magic pillowcase

In this dream I must have been on a family trip. I wake up in a hotel. It must have been the morning after arriving. My sister came into my room and plopped on my bed to discuss the plans for the day.

I had my hand in my pillow. I felt a wad. I pulled out the wad, it was a wad of 100 dollar bills.

I showed it to my sister. Is it real? Do you see it?

I am trying to figure out in my dream if I was dreaming.

My sister confirmed she saw it too.

I stick my hand in the pillowcase again. I feel another wad. It was another was of 100 dollar bills.

I pulled out more afterwards. I lost count of how many times I did it. I get the feeling each wad was $1,000.00. so I had thousands of dollars.

Then my dream was starting to tell me it was just a dream.

I pulled out a fancy jewelry box the kind you see for really elegant jewelry.

Then I pulled out a passport and some other identification. Bursting my hopes of claiming the money for myself. The money probably belongs to that person.

The next discovery was gun handles but no barrels, ammunition, and some electronic devices.

Then I knew it really really was just a dream. I would not find money on my bed in the morning.

I usually get these dreams when I am about to come into money or it’s a hint to go gambling.

I have gone gambling after these dreams and I don profit.

I am sort of gambling I am taking a risk to attend a fundraiser this weekend alone.

I also chose to gamble on getting my daughter very special gifts for her birthday.

Also I got started on Christmas gifts. I am planning ahead, taking advantage of the money I have now.


if I get another money finding dream I just might take off to play some slots.

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