I think it was the devil

In this dream I was being controlled or held hostage. All I know I could  not go anywhere or think for myself. He had the power to read my thoughts and use them against me.

When I was in bed with him. He didn’t do anything to me, but I could leave the bed without his say so.

I felt threated by this guy. I felt evil. But I can’t remember all the things he did to me. I know I was being controlled.

I tried not to think so he could not read my thoughts.

I was sleeping. I was dreaming and my dream made me talk in my sleep. That was a big mistake. He hear me.

I need a doctor for my car, in the dream I could think of the word mechanic.

The guy gets up and asks me if I need a doctor or my car needs an mechanic.

We argued over if mechanic is simular to a doctor. I said mechanic pretty  much does the same thing as a doctor except for cars.

He set up an appointment to see a doctor. Then he took my car to a mechanic. He took away a way for me to escape.

I used the doctors appointment to escape. When I got to the office, I ran away.

I ran to a place that looks like a train yard.  The guy found out he ran to where I was hiding. I could see him running. Running like a Jim Carey character.

I pretend I was hiding in the sewer.  He looked inside and fell in. I think it was a bottomless pit I didn’t hear the body land. I was thinking he went back to where he came from Hell.

I lived and hid in the train yard office for awhile. I wasn’t sure where I was or if the train yard employees were safe or if they were under the guys spell too and would send me back.

Well the guys found me and helped me go back to my real home.


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