Nice Ass

Hmm Nice Ass might have been a prediction for me. He may have been giving me his underwear as a souvenir. He is leaving the office for a new job. This is his last week.

 I have a funny grin on my face every time I see or talk to him. If only he knew what kind of dream I had about him.

My dream predicted the Packers losing the playoff game.

My dream predicted the Packers losing the playoff game.

I was at a party I looked at the score, 43 Giants 29 Packers. The dream wouldn’t let me see the score correctly. So I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I could feel major frustration and disappointment of the people in the room

I woke up with a bad feeling about the game.

My dream was close the score in the dream was 14 points difference and, actual game 17 points. It was a frustrating and disappointing game. ūüė¶

I did predict Brett Favre’s doom in his last super bowl game, see here

My tweet January 14, after the dream @jodinesplace. Fans get ready for a surprise Giant defeat. I had a dream and never been wrong. It’s going to be high score and major disappointment.

Brett Favre

Saints vs. Vikings: NFC Championship Game 2010

Last Year 2010

I dreamed of Brett Favre getting booed when entering the stadium for this championship game. I dreamed of Brett Favre  getting sacked really bad. 

And it happen. Brett Favre did get beat up pretty bad at this championship game.  He  also made game losing play.

I also believe this dream was also about the end of Brett Favre career.  He did get beat up pretty bad.

He did earn some¬†booo’s

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