malfunction, malfunction

This dream is a crazy dream, about something that went wrong at work.

I don’t really work here. It was about a machine that went wrong. It was a huge robotic machine. It assembled something from start to finish. It only required maintainance. Like programming, refilling nuts and bolts, oiling, or removing jammed objects.

Well the machine started to act up and do things on it’s own. It was trying to pound something in with a big arm.

It went crazy!

The machine was pounding so hard and kept pounding, it started to fall apart and parts were flying. One girl that was a mechanic tried to get in there to the control panel to stop the machine.

And she did even when the machine was hopping around and parts were flying. The machine even tried to stop her.

The work area was destroyed. We were rescued from the plant through a window.

The machine had a part that reached outside that was rambling on and on,

“Must complete the order, production aborted, malfunction, malfunction.”

Here come the strangest part. I was walking away from the plant with Joseph Prince, with his arm on me as we were walking, comforting me. I don’t know where he came from. He must have been there praying for us. I felt amazing comfort, so much peace and relief. I wanted to cry. Makes me wonder did he really reach out to me spiritually at that moment? I wonder if he saw that I pinned him on Pinterest? I haven’t watched Joesph Prince for awhile.

where is the map

This is fun dream. I was able to fly and be invisible. 

I was a worker in a ceramic and glass factory. The room I was in was full of shelves of glass or ceramic bowls, vases, and boxes. All shapes sizes, colors and styles.

When I didn’t feel like working and wanting to explore all the cool things in the room. I would become invisible and fly around. I think I was as small as a bat. I could fly through tight spots.

While I was flying around I noticed I missed a shelf and carefully flew through the tight spot. One wrong move all the things on the shelves could have come crashing down.

I noticed the music being played. It sounded like Christmas music. I paid closer attention. It was actually a soundtrack to a movie. We were listening to a movie. It was a Winnie the Pooh movie. The finale and after the last song, the movie ended with the words, “Where is the map?” The movie stopped right there.

I became visible. I was standing next to an older woman. I said to the woman I loved that movie and the ending. Like I watched this movie before. I said they never did make another movie to tell us what happened to the map.


cheesecake filled

I dreamed I was working in a bakery. We had a huge orders of cheesecakes, sheet cake and regular round cakes.

The sheet cakes were blueberry, key lime pie and lemon. The round cakes were 2 layer carrot cheesecakes. The whole kitchen was filled with cheesecakes.

I didn’t get to taste any cheesecake. But this one lady was taking one home. I was wondering how did she rate, how did she pull that off?

When I woke up I was so hungry and had the taste of cheesecake in my mouth. That creamy tasty cheesecake. I am still thinking about it now.

didn’t tell him in time

My dream started

with my husband picking me up from work with my children. I had another job to go to. We were close to the house before I told my husband I had another job to go to. But I was too late, he wouldn’t turn around to head to my other job.

I couldn’t remember what town the job was, so I couldn’t tell him right away.

When we arrived at the house, my husband refused to let me go and drive myself to my job.

We had a huge argument. He said it was only a one day job. I said I will lose my good standing with this temporary job agency. And you do enjoy the little extra cash.

Then my husband suggested we needed a little retreat, 3 weeks without sex. I said you usually make wait a long time for sex anyway.

I was really pissed off from this dream, it was like one of our real arguments. I was semi asleep I was making statements to my husband out loud. Lucky for him and me, he doesn’t live with me right now.

My husband did do this to me in real life, don’t take me to where I want to go when I didn’t tell him in time.

lunch line

I was dreaming I was at work making wallets. I was helping a guy sew. I don’t know why I was helping because there wasn’t really anything to do.

Something happened to the guy, his face turned red. He told me to take a piece of paper stating his condition, to the nurse and the nurse would know what to do.

I found myself in that building I go ’round and ’round in.

This time, I found a huge kitchen, bakery, butcher shop and dinning area. I watched the workers prepare foods and meats to sell and eat. I kept coming upon this area but it was not my turn for break.

Finally, It was break time; it was my turn to go through the lunch line. There was every kind of food imaginable.

Just when it was my turn, they run out of huge dinner plates. There were only small plates. That ruined my plans to fill my plate. There was so much to choose from and I wanted to try something of everything.

I found the food place because I couldn’t remember how to get to the nurse’s office. I was going ’round and ’round.

One of my rounds I encountered a high steep ramp, it would have led me right to the nurses office but there was no way to climb that steep ramp. I don’t think anyone could.

I found out what the ramp was for, that was how supplies were delivered to the floor I was on. I stood and watched a cart full of supplies come down the ramp and pass by.

where’s my car

I was in a store, I was a team member. It was Christmas; there was a contest, to see who could complete a given shopping list in the fastest time. Well I tested this contest myself to see if I could do it myself real fast.

I spent a long time looking for a particular charcoal, I could not remember where it was moved to. It was on special deal really recent.

Before I knew it, it was closing time. I was helping the store manager close down the store with other team members.

We had the store front all reorganized. We were in the back, waiting for the store manager to close the store.

Then she realized we needed to get the shipment in the loading dock into the store.

I witnessed this little black dude volunteer to move it.

It was a huge pallet full of goods. He quickly picked the whole thing up and moved it.

There was this guy, he was like clinging to me and he thought he was helping me. Telling me how wonderful I was. How I can do anything I set my mind to.

But he was annoying!

Somehow I end going home with him.

I couldn’t find my car.

That put me in a position where this guy became quite valuable to me. I had to ask this guy for help.

Then I flashed back trying to figure out why I didn’t have my own car.


I was back at my home, where I was getting ready for work. I was fighting with my husband for the bathroom. I had to be a work at 4 pm. Everyone took a car, or forgot to leave me a car, or someone gave me a ride to work.

I was really worried. What if I had no one to help me get to work? I didn’t want to be dependant on anyone.

I was really close to getting up to look in the garage to see if my car was still there.


on the job again

In this dream I am back at my old job making wallets.The girl at the front is gluing every piece of leather in the box. I could not stop her. She would not listen.

We were supposed to be making cute little clutches. I was holding the samples for the others to see, maybe she would stop and think.

But the girl up front would not quit and listen to my directions.

We were supposed to do one step at a time according to the directions.

I was stuck with all these glued leather parts and no where to put them.

I had to explain what happened to the supervisor.

I got out of the dream just before the supervisor arrived.


I had this dream, because I didn’t get the job I wanted at leather shoe company.

riding my bike in the middle of the night

In this dream I was riding my bike to work at night. And it was my normal routine for a long time according to this dream.

I was feeling good about it and having fun riding my bike to work.

I guess was starting to really think in this dream. Was this normal to ride to work in the dark in the middle of the night? Was this safe? It was actually a long ride to work in the dark.

That’s when things started to go wrong.

I was on my way to work. I noticed the rear tire had huge chunk missing and it was just hanging together by a thread.

I needed a quick fix so I could get to work on time and then fix the tire completely at work, on break.

Stores were closed on my way to work, after work the stores would be open.

I ventured downtown. I found construction crews all over. They were installing hi tech, lights and signs, updating the downtown for some big event coming up.

I snatched a roll of duct tape to fix up my bike tire.

When I started on my way to work again my bike fell apart again. This time it was the handle bars came off and the brake handles broke.

I tried to fix it,  I realized I was too late for work so I just gave up. And I was glad I was only dreaming. I don’t have a job now anyway.

I was trying to get to work and be a perfect employee.

I was trying to get to work and be a perfect employee. 

First when I arrive I can’t find a parking spot. When I move around to another spot, the spot was gone. I ended up parking way out far away from the building.

When I enter the building I noticed a sign noting mistakes employees make every day, right in front where all the customers could see.
Then when I entered employee area I couldn’t find my time card.
The pin on my name badge broke had to replace that. Went through an ordeal just to get a new pin attached to my badge.
I had to be perfect before start time I would be graded for my uniform, name badge, being on time, parking in the right spot. If I didnt pass all that it would be posted on that board in front.
I went to a sitting area in front.  My family,( not my family in real life).  They brought a dress for me for party after work.
I was holding a baby the baby poohed and squirt poo all over my pants, now I have a soiled uniform.  It was all over the floor too and I didn’t have time to clean it up, I was not clocked in yet.
I am in big trouble! I was afraid to start work but I had no choice and I didn’t have extra uniform with me.
Then it popped into my head that I dont work there any more. I was so relieved I walked out to my car to get away as fast as I could.
I drove through the back area. There was a lot just for bikes. Someone drove over the biked smashed then to pieces. I couldnt drive through without going over the debris.
so I picked up my car to get over the debris and when I was clear of the debris I put it back on the road again. I was merrily off to the party.

living devil

I had a dream of a guy I used to work with, whom repulses me. He is a male slut and drunk. He has been charged with many felonies. I hated being in the same room with him. He is a living devil.

Well in his dream he tried his charms on me.  I couldn’t get away. I couldn’t get out of the dream. Yet I was curious and captured by his spell.  Even though all the consequences of my actions with me could give me many illnesses. That was back in my mind through the whole dream. I didn’t give in.

One cool thing about this dream, I tied in another dream to this dream. I met his mother in a previous dream in a place where I was working in that dream.

I flashed back to the that dream.

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