I was afraid  my oldest son might disappear before I came back.

Then later my oldest son was playing with some kids outside. I noticed my other son was still taking a nap. I had to go to the bathroom really bad. It was hard to leave him again. I didn’t want to miss a single second of being in the same space with my son. I didn’t want my other son to miss it either.

He sure was happy. He must be pleased with the whole family and maybe something good is coming soon.

getting ready for school

I dreamed I was getting my kids ready for the 1st day of school.

I couldn’t find their clothes. There was  hidden in a box for a surprise on the 1st day of school. Special clothes.

My daughter found the box under the bed. I thought the clothes would be too big for her, but they magically fit and my daughter looked cool.

My kids went the walk-in closet and turned on a vent fan. It was very loud. I couldn’t find a way to turn it off.

Then come to me finally finding my clothes. I realize I did have any clothes to wear or  I can’t remember where my clohtes were.

Then I realized my dream was about me and my kids, living with my mother and stepfather.

The closet was theirs. I checked out the clothes.

My stepfather had only flanned shirts and sweat pants. My mom side was jammed pack with clothes.

The leather jacket was baaaack!

This time it was red.

This dream was about me anxious about going to a job agency for interview and orientation. What to where?

The fan was actually the fan blowing in my room. For some reason the noise was really disturbing my dream.

magic toy dinosaur

My son was playing with a plastic toy dinosaur. Must have been some kind of magic. The dinosaur became real. Just like Land Before Time. The dinosaur was like Chomper.jpg

My son was having so much fun playing for the dinosaur we forgot the magic spell was going wear off.

Suddenly the dinosaur was shrinking back to it orginal size and harden.

We cuddled it and said our good byes.  My son was crying and some tears fell on the toy just before the dinosaur closed its eyes forever. Then the dinosaurs eyes welled up with tears too.

Then dinosaur revived and came back just for my son.

Happy ever ending to my dream.

after the bacon strip road

First part of the dream, I was driving my children to school, to the next town. There were police cars blocking the road just before the town. Instead of stopping to see or ask what was going on or find out if I could get into town. I turned around to head back home.

A portion of the road turned into giant road sized bacon strips, it was like driving on snow. It was bacon for only a mile. But that is not where the police were it bacon was before where the police were.

On my way back home, suddenly my husband was in the car, he was driving. He was mad at me for not dropping of the kids or finding out if I could drop off the kids. I didn’t think of that. I tried to get my husband to turn around so the kids wouldn’t miss school.

But my husband wanted to complete his errand he said he had to get the Piggly Wiggly store first.

But we didn’t end up there. We end up at some historical building. We went in and took a tour. It was strange. We had to follow stairs that go down only, down into the building.

My 2 sons always ran ahead and I would lose track of them. I would get frantic and yell for them to come back and stay with our family. My husband was no help in stopping them either. 

Another problem arose. My mother showed up. I do not get along with my mother in real life. In this dream I was so scared when I saw her and tried to let my husband she was there. Now I had even more reasons to be scared. And to keep my children together with me.

My mother might try to sneak away with my kids.

My husband wasn’t worried, let the boys be boys. While take care of my daughter, she was to little to run off with the boys. I couldn’t run with her.

I lost track of my whole family at level 5. I found a tiny number on the wall among all the historical photos and stories. All the levels looked the same.

I also finally found a phone on the wall. I then realized I could use the speaker function to call my family back together on my level.

Every time I look through a crowd of boys they all looked my kids I couldn’t tell them apart.


pile up

I was dreaming I was  in the living room with my husband, and 3 children.  

 My kids made this huge pile up of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals on top of a couch.  The pile managed to reach the ceiling. The children managed to climb the pile an sit at the top, all 3 of them. Including my daughter who was an infant in this dream.

My husband is not worrying about a thing watching his tv programs and smoking.

but I suddenly freaked out!

I realized how dangerous it was for my baby.  Because I realized my son died in real life. I didn’t want to lose another child.

The pile crashed down and the children tumbled.

I scramble to save the baby or make sure she didn’t die.  She crawled speedily to daddy when he called.

My son, the one who died, appeared in front of me, and told me, “Mom everything will be ok”  It’s the first time my son appeared to me in a dream since he died.  *I have been waiting for this day for a long time.*

looking for a place to live

Warning this is really strange so bear with me.
I was dreaming I was with my ex husband and my children. We were looking for a place to live. My ex had this weird idea. He saw what he thought abandoned stores. He said we could just move in.
Once we moved in, someone found out and we were forced to move. We moved in and out of a lot of places. One of the locations my ex tried to talk his way out of moving.
We were finally settled in at one place. We thought we were allowed to live we talked to the owner this time. I go grocery shopping and come back to find our stuff outside. My ex blamed me.
The next place, we forgot about the store windows were not covered. Late night, my ex and I were running around naked. Many people saw everything. The police came and arrested us and took us away.

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