going ’round and ’round

I have just realized I have been dreaming the same dream over and over, but just a little different each time.


I dream I am at a school where there is a dorm above the school. But once you leave to leave campus, the door automatically locks. There is no going back.

But every time I leave, I realize I forgot something.

The only way back in was going all the way around the school and through the door connected to the school.

Once I enter the school, I am supposed to be attending class not just passing through. I am feeling guilty for not going to class. I want to but, I am either not dressed, don’t have my homework, or don’t have my books etc.

The main reason I am trying so desperately to go back to my dorm room to fix.


And it is a real maze to get to that door. A good reason to think twice before walking out that door. But I haven’t learned that or I wouldn’t be going ’round and ’round.

It’s the same place each dream.

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