Jesus did it

I was on task with Celebrity Apprentice; Dee Snider was on my team. We had to follow a creek, it was narrow and winding. The creek led right to a home décor shop, full of decorative bowls, vases, figurines, clocks, and more. The store was built right over the creek and the creek was made part of the store. The creek ran right through the store.

Someone in the team went ahead of the team instead of staying together to finish the task.

I got distracted by a shelf full of Jesus figurines, all different stages of Jesus’ life, and different art styles. I got left behind and ruined my chances of winning the task.

One of the rules was not to step or fall  into creek and the other we had to stay together. I think there were things we were supposed to find and collect. I can’t remember those details. We lost members of the team as we went along, through some distraction or automatic elimination because of a broken rule.

Interesting part of this dream started out in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin from an exit for hwy 41 south from Forest Mall area. I haven’t been there for years. Once again I was in a store or place with knick knacks. I was kind of sad Dee got fired this week. I know it’s just a game and tv.

ice cream dreamy

In this dream I was hanging out at a corner gas station and mini mart after school. One of the workers convinced me to buy a bunch of lottery tickets.

Then an ice cream vendor came in with new products. 2 freezers shaped like ice cream cones with a glass dome top. One flavor was key lime and the other vanilla. They had real liquor. You needed to be 21 and carded before buying a cone of this ice cream.

One regular patron stuck his finger in the ice cream to steal a taste. 1 ice cream cone of this special ice cream would cost $8.00.

The store worker was trying to convince me to buy one cone.   $8.00! No Way!

The ice cream vendor also had single treats to sell. One was a huge sized frozen chocolate sundae.  28 oz tub I guesstimate.

Then I realized I had to get back to school to catch the bus home. Or it would be a long walk home, it may take my all night to walk home.

I remembered I bought lottery tickets and the store worker didn’t give me my tickets. She tried to convince me she did.

I run back to the school down the street. I missed the bus. It was already gone.

I found an abandoned old bike.

While was taking a break from riding. Some kid stole my bike. I ran after him, but he jumped a hill. I thought it was just a trick jump. I followed, I fell straight down. It was ditch in a field. I could not climb out of the hole I was in. It was too high and the dirt was too loose.

I woke up to find myself in climbing motion and potion on my bed. I was trying to climb over my pillow.

I guess I had the baby

I had a newborn baby. I was trying to get ready for work and drop the baby off at daycare or preschool.

I was a scatterbrain. I acted as if I never had a baby before. (I had 3 children in 3 years)

I could not find clothes for the baby. I didn’t have a diaper bag ready to go. No bottles ready.

I dressed the baby in just pants no diaper thinking that was ok..

I happened to find all the baby clothes I saved from my other children.

It was getting really late, too late to drop the baby off at day care and too late go to work.

But I had to go to school anyway. I was called by the school because, one of my other children needed attention.

Someone took my baby from me. Thinking I was dropping off the baby at the daycare.

I ran to the store to get the things I needed for the baby. I come out of the store, the car was gone.

I gave up on this bad dream, woke up to get out this mess.

where’s my car

I was in a store, I was a team member. It was Christmas; there was a contest, to see who could complete a given shopping list in the fastest time. Well I tested this contest myself to see if I could do it myself real fast.

I spent a long time looking for a particular charcoal, I could not remember where it was moved to. It was on special deal really recent.

Before I knew it, it was closing time. I was helping the store manager close down the store with other team members.

We had the store front all reorganized. We were in the back, waiting for the store manager to close the store.

Then she realized we needed to get the shipment in the loading dock into the store.

I witnessed this little black dude volunteer to move it.

It was a huge pallet full of goods. He quickly picked the whole thing up and moved it.

There was this guy, he was like clinging to me and he thought he was helping me. Telling me how wonderful I was. How I can do anything I set my mind to.

But he was annoying!

Somehow I end going home with him.

I couldn’t find my car.

That put me in a position where this guy became quite valuable to me. I had to ask this guy for help.

Then I flashed back trying to figure out why I didn’t have my own car.


I was back at my home, where I was getting ready for work. I was fighting with my husband for the bathroom. I had to be a work at 4 pm. Everyone took a car, or forgot to leave me a car, or someone gave me a ride to work.

I was really worried. What if I had no one to help me get to work? I didn’t want to be dependant on anyone.

I was really close to getting up to look in the garage to see if my car was still there.


riding my bike in the middle of the night

In this dream I was riding my bike to work at night. And it was my normal routine for a long time according to this dream.

I was feeling good about it and having fun riding my bike to work.

I guess was starting to really think in this dream. Was this normal to ride to work in the dark in the middle of the night? Was this safe? It was actually a long ride to work in the dark.

That’s when things started to go wrong.

I was on my way to work. I noticed the rear tire had huge chunk missing and it was just hanging together by a thread.

I needed a quick fix so I could get to work on time and then fix the tire completely at work, on break.

Stores were closed on my way to work, after work the stores would be open.

I ventured downtown. I found construction crews all over. They were installing hi tech, lights and signs, updating the downtown for some big event coming up.

I snatched a roll of duct tape to fix up my bike tire.

When I started on my way to work again my bike fell apart again. This time it was the handle bars came off and the brake handles broke.

I tried to fix it,  I realized I was too late for work so I just gave up. And I was glad I was only dreaming. I don’t have a job now anyway.

magic frog

This was a fantasy animated dream like Rodger Rabbit.   There were 3 animated characters that I remember, one was a big purple kangaroo,  A big yellow bird, cross between Big Bird and a Sneetch
I was in a shopping mall.
There was magic frog. The frog seemed to be my special companion. I felt like his keeper. 
He sort of was dying when people didn’t believe in him anymore. His tail fell off. I encouraged him to stay alive for me. The he grew another tail, when he decided to go on.
The frog was getting real warm in my hands. He started to hop around, not just any hops, magical leaps all over the place.
Then all these magical things started to happpen. It was like being in a movie. People were getting their wishes fulfilled.
Then someone got mean and batted him down. That was the end. The frog did not want to go on just because of one persons evil thoughts.
Just before the frog gave up his spirit, he made a prediction for a woman that she would have a baby or find out she was expecting by the end of the year.
I don’t know what happened to the puprle kangaroo and yellow bird. I think they found companions to attach themselves to just like the frog attached to me.
I don’t remember all the magical thing that I saw either.
There was music and movies playing.

I was trying to get to work and be a perfect employee.

I was trying to get to work and be a perfect employee. 

First when I arrive I can’t find a parking spot. When I move around to another spot, the spot was gone. I ended up parking way out far away from the building.

When I enter the building I noticed a sign noting mistakes employees make every day, right in front where all the customers could see.
Then when I entered employee area I couldn’t find my time card.
The pin on my name badge broke had to replace that. Went through an ordeal just to get a new pin attached to my badge.
I had to be perfect before start time I would be graded for my uniform, name badge, being on time, parking in the right spot. If I didnt pass all that it would be posted on that board in front.
I went to a sitting area in front.  My family,( not my family in real life).  They brought a dress for me for party after work.
I was holding a baby the baby poohed and squirt poo all over my pants, now I have a soiled uniform.  It was all over the floor too and I didn’t have time to clean it up, I was not clocked in yet.
I am in big trouble! I was afraid to start work but I had no choice and I didn’t have extra uniform with me.
Then it popped into my head that I dont work there any more. I was so relieved I walked out to my car to get away as fast as I could.
I drove through the back area. There was a lot just for bikes. Someone drove over the biked smashed then to pieces. I couldnt drive through without going over the debris.
so I picked up my car to get over the debris and when I was clear of the debris I put it back on the road again. I was merrily off to the party.

looking for a place to live

Warning this is really strange so bear with me.
I was dreaming I was with my ex husband and my children. We were looking for a place to live. My ex had this weird idea. He saw what he thought abandoned stores. He said we could just move in.
Once we moved in, someone found out and we were forced to move. We moved in and out of a lot of places. One of the locations my ex tried to talk his way out of moving.
We were finally settled in at one place. We thought we were allowed to live we talked to the owner this time. I go grocery shopping and come back to find our stuff outside. My ex blamed me.
The next place, we forgot about the store windows were not covered. Late night, my ex and I were running around naked. Many people saw everything. The police came and arrested us and took us away.

tiny Hobby Lobby

First I was in a very crowded restaurant enjoying seafood. I left and was not sure if I paid my bill so throughout the rest of my dream I had a bad feeling I didn’t pay and was trying to hide.

 The next place I went to a Hobby Lobby, due to economy the store downsized to a tiny square not the huge store Hobby Lobby is known to have and had nothing much to choose from, but I could see the rest of the store, it was blocked off limits, all the really cool stuff that Hobby Lobby is known to have.  

So disappointed I go home

woke up in a store again


I was with my cat tigger. I was allowed to stay in a gift store. We were sleeping overnight in the store. There were figurines, statues, cuckoo clocks, and more. It was a magical store. Everything was going ok until my cat woke up in the early morning. Things were moving that was attracting her attention she was getting ready to pounce and play. One of the store owners came out to stop the cat.


The girl was dressed in a princess costume. She was getting the store ready to open and chased my cat away from playing with stuff.  Then the father came, he made some me the items in the store. He could fix the clocks too I was observing a Christmas clock. I watched Santa fall apart and described what happened to the clock to the man. The man was dressed like Santa in the workshop The clock had moving parts Santa fell apart with each movement.  

*I might have been staying at the store because I was offered a job there.

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