romantic rendezvous

I was with a guy; we had the plans of having a romantic rendezvous.

We entered a school building, we thought was empty. It was dark, there was only exit lights were lighting the way.

We played hide and seek..

I snuck into a dark bathroom. My boyfriend was about to find me, but I wasn’t ready to be found yet. I tried to find another room quick.I

I discovered we were not alone. I discovered a teacher working in a classroom. I snuck into a closet adjoined to the room, to see what was going on and still hide from my boyfriend.

We ran down a hallway and discovered our classmates were having a party in another classroom. We were discovered by our classmates and were asked to join the party.

Nobody knew we were there to be romantically together. We had to hide our feeling for each other. We didn’t want anyone to know we were together. We just walk in like nothing was going on between us and we were just there for the party like everyone else.

We were not able to fulfill what we had planned.  😦



make up your mind!

In this dream my team leader brought me into the office to offer to hire me full time, and told me my quality was great and I was making production goals.

 Then the next day I received a written warning for my poor performance.

 I said I was just told I was going to be hired and given a raise.

The person who gave me the written warning started an investigation to find out who put in a request for me to get a raise. This person could not find the paper work.

 This did sort of happen to me. I was brought in the office one day and was told my production was really good. The next day I was brought in the office and I received a tongue lashing and a written warning. I also was given a choice to resign or stay on. I stayed on because I am not a quitter.

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