something wrong with the stairs

I was a teen on cruise ship with a bunch of other teens, girls and boys. I was like a convention or workshop for teens.

I was in a board room full of teens it was like the show Apprentice. We were trying to make a program for teens or contest for teens for positive image building.

One girl looked at me and started to rave about my clothes hair and my style she said I was perfect. She wanted to help me learn how to model. We got all chummy and I had a group of new friends to hang out with. We run to their cabin.

Suddenly I realize I don’t want to be friends with them and I realized I wasn’t their age. I turned around to go back up the stairs to where my own cabin should be. I couldn’t get back up the stairs, the stairs were too narrow. Nowhere to put my feet.  

But how did walk down them the first place.

I quit right there I just get back to my cabin.

That meant to me there’s no turning back in life.

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