size of a thumb

I dreamed I was in a college.

There was a guy who was very popular with the ladies. Women were waiting in line outside his dorm room to have sex with him.

One day, a girl come screaming from his room.

She found him dead.

She found him naked, with just a sheet covering his privates.

I went to in to see what this guy looked like naked.

I removed the sheet.

His penis was the size of a thumb!

I yelled out.

That’s it! Is this what you all were standing in line for?

the dorm

I woke up in the dream, to an incident. I found myself in my old dorm room where I once went to school.

My roommates were fighting. One of my roommates’s had a child living with her.  The other roommate kicked out the other, made her pack up and leave.

I thought it was wrong and was concerned for the girl and her child.

I was trying to call 911. I was having trouble with that. I was punching in the numbers backwards. When I finally figured out how to solve that problem, then I had to describe what just happened and try describing where they could be found. The words would not come out right.

I finally got out of bed. The dorm leader was in the room. I had to explain what happened.

The dorm leader said is a Russian student population now. She gave me something to help me translate; learn some Russian, to learn to communicate with them.

 Then I realized I had not been doing my daily chores. I had to clean the bathrooms. I had to get it done before classes started.

I am walking around to familiarize myself with all the rooms and where all the bathrooms are.

I walk into this big room, it’s like a really old library, part media room, reading, study room. There were old tabletop stereo record players, reel to reel tape players and movie projectors  from the ‘70s Refurbished, students could borrow them for personal use in dorm rooms. Many more cool toys too.

The room was full of student desks and sofas too.

Then I found out my dorm was co-ed. Guys and girls were coming in for a class.

I was still walking around in my in sleeping clothes.  I still didn’t do my chores.

I walked into another room, it was a classroom full of black students. I sit down to talk for little while.

One girl looked like she was drinking soda. She poured something in it, said this will make my soda more healthy. It smelled like medicine. She was laughing like she knew she was doing something wrong, like adding liquor to her soda. Or a drug.

I feel am new to the place in this dream, yet I feel like a returning student. I have been here many times in other dreams

brother staying home from school

Was getting ready for school.

 My brother suddenly becomes sick. He gets the royal treatment from mom. He even gets to sleep in a king size bed. That dont belong that was never in my house.

I raise up an issue it was the 4th time in one month my brother became ill just before school.

I noticed my parents were getting ready to in to work even when my brother was home from school I raise the issue, why are they leaving for work? No answer they just kept going.

I’m thinking that is strange. Maybe that is why my brother was staying home. He was getting pampered by mom and left home alone to do whatever he wants. I was arguing with my parents not to go and send him to school.

All the while I was trying to get dressed was down to putting my socks on. I was having issues with my socks first they were too small, then too big, then too stretched out.

By the time I was really ready for school it was already 10 o clock I gave up on going. Was no point in going so late.

Socks were a cool, bright shade of pink.


Eric Clapton was performing in front of job center but there was no audience around him but there was a film crew filming him. He was playing Strange Brew

I go into the office I said I just listened to Eric Clapton. They said it was day. BBC came do some shows featuring the college giving the college some exposure.

The next act to perform was the Bee Gees. I was expecting to see the 3 brothers.

I saw Barry. I heard a Bee Gees song, but when I looked again I thought I saw what I thought to be Maurice playing base violin. I thought that was cool but it wasn’t Maurice. I looked again there were more members and they were very young.

When the song was over Barry anounced the members are all their children to form the next generation of Bee Gees!

strange place to sleep

I think I was a girl attending a boarding school, I found myself asleep in a sleeping bag in the middle of a grassy field. I was between the school and another building. I was also near a path where I could have been easily run over in the night.

I believe I was part of a school prank.

The way I found out where I was sleeping I suddenly woke up. I thought I slept through the night.

Here I found was only asleep a few hours. I looked up into the sky the sun was still in the sky, but setting or rising. I determined I was looking toward the west, so I had only been asleep a few hours.

The sun was big and red, a real beautiful sight to see.

The other building was known to be a front for a mob gang.

Just before dusk I saw cars pull up to the mob building. I witnessed an ambush shots were fired cars were speeding around. I was scared of getting shot or run over. I was afraid of being caught as a witness too.  So I guess just layed there and hoped they miss me.

car on the tracks!

I was cruisin with my brother in my first car ’77 Cutlass LS. We were discovering parts of the city we never knew about.
We were going through alleys. We saw a military route, a jeep full of GI joes passed by. It was like a secret route to the base just out side of town.
We were cruising a road next to the railroad tracks. My brother wanted to drive. Somehow we end up on the tracks, we approached the apartment where we were living.  My brother was done and wanted to go in.
Leavin the car on the tracks. He said it would be ok no trains come.
So it’s the next day it’s time to in to school. We had to get up early to get the car off the tracks. My brother left the keys in the car!  My brother was taking so long to get ready.
My dad appeared and wanted to give us a ride. Still my brother was taking to much time. I was whining and complaining about being late and my car being in danger of getting crushed.  My dad had a blank face. No concern.
Here I find out my dad was living next door. That could be the reason why he suddenly appeared.
I was trying to put on my shoes to go. There were 2 pairs of the same style and color 1 was my mom’s but I couldn’t get them to fit right but eventally did after I calmed down.
I head with my dad to the car, rain was pouring. We were still waiting for my brother, I was loooking back watching for my brother to come. I hear at train whistle blowing, I start screaming. The car was moving my dad finally was doing something to help me.
(my mom’s size was 18 Yikes!) Don’t know how my mom’s shoes got there. I also believe my sister’s was there too. I usually fit my mom’s shoes too.
It was too late…
The train came barreling in front of the apartment, there were no signs of wreckage on the front of the train.
When we approached the area where my car should be there was burning wreckage in someones yard and the train bridge was gone. The bridge went down because of the explosion, the train made it through before the collapse.
I don’t know where the train bridge came from there never was one for real.
When we finally left the apartment it was 2 o’clock. Way too late for school. The trigger for this is I have a interview at 2 o’clock the next day.
There was no concern for my feelings. No worry from my dad or brother. No sense of urgency from anyone. Yet I had no power to do something for myself  in this dream. Iwas trapped waiting for my brother.
* the trigger for the trapped waiting for something, I am waiting for unemployment issue to be resolved and I am waitng for a new job.
I discovered my dad was living next to us in his own apartment which wasn’t true in real life. When we left for school I saw him go into the apartment next door.
I was so angry in this dream and when I woke up.
I  swear I could hear a train blowing the whistle and coming down the tracks that used to come through town. That track was torn down and made into a trail. This was another trigger for this dream.
*Another trigger in this dream is my frustrations towards my family.

They once acted without regards to my feelings.
I was so angry from this dream I yelled fuck you! when I woke up.
There was still no concern for me after my car was destroyed. I had no car. I was worried about the police. I was wondering if my insurance would replace my car. How would I explain what happened?
It was like don’t worry about a thing, every little thing will be ok and will turn our alright.
Maybe that was God sending a message. 
Don’t worry, and wait for the answers.  
God is taking so long to answer my prayers though!



watching out for the headmaster

I was living in a really old boarding school that had strict rules.

One girl snuck out for the evening to be with her off campus boyfriend.

Some of us kept eye on the window. Stayed by the door to let the girl in.

We all had to do this quietly trying not to alert the headmaster. Trying to let her in before the headmaster came to check on us all.

We all fell asleep at out posts.

We missed her or she never came back.

Beginning of the school day, headmaster noticed one student was missing. He was making racket out of the whole situation. He worked himself into such a fit he collapsed.

He was a big guy, it was hard to keep him falling down hard without injury.

I helped revive him and comforted him until recovered enough to take charge of us again.

By then the girl was back.


getting ready for school

I dreamed I was getting my kids ready for the 1st day of school.

I couldn’t find their clothes. There was  hidden in a box for a surprise on the 1st day of school. Special clothes.

My daughter found the box under the bed. I thought the clothes would be too big for her, but they magically fit and my daughter looked cool.

My kids went the walk-in closet and turned on a vent fan. It was very loud. I couldn’t find a way to turn it off.

Then come to me finally finding my clothes. I realize I did have any clothes to wear or  I can’t remember where my clohtes were.

Then I realized my dream was about me and my kids, living with my mother and stepfather.

The closet was theirs. I checked out the clothes.

My stepfather had only flanned shirts and sweat pants. My mom side was jammed pack with clothes.

The leather jacket was baaaack!

This time it was red.

This dream was about me anxious about going to a job agency for interview and orientation. What to where?

The fan was actually the fan blowing in my room. For some reason the noise was really disturbing my dream.

undertaker dude wanted to wear pink trench coat

My dream was all mixed up, not even sure it was all the same dream, but it did seem to go on and on.

First I was in class; I was expecting some of my classmates to show up anytime. But I had the feeling these 2 people are really annoying I dreaded being around them.

I forgot my pencil and notebook. I hated that. I was going to miss out on important information. The teacher was very interesting and I wanted to remember his little quotes.

The teacher was like Kung Fu’s Kwai Chang Caine. He also had some magic. I was distracted by the 2 people. The teacher said something funny I missed it.  I looked up and saw all the classmates made a huge tent with blankets. I could see flashing lights. I peeked into the tent I could see a movie. Looked like animals escaping something evil. There was one animal left on the side of the mountain. The group that was watching the movie was yelling at the animal to get out of there.  We thought it was an animal. One of the people reached out to touch the animal. It was just fur fluff, like animal shedding fur.

David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine

Then the evil came over the mountain. It came out of the movie. It ripped the carpet and destroyed rooms in the house. The evil just walked out of the house.

And that was the end of the evil in this dream.

This all took place in a Mexican family house.

We all helped restore the house.

The father of the family proudly showed us his choices of furniture and carpet for the living room. It was a beautiful carpet and sofa that matched really well. This part of the dream was more like Nate Berkus show.

Then the Mexican family was having a rummage sale. There was a bin full of jackets. I was wearing this cool long leather trench coat. It was really way too big for me.

This big scary dude came he looked like the Undertaker, he was looking at a pink leather trench coat and tried it on. He said reminds me of my dad’s leather jacket. I said I think I have a better jacket for you. I gave him mine. Please try it on. He didn’t want to take it at first. He gave me 100.00 for it. I bought the pink one. We were all very scared of this dude.








chaos in the old house

In this dream I am back in the same house in the previous dream nuclear bomb threat. I had this dream the same night.

I am in the living room and its chaos,toys and things every where. My dad was about to come home. And it was time for bed. I cleaned up everything and arranged things neatly in boxes. Then I brought everything upstairs to store them.

I got ready for bed, I get feel a lump and it attacked me under the sheets. It was my cat Tiger (tigger). Doing her thing to me liked she did so many times before.

My dad had a project going on in the den. He was assembling or restoring old chairs. There were parts and newspapers covering the floor.

We had a basement for that kind of work. His work was taking up space upstairs. But at least he was doing something creative and useful.

I kept seeing my brother playing with chair parts. Pretending he was behind bars with the chair backs.

There was something about a chocolate fest that my school had every year, that wasn’t true. I really had to dig in my brain in the dream to see where this came from. And if it were really true. It might be because I had chocolate mint Klondike ice cream bars before I went to sleep.

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