brother staying home from school

Was getting ready for school.

 My brother suddenly becomes sick. He gets the royal treatment from mom. He even gets to sleep in a king size bed. That dont belong that was never in my house.

I raise up an issue it was the 4th time in one month my brother became ill just before school.

I noticed my parents were getting ready to in to work even when my brother was home from school I raise the issue, why are they leaving for work? No answer they just kept going.

I’m thinking that is strange. Maybe that is why my brother was staying home. He was getting pampered by mom and left home alone to do whatever he wants. I was arguing with my parents not to go and send him to school.

All the while I was trying to get dressed was down to putting my socks on. I was having issues with my socks first they were too small, then too big, then too stretched out.

By the time I was really ready for school it was already 10 o clock I gave up on going. Was no point in going so late.

Socks were a cool, bright shade of pink.

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