I was with a guy who knew where my kids were, I was following him. He was going to lead me to my kids.

But I feel like I knew this guy as a friend and part of the family.

We were at like at community art center. There was a large wading pool surrounding the center. I was playing with my kids and this man in the water, until sunset.

I saw a robin sitting at the edge of the pool. Singing his night song as the sun went down. The community center shut down the wading pool for the day.

The guy’s name was Kelly. He took off with my kids to go inside the center for the rest of the activities for that night.

I had to follow his exact moves to keep up with him and my kids. Then come this high railing he stepped over. I couldn’t do it I was too short. That is where I lost track of him and my children.

I had to find my own way into the building. I found myself crawling in and on a ledge. It was like an edge to sit on. It wasn’t high off the ground. I don’t know why I was crawling on it.

As I was crawling I saw letters that individuals had created out of clay or other materials. They were like art project done together as families. Each letter was a different material, color, thickness, and styles. I remarked to myself how unique was each letter because each person who created them was unique.

I made it to a reception area where people were mingling, dancing, and having refreshments.

There was a group of young black men all dressed fine for a party.

I did not know them at first and ignored them. They were trying to get my attention. They were talking to me but I kept ignoring them.

Until they said a word that broke the code. I guess they were part of a team that were trying to help me get to my kids.

One of the men approached me, he was born without an eye, and there was just a space there where an eye should be.

He said what happened to Kelly. I said I lost him.

They rushed me outside.

I found myself in a SUV with 2 men. I guess the group of black men took over to search for the man and my children.

Later, I found myself in the backseat, sitting in the arms of a man who looked like and sounded like a young Michael J. Fox. He is a cool actor, but I never found him attractive. But he was making some moves on me.

The other guy was gone.

Just when I he was starting to kiss me and undress me.  When I tried to get away, I get a cramp in my leg.

For real, I had a real painful cramp and had to wake up to get the cramp to go away. It was actually time to get up for work anyway. But I sure would like to know what was going to happen next if I was going to find my children.

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