2 different m’s

I had a good dream but I can only remember the end.

It was an adventure dream, reminded me of the movie Terminator.

I do remember the climax of the story where me and a guy I was working with were about to rescue a friend. 

We were there before (time travel), we were disguised but we were recognized by a nurse.

We escaped without the man we came for. The guy I was with left. I thought he deserted the mission. I have no idea where I was at first.
Then the guy came out of a garage with an ATV. I rode in the back. We were off to go back to the headquarters where we would be transported to the future to save the guy we left behind. We had to go back to do over what we already done before.
As we traveled out of the town we were in, the guy driving was popping wheelies with the ATV.

I first thought my big butt was to heavy for me to sit in the back. No he was just having fun.

He finally got serious and back on track to our mission.

There were 2 different highway M’s one going west the other east and not connected to each other. But one of them was the road that went back to the headquarters. We chose the road going east. I started to recognize where we were, we were on the right road.
Then we come to the interstate highway. I noticed there were beautiful floral murals along the highway. They were actually part of the new government’s way control the people. The same people that were holding the man that were supposed to save.

We were feeling a little disoriented,like there were intoxicating fumes from the flowers.

I thought I missed going to work, that made me wake up suddenly, that made me lose my memory the first part of the dream.

The 2 m’s I think were a way to stop us from completing our mission.

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