magic frog

This was a fantasy animated dream like Rodger Rabbit.   There were 3 animated characters that I remember, one was a big purple kangaroo,  A big yellow bird, cross between Big Bird and a Sneetch
I was in a shopping mall.
There was magic frog. The frog seemed to be my special companion. I felt like his keeper. 
He sort of was dying when people didn’t believe in him anymore. His tail fell off. I encouraged him to stay alive for me. The he grew another tail, when he decided to go on.
The frog was getting real warm in my hands. He started to hop around, not just any hops, magical leaps all over the place.
Then all these magical things started to happpen. It was like being in a movie. People were getting their wishes fulfilled.
Then someone got mean and batted him down. That was the end. The frog did not want to go on just because of one persons evil thoughts.
Just before the frog gave up his spirit, he made a prediction for a woman that she would have a baby or find out she was expecting by the end of the year.
I don’t know what happened to the puprle kangaroo and yellow bird. I think they found companions to attach themselves to just like the frog attached to me.
I don’t remember all the magical thing that I saw either.
There was music and movies playing.


There was a part of a dream I had this weekend I could not forget.
I was horseplaying with my oldest son. I pushed him, he fell backwards on the sofa. 
He was whimpering, I’m stuck. 
I thought he was playing around.
I went in for a close up to check out what was wrong with my son.
His head was bent back and his torso was up, I could see neck bones protuding from his neck but not punctured. I guess his neck broke.
He was crying in pain MY BONES!
I hurried out of this dream I didn’t want to see more. 
I know this is my guilt playing with my dreams.
It is part how my son died in the car crash. Though it was not my fault and I was not driving.

judgement’s waiting room

It’s like Jim Jones island or I’m dead and about  be judged.

I’m on an island with a massive group of people. We are like being herded. I was with my family. The crowd was being forced to follow a path. We were not allowed to stray, hesitate, or disobey. We had to keep moving.

Suddenly the part of the group I was in was separated and pushed into a room.

I was separated from my family. I could not find anyone of my family in the room. None of my family were in the room I was forced to endure whatever will happen next alone.

The entire crowd was separated and pushed into separated rooms just like I was. When I got to the room just sat there and waited. It was a dark  dimly lit room. Like an old creepy mansion.

I don’t remember what something happened just sat there waiting with a huge room full of strangers. Maybe it’s a waiting room for judgement.

My family had to face their own judgement.

This dream was very similar to this dream: I lost my family.


I was dreaming I was at my old house, but my husband and children were there. We were living there. (doesn’t belong)

My kids snuck out the back porch door. I went chasing after them.

I am thinking as I am chasing them, “I’m going to get them!”

I chased them to the front of the house and into the front door. 

My husband calmly caught me just as I went in.

My husband was the reason for the chase all the time. My kids were trying to surprise Daddy as he got home from work. I got the bigger surprise when my husband grabbed me out of no where. I wasn’t expecting that!

I think it was the devil

In this dream I was being controlled or held hostage. All I know I could  not go anywhere or think for myself. He had the power to read my thoughts and use them against me.

When I was in bed with him. He didn’t do anything to me, but I could leave the bed without his say so.

I felt threated by this guy. I felt evil. But I can’t remember all the things he did to me. I know I was being controlled.

I tried not to think so he could not read my thoughts.

I was sleeping. I was dreaming and my dream made me talk in my sleep. That was a big mistake. He hear me.

I need a doctor for my car, in the dream I could think of the word mechanic.

The guy gets up and asks me if I need a doctor or my car needs an mechanic.

We argued over if mechanic is simular to a doctor. I said mechanic pretty  much does the same thing as a doctor except for cars.

He set up an appointment to see a doctor. Then he took my car to a mechanic. He took away a way for me to escape.

I used the doctors appointment to escape. When I got to the office, I ran away.

I ran to a place that looks like a train yard.  The guy found out he ran to where I was hiding. I could see him running. Running like a Jim Carey character.

I pretend I was hiding in the sewer.  He looked inside and fell in. I think it was a bottomless pit I didn’t hear the body land. I was thinking he went back to where he came from Hell.

I lived and hid in the train yard office for awhile. I wasn’t sure where I was or if the train yard employees were safe or if they were under the guys spell too and would send me back.

Well the guys found me and helped me go back to my real home.


9/11 Dreams

Long before 9/11  I had these dreams…

I used to have dreams ever since Desert Storm. Ever since I heard some threat that Sadam or some other leader was going to attack us when we least expect it.

I dreamed of planes crashing into buildings. I don’t know if  that was a prediction dream. How would I explain what I saw in my dreams without getting pegged crazy?

This one particular dream.

I dreamed I was attending 4th of July parade, it was an annual thing for WWII planes to fly over the parade. I dreamed the planes flew over but crashed into buildings. We all thought it was all an accident when it was just one plane but it was all the planes. Then the crowd watching the parade realized it was an attack. We run for cover.

After this dream I thought WOW! Using our own antique planes to attack us. No one would suspect anyone who wants to buy an antique plane to use as a terrorist attack.

And this sort thing was being planned.

After 9/11

I had a dream where I think I was someone trapped under that rumble who gave up on being found. She closed her eyes and drew her last breath and let go.

road trip

some kind of adventure

I think I was with my ex and we’ re trying to get away from something.

We turned onto a highway but ended up in a lane that was an exit ramp for a freeway. He would not move over to the right lane. All he had to do was just cross over.

Like any dream wasn’t really sure if we were in the right lane until we saw a huge semi trail headed for us.

Then my dream sort of turns in to an action movie.  I was suddenly with a group. Reminded me of Dirty Harry and A Team. It was late and we wanted to find a place to stay the night.

Not sure if I was still with my ex, I didn’t see him anymore.

A guy in the gang had an idea for me to trick a rich guy to take me home with him and we would all sleep in his mansion.

Using all the used bedrooms.

I got the guy drunk, when we reached the mansion. As soon as he fell asleep I let the gang in. I went back the guy I was originally with.  We all partied and then I had romantic relations with they guy I was with.

But come early, the owner of the mansion woke up looking for me.  We had to scramble out of there in a hurry. It was morning anyway. So we run out of there. We had to climb a ladder up to get out.

As I was trying to get out of there. A dog was following me, it was a pretty German Shepard. It wanted me to play I couldn’t resist. But time was running out.  The man was close behind.

Then come a grizzly bear the bear was his pet too. Then I knew I had to get out of there quick. I didn’t want to play with a bear.

My grabbed me and pulled me out of there just in time, and we were on the road again.

I swear I saw Clint Eastwood or my guy looked like him.

ex man cameth

I had actually had 2 dreams with my ex husband in them, but I can’t be sure if they were actually the same dream. It’s one of those dreams I thought I was awake and I tried to wake up but I was really still sleeping.

My ex husband kept coming to the bedroom to wake me up.

The first time I swore I woke up to check my phone for the time and listen to see if my alarm clock was sounding. I have music turn on for my alarm, so I was listening for music.

The second time my ex come to wake me up. He said,” are you just going to keep laying there, are you ever going to get up out of that bed. I tried to wake up and see if he was really in the apartment. 

I get outside the bedroom it turns into the old apartment we started out in. I looked all where he used to sit all the time, and in the bathroom. He wasn’t there.

I was relieved he really wasn’t there and it really wasn’t time to wake up yet. I knew that.  Even when the alarm goes off I know I still have time to move. I set my alarm and hour ahead. I have another alarm when its really time to get going.

Now if this dream turns out to be a warning, it will be scary to find out????

strange place to sleep

I think I was a girl attending a boarding school, I found myself asleep in a sleeping bag in the middle of a grassy field. I was between the school and another building. I was also near a path where I could have been easily run over in the night.

I believe I was part of a school prank.

The way I found out where I was sleeping I suddenly woke up. I thought I slept through the night.

Here I found was only asleep a few hours. I looked up into the sky the sun was still in the sky, but setting or rising. I determined I was looking toward the west, so I had only been asleep a few hours.

The sun was big and red, a real beautiful sight to see.

The other building was known to be a front for a mob gang.

Just before dusk I saw cars pull up to the mob building. I witnessed an ambush shots were fired cars were speeding around. I was scared of getting shot or run over. I was afraid of being caught as a witness too.  So I guess just layed there and hoped they miss me.

car on the tracks!

I was cruisin with my brother in my first car ’77 Cutlass LS. We were discovering parts of the city we never knew about.
We were going through alleys. We saw a military route, a jeep full of GI joes passed by. It was like a secret route to the base just out side of town.
We were cruising a road next to the railroad tracks. My brother wanted to drive. Somehow we end up on the tracks, we approached the apartment where we were living.  My brother was done and wanted to go in.
Leavin the car on the tracks. He said it would be ok no trains come.
So it’s the next day it’s time to in to school. We had to get up early to get the car off the tracks. My brother left the keys in the car!  My brother was taking so long to get ready.
My dad appeared and wanted to give us a ride. Still my brother was taking to much time. I was whining and complaining about being late and my car being in danger of getting crushed.  My dad had a blank face. No concern.
Here I find out my dad was living next door. That could be the reason why he suddenly appeared.
I was trying to put on my shoes to go. There were 2 pairs of the same style and color 1 was my mom’s but I couldn’t get them to fit right but eventally did after I calmed down.
I head with my dad to the car, rain was pouring. We were still waiting for my brother, I was loooking back watching for my brother to come. I hear at train whistle blowing, I start screaming. The car was moving my dad finally was doing something to help me.
(my mom’s size was 18 Yikes!) Don’t know how my mom’s shoes got there. I also believe my sister’s was there too. I usually fit my mom’s shoes too.
It was too late…
The train came barreling in front of the apartment, there were no signs of wreckage on the front of the train.
When we approached the area where my car should be there was burning wreckage in someones yard and the train bridge was gone. The bridge went down because of the explosion, the train made it through before the collapse.
I don’t know where the train bridge came from there never was one for real.
When we finally left the apartment it was 2 o’clock. Way too late for school. The trigger for this is I have a interview at 2 o’clock the next day.
There was no concern for my feelings. No worry from my dad or brother. No sense of urgency from anyone. Yet I had no power to do something for myself  in this dream. Iwas trapped waiting for my brother.
* the trigger for the trapped waiting for something, I am waiting for unemployment issue to be resolved and I am waitng for a new job.
I discovered my dad was living next to us in his own apartment which wasn’t true in real life. When we left for school I saw him go into the apartment next door.
I was so angry in this dream and when I woke up.
I  swear I could hear a train blowing the whistle and coming down the tracks that used to come through town. That track was torn down and made into a trail. This was another trigger for this dream.
*Another trigger in this dream is my frustrations towards my family.

They once acted without regards to my feelings.
I was so angry from this dream I yelled fuck you! when I woke up.
There was still no concern for me after my car was destroyed. I had no car. I was worried about the police. I was wondering if my insurance would replace my car. How would I explain what happened?
It was like don’t worry about a thing, every little thing will be ok and will turn our alright.
Maybe that was God sending a message. 
Don’t worry, and wait for the answers.  
God is taking so long to answer my prayers though!



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