kissed Clint Eastwood

I was dream of playing a pool game. It was not the normal pool game. It was on the ground and had to lay on the ground to make shots.
This was an active dream I was acting it out. I felt myself crawling in my bed to manuver to make the shots.
I was playing with Clint Eastwood. He was joshing with me I could not make certain shots.
Clint come towards me and kissed me twice. 2 sweet kisses.
I was so shocked. I didn’t stick around in this dream, I wasn’t sure I wanted to see Clint naked.
I hurried off to go home from where I was. Then I had this clear vision of where I was like I was on Google street view. The vision was so clear I sort of stayed to see what I can see. I checked out this business, it changed. It used to be a popular restaurant and now it was a Dominos pizza shop.

The real life.

I went to the place where I thought I saw a Domino’s pizza shop moved to in my dream.
It was a restaurant before. Then I overheard the restaurant was closed for real.
Then I drove by there and saw a new restaurant was in there now.

Now what made me dream of that restaurant’s change like that? I have never been there to eat only walk by it many times.

I stopped in to eat and had a great big steak, a great meal!


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