Waterfalls and Ice

This dream I was walking in a city, unknown to me. I came across what looked like Niagra Falls and the ocean. The ocean was flowing over the falls. There was a storm and the waves were crashing over the falls, making a loud thundering noise it echoed through the neighborhood.

I walked a little further, I found myself on a very high hill looking over another neighborhood in the same city. I then realized, the lowest parts of the village was completely under water. It was flooded.style

 The sidewalk was icy, I slid down the hill a little. It was too icy and steep for me to climb up. Some old lady appeared and helped me back up.

Once again I was trying to climb out, just like other dreams I had before. I thought the falls and ocean scene was really spectacular. I wish I could draw it!

Andre the Giant carried me off

I was at church at a youth service. I was sitting among the children. Service was done I stayed to pray. Being among the children made me sad. reminded me me my children. I cried, I really cried! My face and pillow was wet. There was a group that also stayed to pray. There was music but the choir was gone and the other people were not singing. It was the song How Great Thou Art. I thought the music came from Heaven.

When I left the church I found myself in a strange city. I don’t know the city but it was the church I always go to. I go to I explore the city. There were 200 year old historic buildings. I went into a huge old factory it was turned into an expo center. There was a tour bus and rv camper show in one part and a collectable show in the other. I saw a baseball team. There was so much going on I didn’t get to see it all.

 I got in trouble for putting a scratch on an antique.

Then this huge guy looked like Andre the Giant, he picked me up and yelled at me for calling him ugly. He carried me like a doll and he took me to his camper. He was about to kiss me. I fell asleep in the  dream and moved on to something else.

I’m back!

I seem to arrive in a town, I was outside a police station. I really didn’t know where I was or if I lived there.

I started to venture out. I saw this old victorian home next to the police station. I walked over and walked in. 

There I saw my suitcases, I guess they were dropped off for me.  I explore the house it had many bedrooms like dorm rooms. Many of the rooms were empty.

I remembered I did live there, I was gone a long time and many things had changed, many roommates moved out. They didn’t think I was coming back and moved my stuff out.

I heard some noises and discovered 2 people were still living there. I saw them having sex.

I got out of there quick.

Da plane! Da plane!

In this dream

I was taking a walk. I was walking on old abandoned railroad tracks. I come to a tricky part where there the tracks turned into a bridge. But it was worn and some boards were missing and I would have to take big steps to get over the gaps. I would have to balance to cross and there was nothing to keep me from falling it was very high.

Then I found a branch off from the tracks, I begun to follow it. It went through some bushes. There were some boards missing on this track too. I noticed the track went over water. I thought the water was just a puddle. I had some pretty rocks I gathered to take home for souvenirs of my hike. I dropped a rock in the water, I could tell by the way it dropped the water was too deep. And the track wasn’t strong enough for me to walk on. It would have sunk into the water. But the view of horizon ahead was beautiful, I could see a huge body of water, like an ocean or Lake Michigan.

I turned back to go to my house.

My dream changed.

I was alone in the first part of the dream.

Then I was with my family.

I saw a strange shaped flying machine in the air; I thought it was a helicopter. It looked like AJ and a character from Veggie Tales. It was a bi-plane with a cartoon face painted on it.

It landed in a flat field I had come across earlier.

I run back to our house to get my family, my husband, 2 sons, and daughter. I couldn’t find my oldest son. I searched the whole house, I couldn’t leave without him. The rest of my family was begging me to leave him behind and that I won’t find him. They were worried they would miss the plane.

I forgot my son was dead.

But somehow my son appeared. We all went happily together to see and we got to sit the plane.


lunch line

I was dreaming I was at work making wallets. I was helping a guy sew. I don’t know why I was helping because there wasn’t really anything to do.

Something happened to the guy, his face turned red. He told me to take a piece of paper stating his condition, to the nurse and the nurse would know what to do.

I found myself in that building I go ’round and ’round in.

This time, I found a huge kitchen, bakery, butcher shop and dinning area. I watched the workers prepare foods and meats to sell and eat. I kept coming upon this area but it was not my turn for break.

Finally, It was break time; it was my turn to go through the lunch line. There was every kind of food imaginable.

Just when it was my turn, they run out of huge dinner plates. There were only small plates. That ruined my plans to fill my plate. There was so much to choose from and I wanted to try something of everything.

I found the food place because I couldn’t remember how to get to the nurse’s office. I was going ’round and ’round.

One of my rounds I encountered a high steep ramp, it would have led me right to the nurses office but there was no way to climb that steep ramp. I don’t think anyone could.

I found out what the ramp was for, that was how supplies were delivered to the floor I was on. I stood and watched a cart full of supplies come down the ramp and pass by.

parts of my life being played out like little movies

I still remember one dream from when I was younger. 

I was walking on mountain side road, it was icy cold. I was in my night gown and barefoot. I could not really feel the cold or the ice.

I was accompanied by an old black man, he turned out to be a magic wiseman, he had a diamond pierce on his nose.

He made me look into the diamond, there was a flash of light. Then he turned me to look over the mountain side. There I saw parts of my life being played out like little movies.

The old man explained to me why things happened the way they did.

Then the man sensed I was hungry


a big black woman with pots and pans appeared. The man ordered her to prepare whatever I wished. I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted. Buttery fluffy pancakes or giant shrimp.

I could not really feel the cold or the ice even though all I had on was just a summer night gown. Ifelt naked. I was under the protection of the old man’s powers.

Adventure in the hometown

Believe or not this all one dream. 

I started out in first grade, at my old school. I was the only adult in the class. Turns out was working for the teacher.

At the end of the school day, I took a shower in the locker-room. I come out of the shower to get dressed. There were guys in the room. Turns out the locker-room part was co-ed. But the shower rooms were separate. I didn’t see any naked guys.

Then I walked out of the school to find my hometown so different. In front of the school was a new town municipal building. The area, where the school was separated and called village of Barton.

Then I proceeded to go home, my usual route from walking home from school. The downtown was under construction, all four roads in the main intersection were all torn up and being widened. All the old buildings were torn down and new modern buildings were going up.

The place where 2 banks and a car sale lots were, housing was being built. Further down here was a building that took up a whole block, it was a restaurant, bar, hotel, shops, and office suites.

I went in to investigate. I went through the restaurant and passed the bar. I looked in and saw some of my classmates. I was in shock they recognized me and greeted me. The last thing I was expecting. But I kept going. I really wanted to go home and see what my home looked like.

I left the building, but somehow ended up at the other end of town where the park should be. The park was gone too.

Then I was picked up by the police. The police officer looked, walked, and talked like a white Fred Sanford from Sanford and Son.

When we got to the police station, I was transported back in time. There was no computer as we know it today, old phone and old police cars. I couldn’t figure out what year it was, the dream wouldn’t let me see the year on the calendar.

I tried not to talk much about where or what time I was from. I was afraid I would get in more trouble than I already was in. I don’t even know why I was brought in. I guess I looked like a stranger wandering around town.

There was a police call, that officer had to go. I then heard someone say, don’t forget your laptop. Then I was expecting to see a real computer laptop. It was just a folder of info, records, paper and pens to take notes.

Music started to play on the radio; it was a Christian song from the 1990’s. That was my alarm clock.

where was I?

I was trying to go home, walking home my usual route. I turned a corner, suddenly I was in a strange town. I was on the right street but wrong city. Too far from home.

I was lost. Had no clue to where I was.

But my sister was with me.

I also discovered. I was on ocean shore. It looked like an ocean or a flooded area. I saw cars in standing water. Maybe a wave swept them out.

Then my sister and I were in the water. Something was like sucking us. We were sucked up backwards on a huge water park slide. We went through 2 huges loops and then shot down a slide then dropped into a pool.

Later on we were at the resorts buffet restaurant. I was loading up my plate with some interesting foods. But all I can remember is the herbal tea ingredients I selected for my tea.


Was in church for a special ceremony for our bodies to be transformed. Maybe it was being filled with the holy spirit. I was waiting and waiting for something to happen.

There was a large procession of servers and the priest carrying candles. The first candle was red.  The priest carried the big Easter candle.

Meaning I don’t know what.

Nothing really happened. I didn’t see anything.

After the ceremonY. I stayed later to pray.

I watched children’s catechism classes being held in the church and training to be servers for the church.  Some were misbehaving. I yelled out NO! GOD IS WATCHING!

Then I was walking home from church, to my old house I grew up in.

What is funny about my church dreams, I always dream of the church I grew up in, no matter where I am.

a little squirrelly

I was at church and services were over.

As I left I saw one family who was allowing their teenage daughter to drive the family home from church. I couldn’t believe it that the parents were allowing her take the responsibility to drive her siblings home alone.

I was at the church where I grew up. The family is from the church I am now attending. The 2 don’t really belong here.

I was walking home from church. When this girl pulled over where I was walking. I was teasing the older brother in back. He was being very nice to his sister while she was driving. Not acting like a typical teenage brother. I praised him for that.

I moved on. There was a house that I passed. Some squirrels came up to me like dogs do when strangers came around. I was freaked out. I was scared. I know that is not normal.

The owner of the house called to the squirrels to stop and they did.

Then I decided to explore in my dream. I was thinking of where I was in my dream and if really were in my hometown. I went back to the church to check everything out in detail. I come face to face with the sign out in front.

I now realize where I got this from, playing with Google maps street view. I explored my hometown that way, since I can’t go back there for real.

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