ice cream dreamy

In this dream I was hanging out at a corner gas station and mini mart after school. One of the workers convinced me to buy a bunch of lottery tickets.

Then an ice cream vendor came in with new products. 2 freezers shaped like ice cream cones with a glass dome top. One flavor was key lime and the other vanilla. They had real liquor. You needed to be 21 and carded before buying a cone of this ice cream.

One regular patron stuck his finger in the ice cream to steal a taste. 1 ice cream cone of this special ice cream would cost $8.00.

The store worker was trying to convince me to buy one cone.   $8.00! No Way!

The ice cream vendor also had single treats to sell. One was a huge sized frozen chocolate sundae.  28 oz tub I guesstimate.

Then I realized I had to get back to school to catch the bus home. Or it would be a long walk home, it may take my all night to walk home.

I remembered I bought lottery tickets and the store worker didn’t give me my tickets. She tried to convince me she did.

I run back to the school down the street. I missed the bus. It was already gone.

I found an abandoned old bike.

While was taking a break from riding. Some kid stole my bike. I ran after him, but he jumped a hill. I thought it was just a trick jump. I followed, I fell straight down. It was ditch in a field. I could not climb out of the hole I was in. It was too high and the dirt was too loose.

I woke up to find myself in climbing motion and potion on my bed. I was trying to climb over my pillow.

getting past the guards

I went back for a visit at my old dorm. Now the guys dorm was on top of the girls dorm, but had a guards and locked doors so guys and girls don’t sneak in.

The girls told me a story of how the old guys dorm burned down and killed some of the guys. That was why the guys and girls dorm became one. It was 4 levels of girls and 4 levels of guys now.

When I entered my old room, I arrived in the middle of a dispute between 2 girls. One girl was switching rooms with another. I helped with the move.

One of the girls told me that the other was stealing from her and reading her mail. They couldn’t get along any more so one girl was approved to switch rooms with another girl.

I accidentally broke a favorite pen of the girl I was sharing a room with while I visited. I had to find a way to fix it, to make it up to the girl.

I knew a guy upstairs who could fix the pen. I went to the lounge to meet with him. Then he suggested someone else. It was a tough burly ugly guy in a wheelchair. He said,”Sure honey come on board, I will take you to my room!” He was looking at me like he wanted some sex in return.

I wanted to know how he was going to get us past the guards. I thought I was going to escape going with this ugly guy. Then he reminded me the elevator isn’t guarded and it was the only way he could get around in the dorm.

Dream quit before we got any further.

something wrong with the stairs

I was a teen on cruise ship with a bunch of other teens, girls and boys. I was like a convention or workshop for teens.

I was in a board room full of teens it was like the show Apprentice. We were trying to make a program for teens or contest for teens for positive image building.

One girl looked at me and started to rave about my clothes hair and my style she said I was perfect. She wanted to help me learn how to model. We got all chummy and I had a group of new friends to hang out with. We run to their cabin.

Suddenly I realize I don’t want to be friends with them and I realized I wasn’t their age. I turned around to go back up the stairs to where my own cabin should be. I couldn’t get back up the stairs, the stairs were too narrow. Nowhere to put my feet.  

But how did walk down them the first place.

I quit right there I just get back to my cabin.

That meant to me there’s no turning back in life.

Adventure in the hometown

Believe or not this all one dream. 

I started out in first grade, at my old school. I was the only adult in the class. Turns out was working for the teacher.

At the end of the school day, I took a shower in the locker-room. I come out of the shower to get dressed. There were guys in the room. Turns out the locker-room part was co-ed. But the shower rooms were separate. I didn’t see any naked guys.

Then I walked out of the school to find my hometown so different. In front of the school was a new town municipal building. The area, where the school was separated and called village of Barton.

Then I proceeded to go home, my usual route from walking home from school. The downtown was under construction, all four roads in the main intersection were all torn up and being widened. All the old buildings were torn down and new modern buildings were going up.

The place where 2 banks and a car sale lots were, housing was being built. Further down here was a building that took up a whole block, it was a restaurant, bar, hotel, shops, and office suites.

I went in to investigate. I went through the restaurant and passed the bar. I looked in and saw some of my classmates. I was in shock they recognized me and greeted me. The last thing I was expecting. But I kept going. I really wanted to go home and see what my home looked like.

I left the building, but somehow ended up at the other end of town where the park should be. The park was gone too.

Then I was picked up by the police. The police officer looked, walked, and talked like a white Fred Sanford from Sanford and Son.

When we got to the police station, I was transported back in time. There was no computer as we know it today, old phone and old police cars. I couldn’t figure out what year it was, the dream wouldn’t let me see the year on the calendar.

I tried not to talk much about where or what time I was from. I was afraid I would get in more trouble than I already was in. I don’t even know why I was brought in. I guess I looked like a stranger wandering around town.

There was a police call, that officer had to go. I then heard someone say, don’t forget your laptop. Then I was expecting to see a real computer laptop. It was just a folder of info, records, paper and pens to take notes.

Music started to play on the radio; it was a Christian song from the 1990’s. That was my alarm clock.

going ’round and ’round

I have just realized I have been dreaming the same dream over and over, but just a little different each time.


I dream I am at a school where there is a dorm above the school. But once you leave to leave campus, the door automatically locks. There is no going back.

But every time I leave, I realize I forgot something.

The only way back in was going all the way around the school and through the door connected to the school.

Once I enter the school, I am supposed to be attending class not just passing through. I am feeling guilty for not going to class. I want to but, I am either not dressed, don’t have my homework, or don’t have my books etc.

The main reason I am trying so desperately to go back to my dorm room to fix.


And it is a real maze to get to that door. A good reason to think twice before walking out that door. But I haven’t learned that or I wouldn’t be going ’round and ’round.

It’s the same place each dream.

military converting of the world planned

I was dreaming I was at my school. I knew where there was an old abandoned part of the school, that was closed off. I thought was closed off. I went to find the antique library, I found other people had discovered it and were using it. There were students doing homework and reading.

Then I went exploring, then the place was starting to look like a cathedral. I found an gift shop full of religious items. I found these pictures that were , 3D, and people could change the picture whenever they wanted. The shop was full of them.

Then explored some more. I thought I found what was a confessional booth. I always wanted to go inside but was too afraid to. Since no one was around I did it.

It wasn’t a confessional, it was an entrance to a bigger room. I found myself in a mega sized worship room, full of worshippers, a huge choir, and I was right in front of everyone. Nobody paid attention to me, there was too much singing and preaching going on. I just played along and  blended in.

The preacher was dressed in a green military uniform, he called himself soldier for Jesus. The worshippers were also dressed in military uniforms, they were his army. They were getting ready to conquer the world, to convert everyone to believe in Jesus.

I found their secret meeting place. Everyone was suspicious of the preacher, he was also a candidate for US president.

I left the building to tell the world what I found out. When I got outside I found myself nowhere near my home. I wasn’t sure  how to get home from where I was.

as I traveled to find my way home, came across a field, it was the preacher’s military compound and there were military training exercises taking place, with tanks, guns, helicopters,etc.

I was being chased by a soldier MP; just as he was about to catch me, the alarm went off. Saved by the bell!

The library was like an old college library. The fake confessional was ornate with gold curtains. The choir was huge.

The preacher was a skinny short black guy. He didn’t look or act like Obama.

 More like Mr. Jefferson.

Chaos in my house

I came home to my old home for a visit.  The first thing I did was a load of wash.

The next morning, it was time for my brother and sister to go to school.

A little boy came to the door asking if my brother could come out to play. I said no it’s time for school.

Then the father of the boy came in.  He was looking at the house as if it were for sale. Asking all kinds of questions.

I forgot I saw for sale sign in the front yard. I guess I didn’t want to believe the old house was really going to be sold.

I go upstairs to get dressed. I find I didn’t have any clothes. I run downstairs to the basement to where my clothes should be dried.

I found all these racks and shelves of clothes I believe my mom was selling clothes in rummage sales to make money. None of the clothes were my size,too big, too small, children’s clothes, clothes from when my mom was 300+ lbs, sleeping clothes. And none of my clothes I thought I washed.

I found this green polka-dotted and striped pants and shirt combo with purple waist band. It was cute but as I looked at it longer it was ugly.

Then I go back upstairs, the house was all tore up. Then there was a home office section, that was not there when I grew up.

I was so frustrated with the dream I sat on the couch, my cat tiger jumped in my lap and let me pet her. I really enjoyed that, I fell asleep.

I was actually having trouble sleeping that night. My cat came to my rescue, but just when I had good sleep it was time to get up for work.


My house was all chaos because my mom and dad were splitting up and selling the house. I didn’t want it to happen.


I think I am going back in my dreams to try to stop what happened to my family. We are all split up by their divorce.


who am I mother or kid

I was mom in the house. My 2 sons and daughter became my brothers and sister when we were going to school.
We were waiting for the school bus, my brothers and sister were lazing about, getting late. The school bus came and left without us. We had to walk to school, which happened to be just a block away.
Makes me wonder..Why were we taking the bus to school?
Here I was rushing everyone had their books and making sure everyone had a key to the house. I checked my own pockets for my keys. I didn’t have any keys. I sort of left the door open, just in case.
When I got to the school I was then a kid and student. I helped my brothers and sisters get to the place where we had to sign in when we were late. But I really didn’t know where I was going, my brothers and sister had to show me.
Then I dropped of my brothers and sister at their classes, but I didn’t know what grade I was in or my class schedule. Then my eyesight was so bad I couldn’t read any signs. I was truly lost.
I think this dream is putting myself in my children’s place or I wanted to go to school with my kids. Or I just could handle the pressures of motherhood.


Or I just got lost. I did get lost and wanted to run away from my family.


I can’t read without my glasses. Makes sense of why I can’t read print in this dream.

left them behind

This dream my relatives came to visit great uncle and aunt. They are not exciting to be with.

My Mom suggested to me to take then with me to an activity at the school. It was like family fun day.

Not sure my relatives would really enjoy it.

At the gym it was chaos, everyone was trying to play their own game at the same time. Balls flying  through the air, kids running and screaming. And very crowded.

It was a good way to ditch my aunt and uncle.

I left the school, leaving my aunt and uncle behind.

They knew how to get back the house was just down the road.

I took a walk by the river found 2 otters playing.I watched them play for awhile.

Then I found an old worn out boat full of wooden boxes, wicker baskets and other garbage. The boat was full of water I searched through all of it I found a very expensive designer handbag. I was finding other items too! It wasn’t trash. It was a stash of stolen loot.

I dug through the purse found a notepad with numbers and notes might be clues to who stole the purse or owned the purse. I called the police.

In this dream I could see my aunt and uncles disappointed faces and knew I was going to get yelled by my mom when I get home.

But I had a way out I just quit the dream or I just kept moving on to something else in the dream.

It was great relief that was just a dream!

My great aunt and uncle are dead I don’t have to worry about their disappointed faces either.

priest got sick, my friend had a baby

I was in church, waiting in for service to start. People were still filing in.

I noticed my best friend from high school was sitting with her husband across the aisle. My friend was holding a newborn baby.  My friends husband was really hefty in size. My friend just had gray hair but looked the same as she always did.

I was thinking that was her baby. I see no young mother near her. She was too old to have a baby. I remember her telling me she couldn’t have no more. But maybe some magic happened.

The service started, when I looked up to the altar. The altar was suddenly dark and the priest was gone.

Someone said the priest became ill.

We were all waiting to see what would happen next. Like another priest would come in and complete the service.

A group of women came in to announce there were bible study groups downstairs if anyone was interested.

I saw my friend carry the baby up to the altar and sit down in the priest’s chair. I think she was expecting the baby to be baptized at this service.

I was still sitting waiting to see what would happen next.

I found some other old classmates from high school, and mentioned to them I was surprised to see my friend at the church. My friends didn’t see the problem. I said, don’t you remember she was Lutheran. Remember at  her wedding her church wouldn’t allow our Catholic friend sing at her wedding. They said maybe she converted.

Then there happened to be another priest who happened to be attending one of the bible study groups.

The candles were relit for service. But one of the candle arrangements was in a weird place, in the middle of the aisle, where people had to walk around it. Which could be dangerous. Especially the priest robe getting too close.

I guess the baby was baptized. I don’t remember the service. Just going down to attend the reception of the baptism. Where the basement had many rooms I had to search them all.

For some reason I did not feel comfortable reaching out to my old high school friend. I felt too many years went by without contact. I thought I would wait for her to reach out to me. I stayed in the background watching my friend and her special moment with her baby.

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