something different at church

I went to church, it was not my usual time I go to church. It was a children’s service.

To my surprise the church was rearranged. The altar was like closer and in the middle of the pews.

The front pews were reserved for all the children. 

The church was full of people. I couldn’t find a place to sit. I found a place right behind the children’s section. I felt a little strange being surrounded by children. I think I was the only adult. I was conscious of being stared at like some kids do.

The service was more like a music video, lots of singing and dancing. 

And at the end of the service, the people were led by the children singing and dancing to a reception area. The hall way started out wide and then narrowed at the end. Looked like we were not going to fit through.

I really think they were producing a Christian music video. And making church service kid friendly.

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